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Weekly Discoveries

I thought it would be fun to post up some of my weekly discoveries whether it be at the grocery store, health food store or even the sporting goods store. If you have any weekly finds that you would love to share, put them in the comment section and I can post up more information.. Read more →

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Did you know that the average person’s beverage daily consumption equals about 20% of their total caloric intake? I don’t know about you, but drinks just don’t cut it for me. Outside of a protein shake, I would much rather chew my food.  Are ya with me? So what have you had to drink so.. Read more →

Food Review-Turtle Bar Treats

This will be a quick post today, but wanted to share with you one of my favorite post-workout treats. They are called Chex Turtle Bars. Do not underestimate their awesomeness. They taste like a caramel chewy candy bar. And with only 130 calories and 25 grams of carbs they fit perfectly into my post-workout guidlines… Read more →

Trick Sized Candy Be Gone!

Ahhhh the joys of having unlimited amounts of miniature sized candy bars and treats floating around the house. Kids start bringing them home from school, Trips to the store and they screams “EAT ME!” After all, they are just the FUN SIZE. What’s the harm?    Fun? I love how they now have started marketing.. Read more →

Almond Milk: A Protein Shakes Best Friend

I recently was turned on to the best low calorie product that makes protein shakes taste more creamy than ever!! (Thanks Erik ;) ) One serving (1 cup) of the unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond milk is just 40 calories! So even adding only a half of a cup at 20 calories is just enough to.. Read more →

Marshmallows Make Me Merry

I love finding new things for my post workout meal. Sometimes its so good that I wish I trained everyday!! Yesterday was one of those days. I found these a while ago and saw that they fit into my guidelines (a little on the high end as far as fat goes) so I figured I would give.. Read more →

Stevia and Strawberries

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now, and the majority of my recipes started with me using splenda. I’ll admit I was reluctant to give up my splenda because with the exception of one alternate (that I could only get online). I was not very impressed with some of the stevia products I had.. Read more →


  I found pumpkin!!! You would have thought I had won the lottery if you had seen my face when I looked on the bottom shelf to see 100% canned pumpkin. I went from doing the running man in the isle, to a person looking as if they had just broken the law. LOL I.. Read more →

Cooking With Protein Powder

I have recently had many comments on various youtube vidoes I have posted concerning protein powder and cooking with it. There are various sites that will claim that by cooking with protein powder, the powder will lose some of its nutritional value. I had read the research, but thought I would contact a protein powder.. Read more →

Mental Eating

You are probably wondering what on earth is mental eating. Well, for me, I have realized how much of my eating habits, likes and dislikes are mental. Do I really have a stomach 10 times larger than yours? Nope. But do I like to feel like I am eating more? Heck yes!! I am always.. Read more →

High-Protein Tuna Melt

I am in love with the La Tortilla Low Carb, Low-Fat Tortillas. I have now gotten my husband hooked on them too ;) He is a sandwich type of guy, but instead of just one sandwich, he usually want two. At 50-80 calories per slice of bread, he’s looking at 320 calories in bread alone!.. Read more →

Pumpkin, My Low-Carb Secret

Fall is around the corner and I always think of two foods. Cranberries and pumpkin. I make sure to stock up on fresh cranberries and freeze them, because I know they are not around for long. Well, unless you want to pay a fortune for a small fresh bag. ;) Don’t go stocking up on.. Read more →


I’ve been on a cranberry kick these past couple of months. Lucky me, I stocked up on fresh cranberries this past November and froze them ;) If you weren’t so ‘lucky’ to remember to do so, you can check places like Whole Foods, Kroger, and some of the other upscale grocery stores for fresh cranberries… Read more →

The ‘Other’ Staples

So I know some of us have a refrigerator full of eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, beef, peanut butter etc. You may even have a pantry full of oats, nuts, protein powder, etc.  Those are just some of the food staples in my home.  Then of course there are my other staples. ;) These are the.. Read more →