Always having admired the physiques of the figure competitors and having attained many other fitness-related goals, I knew I’d like to attempt the challenge of making a figure competition a reality. May 2007, I met with specialists at the Mayo Clinic regarding my health after receiving some test results showing concern for the condition of my liver. From that meeting, I learned that although they could not determine how long I’d be able to continue working out, they felt that my continuous exercising has kept my health from deteriorating at a more rampant rate.

This news made me decide that if ever there was a time for me to attempt my dream of competing in a figure competition, it was now. I was skeptical if I would be able to do one based on what I’ve heard local competitor’s preparation was like. I began searching for trainers both locally and online who had great a reputation with their clients, impressive credentials and knowledge of the sport. I found Erik. I began working with him in September 2007.

I figured I would fly to Ontario to meet him and get his help with specific exercises I was struggling with due to some ailments in my back. He also took the time to make arrangements for me to see his ART (Active Release Therapy) doctor to discuss some therapies which would help allow me to do some of the movements. I was not getting relief from local treatments and he was determined to see if any type of stretching or exercise could help improve my flexibility. He made some adjustments to my training and was honest and extremely helpful. From that trip, I asked Erik if he would help me prepare for my stage goal despite my not being “your typical physique” for a figure competitor. He never waived or questioned my desire. He adapted certain exercises and I was on my way. I never turned back.

In November, 2008 I completed my dream. I participated in a figure competition. What an amazing experience!! I was elated to have had the opportunity to fulfill my dream and it would NOT have been possible without the expertise and support of Erik. Nor would it have been as fun without the backing of the friends and “family” of the Lean Bodies Fitness Board (www.leanbodiesfitness.com).

Most trainers do not get as involved as he did with me. I liked the ease of one person handling my diet, my training, as well as provide any resources for anything that seems to stall progress. This is extremely rare; especially with the credentials and experience with people from all walks of life and different levels of fitness goals. He’s managed to perfect and encompass this arena.

I would encourage ANYONE who ever had a desire to improve their fitness levels, to improve their figure (either by adding muscle, losing weight, etc.) or to compete, to do so with the help of Lean Bodies Consulting! With hard work, focus and determination, nothing is unattainable.

– MaryBeth Blair, Plymouth, MN

Choosing a good coach is not easy! I had been researching for awhile and finally went with who I feel is the best decision I’ve made by signing with Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. A good coach makes a world of a difference especially when it comes to competing. I chose Erik because of the great feedback I had found online. I wanted someone who was going to look out for me and not do whatever crazy antics it takes to get me on stage and then forget about me or my health! There is life after a competition! This was my 4th show and I wanted to bring my very best.

I have been working with Erik for close to 3 mos now. In this short time I have gained a wealth of knowledge from how to utilize my time better, train smarter and all with minimal cardio. The diet was the best! You won’t hear those words uttered from the mouths of competitors too often if at all! I had variety and never did I feel that I was starving or felt the need to stray off plan. I was beyond happy with how I looked on my big day! This has been by far the best prep I’ve done and where I actually enjoyed the entire process. I was able to come in much leaner on WAY less cardio and MORE carbs. I look forward to continue working with Erik and LBC with not just my preps but my off season as well.
– Amy Marable, Florida

I would like to thank Erik for providing me with the tools and techniques to achieve the goal of having my pre-baby body back. I was so skeptical about doing any time of diets and my good friend Amy referred me to Erik. To me, my results have been amazing over the short five months. I’m nearly at 30 lbs and I’ve dropped 10 inches off my waist. After my 2nd child I was sure that the clothes I stashed in the back of my closet would never fit again. I have learned that what I eat is a part of my daily routine along with the work outs. What I have learned in the past few months is phenomenal information. It has made me a better person on the inside and out. Thank you to Amy for inspiring me and thank you Erik for providing me with tool to make it possible to achieve my goal!
– Melinda Phelps, Blackfoot, Idaho

I worked with Erik Ledin for a little over a year. I made the decision to hire him when I finally reached a point of frustration where I was just miserable. I thought that I was doing everything right. I thought that I was choosing the right foods, and I thought my training was dead on. I would look in the mirror and think “why don’t I look the way that I should?” I felt like I should have the body I wanted because I was working so hard at it. It wasn’t until I was a few weeks into my plan with Erik that I realized that what I had been doing was overtraining my body, and I wasn’t as careful with my my food as I should have been. In fact, I didn’t even own a food scale until I hired him. ‚Ä®‚Ä®Over the course of 14 months, I went through two cutting cycles and one bulking cycle. Let me just say that the veil has been lifted from my eyes, and I get it now. I feel like a door to this amazing new world has been opened up to me. I learned how to train effectively, which was shocking for me to realize how ineffectively I was training. I would do squats, but I wasn’t going down any where near far enough, and I was deadlifting completely wrong. I also learned how to look at food as fuel for my body instead of something that only pleases me. I was still able to eat yummy food, and not feel like I was starving. I learned how to lose fat the healthy way, and also I learned how to gain muscle the healthy way as well. I love that other people can now see how hard I have worked, instead of me just telling them how hard I have been working. ‚Ä®‚Ä®I now live in a completely different world than before. The knowledge I gained from working with Erik is something that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life. I feel like I’m in this secret club, where only the members know the real truth about training and nutrition. If you are thinking about hiring Erik to help you reach your fitness goals, don’t hesitate for one minute. Do this for yourself! It will be the best decision you will ever make.
Jennifer Meyer, Colorado Springs, CO

