High-Protein Iced Cappuccino

I recently took a trip to Canada and while I was there a dear friend introduced me to Tim Horton’s and their Iced Cappuccino. I’m not sure if I should thank her or not, because I quickly became addicted. :lol: Thanks a lot Clare!! :razz: Now anyone that knows me should know that I HATE to ‘drink’ my calories. I mean, sure I like my protein shakes, but I am not about to waste calories on a regular soda. So even taking out the cream, this little heaven in a cup is still 250 calories and about 60 carbs, all being sugar. :shock: I knew that my heaven in a cup would not be around in my diet for long. :sad: As soon as I got back home I started playing around with different brands of cappuccino mixes, but still found that even with those I was still drinking empty calories. I wanted to find something that would be very close to being on plan. :grin: Here is what I came up with:

High-Protein Iced Cappuccino Ingredients 1 tsp instant coffee (dissolve in 2 oz of hot water) 25g chocolate protein powder (about ÔøΩ serving) 50g cottage cheese (see ÔøΩCottage Cheese CreamerÔøΩ recipe-here ) 3g cocoa powder 2 g sugar free fat free chocolate pudding mix 10 oz water ÔøΩ to 1 cup of chopped ice Optional Stevia or Splenda Directions: ÔøΩ Mix all ingredients in the bullet and enjoy. The cottage cheese should be whipped smooth and sweetened prior to adding all the other ingredients. Nutritional Information: Makes one LARGE shake Calories: 149 Fat: 1.7 g Carbohydrate: 8.7g Protein: 25.2g

With under 10 carbs and 25 grams of protein, this Cappuccino has now become my new cup of heaven. :wink: