Weekly Discoveries

I thought it would be fun to post up some of my weekly discoveries whether it be at the grocery store, health food store or even the sporting goods store. If you have any weekly finds that you would love to share, put them in the comment section and I can post up more information and pictures!!

Here are just a couple I found this week~

1. Oroweat Sandwich Thins Naturals – These are flat buns with no high-fructose corn syrup!! Nice! They come in 9 Grain and 100% Whole wheat flax and fiber. Each roll has only 100 calories, 1g fat, 21 – 22g carbs, and 5g protein. Not bad for post-workout and refeeds!!

2. Chunk Light Tuna Pouches – Water packed tuna is perfect for those who like a full tuna flavor without any additional flavors. With select cuts of premium tuna hand packed in our Flavor Fresh Pouch®, you get that firm, flaky, fresh tasting tuna you can really tear into! These pouches are 80 calories and pack 18g of protein!!

Because it’s no drain, it’s perfect on a salad, in a sandwich, right out of the pouch or used as a substitute for beef or chicken in your favorite recipes.

Are you use to using Mayonaise when making a tuna sandwhich? Instead of mayonaise, try using a tablespoon of cottage cheese to add moistness then spread on the bread. Tastes great without adding lots of calories.