I am excited to share with you that your workout and diet program that was specific to my goals has succeeded beyond my expectations. Your program has worked while others have failed. With your weekly updates to help me follow your plan, I was able to stay on track to a outstanding fitness level. ‚Ä®‚Ä®What helps make the “dieting” easier for me is that you were able to incorporate foods that I like in my diet plan as well as help me monitor my calorie intake. Your exercise program was able to target specific parts of my body and your targeted routine allowed me time to recover one part of my body while I worked on another part of my body.‚Ä®‚Ä®You are a great resource and support tool. Your program is a complete package to being fit and looking great!

Thank you, ‚Ä®
– Lynette Lezotte, West Branch, MI


They all said it couldn’t be done. I could ramble on with a million words but I think my pictures say it all. Wow! My fat-loss journey began about six years ago trying to get ‘in shape’ two years after the birth of our 5th son. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my efforts would lead me to where I am today. Upon the advice of my friend Marianne, I came to Erik for help. She said if anyone can get you where you want to be, it would be Erik. I did some research and found that your reputation as a Physique Specialist preceded you and although I was nervous about working with someone online that I’d never met, I decided to move forward.
We have been working together now as coach/client for well over 2 years. I have to say I’m just as excited to be working with you today as I was the day my plan first a rrived (ON my birthday). You have been there, with me, through the exercise routines, cuts, specializations, etc. The results achieved through each of the plans and pha ses made it easy to stay on plan. I really LOVE that I didn’t and don’t have to think about ANYTHING! The plans contain all the details. There was nothing else to do bu t execute and follow through.

Here we are today looking at the best me I have seen yet. You helped me go from ho hum to WOW. Not only am I physically fit and stronger but I’m also mentally even fitter and stronger too! You can’t imagine how I feel when I walk past a mirror and do a double take as I stare at my reflection in disbelief. Reality STILL hasn’t set in. This IS really ME.

It’s time for maintenance now but I’m already making plans to see what else we can accomplish together going forward. At 46 years old, a busy mom of five, wife to my high school sweetie and a preschool teacher, I am the leanest, fittest, best me that I could have ever imagined. I wouldn’t be here without you Thank you!
– Ileen Natic, Alpharetta, GA

I found Erik through his website and forum online when I was struggling through my first figure contest prep. I had hired a different online trainer to do my diet and training for my first show, but soon realized her way of prepping wasn’t for me. I had gotten into weight training and fitness to be healthy, and I knew what I was doing to my body — hours of cardio, extremely low carbohydrates, very little rest — wasn’t healthy. Erik gave me some advice to make it through my competition, and I knew that next time I did a show, I’d work with him.

This spring, after struggling with weight gain post-contest, but eager to compete again, I began working with Erik. I had seen the testimonials, the before and after pictures, and I knew that even though I had a lot of fat to lose, Erik could get me where I needed to be by the time I stepped on stage. I put my complete faith in him, followed his plan as close to 100 percent as possible, and he certainly delivered. I competed in my first national figure competition (North Americans) feeling and looking better than I had ever looked before,and even brought home a trophy — taking 5th place in my class. The results exceeded all my expectations, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Even more amazing than my results was the ease of the prep. I lost 20 pounds and 20 inches in just 14 weeks, with minimal cardio, a good variety and quantity of food and great energy. Unlike the year before, when I felt like a zombie most days, I felt great on Erik’s plan. There were no extreme cravings. I didn’t dread my workouts. In fact, I enjoyed being in the gym and felt like myself! No matter what, dieting means being hungry, but the hunger was manageable, and I was dropping the weight at a steady pace. Most importantly, I felt healthy throughout the 14 weeks. I didn’t need to go to extremes, take supplements, or train hours a day to get lean enough for stage. Through Erik’s sensible and scientific approach, I was able to shed the fat, maintain my muscle mass, and bring it all together to present to the judges.

With Erik’s help, I far exceeded my goals for this competitive season, and I look forward to continuing to work with him as I continue competing. Without Erik, and without his way of prepping for a competition that’s manageable, enjoyable, and actually keeps competing as a hobby — not something that takes over your life — I probably wouldn’t have stepped on stage again. Now I look forward to continued success in the sport. Thank you Erik.
-Lisa Peper, Old Hickory, TN

I wanted to thank you for the type of training and nutritional plan that you provided for me. I did not realize the impact it would have on my life. I think that the leanbodiesfitness.com forum also played a large role. Between your plan and your forum, I was able to educate myself regarding nutrition and training. I learned what is truly healthy nutritionally and learned that my body is more capable physically than I ever thought it was. Even though it has been a year since I worked with you, I still follow your nutritional plan and train similarly to the programs you designed for me.

