Mental Eating

You are probably wondering what on earth is mental eating. Well, for me, I have realized how much of my eating habits, likes and dislikes are mental. Do I really have a stomach 10 times larger than yours? Nope. But do I like to feel like I am eating more? Heck yes!!

I am always on the hunt for items that give me more volume for my calorie allotment, or simply look like it. There is nothing more exciting than to realize I can have TWO of an item instead of one. LOL

My latest ‘find’ is the Thomas Bagel Thins. With only 110 calories, yet still the same physical size of a regular bagel, I almost feel like I’m getting extra food that I should be having. Of course they are not going to be as dense, but just being able to eat a whole bagel excites me. :)

These are excellent for post-workout and I will be posting up some of my meal ideas in upcoming blog updates.

Check your local supermarket for these bagels. They come in whole wheat and white.