High-Protein Tuna Melt

I am in love with the La Tortilla Low Carb, Low-Fat Tortillas. I have now gotten my husband hooked on them too ;) He is a sandwich type of guy, but instead of just one sandwich, he usually want two. At 50-80 calories per slice of bread, he’s looking at 320 calories in bread alone! Now that he has tried my new tuna melt, he is able to save the calories and eat them elsewhere.


Tuna Melt



2- Small La Tortilla Low-Carb, Low-Fat tortillas

25g 1% low fat cottage cheese


Optional chopped celery or spinach


Mix cottage cheese and tuna together

Add salt and pepper

Spread over two tortillas and toast in toaster until cheese is melted.

 1- 2oz pouch of tuna in water

Salt & pepper to taste




Nutritional Information:

Calories: 206     Fat:  5.3g     Carbohydrate:  23. 2 g    Protein: 31.4g