Food Scales and Weighing Your Food

I was on the phone with my mom recently and she mentioned that although she loved my recipes, she wished that I would post the measurements in cups, tablespoons, etc. instead of using grams or ounces. It opened up the discussion of the accuracy of measuring cups, which reminded me of this youtube video clip that an LBF member posted on the Forum a few months ago. This video is an example of how the lack of accuracy can really add up. I know many people do not feel the need to weigh their food, but if you are wanting to really see how much you are actually eating, a food scale is a great investment.

I plan to go through some of my more popular recipes and also add the measurments in cups, tablespoons, etc. However, I hope that after watching the clip above, you see why I prefer weighing my ingredients on my food scale. ;)

If you own a scale, which one do you own?