Oreo Wannabe Blizzard

I just realized this morning that I had not posted this recipe here! I have it posted over on www.leanbodiesfitness.com but thought I would share it on my blog as well. This is probably one of my favorite post workout treats. Especially in the summer!

Oreo Wannabe Blizzard 1 scoop of Champion Cookies and Creme (PVL is good too) 3 oz cup skim milk (34 cal / 0 fat / 4.7 carbs/ 3.3 protein) water for the other 5-7 oz Blend with ice stir in 1/2 bag of 100 calorie “oreo crisps” (I usually break them up into pieces) Freeze it while you go work out. When I come back I usually add another 100 calorie pack (for a total of 1 1/2 bags of the oreo chips since I need to stay under 200 cals- including the skim milk) You could always nix the skim milk and use 2 whole packs of the 100 calorie oreo crisps. I like mine thick so sometimes I don’t add a whole lot of water. USE A SPOON!!

Here is the video to go along with it ~