Today is when I really realized how beneficial the program and learning experience was for me. I am a therapist for adolescents. Many of them have told me that they struggle with eating disorders, primarily anorexia/bulimia. Because I worked with you, I am able to give them sound nutritional advice and explain to them why they need to eat. So far, three of my clients have started eating three meals a day, which is very helpful for them considering they were starving themselves and th en binging. I am able to explain in a logical way how much they need to eat and why. Sometimes clients want two different body types. I am able to help them see their genetic potential and not what society has deemed attractive.

My experience of working with you was a great one. It has allowed me to help those friends and family around me make healthier choices and just understand their bodies and nutrition in a healthier light. However, helping me help my clients is beyond anything I would have imagined. So, basically, thanks for being such a knowledgeable and supportive trainer. You have helped more than just your clients. If you read this quote, know that you too are a ripple and your effects are re ally helping alot of people!

“Few will have the greatness to bend history; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation … It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is thus shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance”. — Robert F. Kennedy

Thanks again,
HH, Atlanta, GA

Erik was referred to me by Kim Ball. We both were trainers at Fitness Impact in LB. My 1st figure competition was in December of 2006. Going in, I knew so very little about prep, show, diet, etc. Soon after Kim caught the bug and began her quest for info on competing. She found Erik Ledin and was totally transformed. I hardly recognized her. She placed 3rd in her 1st show. I wanted results like that and she pointed me in Erik’s direction. I was really skeptical because of the distance and email only communication, but his method of meal and workout plans designed to support my bodyfat loss and muscle gain WORKED! The biweekly check-ins and sending photos is essential to success as well as ADHERENCE! Even with my over-cheating in the beginning, I won three 1st place trophies at the Western All Forces Natural Bodybuilding & Figure competition in Anaheim, Ca! There is no way I could have done it without Erik&’s expert guidance and me finally following his direction.
Forever grateful,‚Ä®
Sunny Daye, Long Beach, Ca

I was fist introduced to Lean Bodies Consulting through Noel Clark. I came across her profile and was in awe of her super fit, muscular physique. I was so inspired by Noel that I decided to set a goal for myself and compete in my first figure competition.

I signed up with Erik in hopes of achieving my dream body for my first show. I have worked out for several years, but it wasn’t until I started working with Erik that I started to work out smart. Erik gave me the tools and guidance designed for my needs. He adapted my nutrition plan to incorporate foods I already included in my diet. It was so easy to stay on track with his diet, and I was pleased to see foods that I had avoided in the past. The workouts Erik prepared for me were not like any plan I had followed before. He has adapted exercises that shock your muscles into responding. You don’t have a choice; they work!

My first competition was August 16th 2008. As a newbie, of course I was nervous. I looked to Noel for guidance, as she is a PRO on the stage. She helped critique my posing (no shot gun fingers) and was even gracious enough to offer to attend my competition if I needed her to be there.

I had a great experience working with Erik and Noel! They make a super team. I have acquired the knowledge and techniques that inspire me to keep pushing my self to the next level, and I thank you!
– Nicole Norman, Lynchburg, TN

I was reading the fitness forum in my favorite wedding planning site (gotta get in shape before the big day!) when I stumbled upon a link another future-bride had posted to LeanBodiesConsulting.com. I read through the Testimonials on the site, looked at the before and after pictures and I was inspired, but also a skeptic. I had several doubts about the legitimacy of this “online training”, who was this “Erik”?, were the people in the pictures different from me, that somehow they could receive such great results in 12 weeks and maybe I wouldn’t? You know what they say: “if it seems to good to be true…it is!” Well, with Erik of Lean Bodies Consulting, it doesn’t have to be! I am now a believer and joining the ranks of those who say that Erik’s plans truly work wonders in your physique when you stick to his plan and you will be so glad that you did. I will continue to recommend Erik to anyone looking to get in shape, but especially those “Bride-to-Be’s”, like me, because I am confident that I will look my best in that dress and it will be with Erik’s help and advice. Thank you, Erik!
– Kaitlyn C. San Diego, California

Training with Erik Ledin has been fantastic. Through his programs, I lost 18 inches and have never been stronger in my life. Erik’s eye for detail is amazing and he reads through my excuses which pushed me to the next level. I have worked one-on-one with trainers in the past and never reached the goals that I accomplished with Erik through his distance-based coaching program. Thanks Erik for your understanding and extensive knowledge … you get it!
– Wendy Cole, Orlando, Florida

Starting out working with Erik, I had high hopes … I had seen the testimonials online and I was sure I would see great results. Being a runner and working out for years had never really given me the body I wanted. Never having seriously lifted weights, I felt like I needed direction and a plan, both of which I got from Erik. I found the workouts challenged me in a completely different way than running did. I was also surprised at the time commitment – it was less than what I had anticipated, and yet, I saw results. Initially, I didn’t fully commit to the eating portion of the program because of my schedule … I just didn’t think I could do it. Over the weeks I began to see that planning ahead is crucial and that having a simplified eating plan made decision-making super-easy.

I’m amazed at the improvement in my strength as well as the change in my physique. I truly believe that even the most driven or self-motivated person needs help when it comes to achieving their best body. I have the desire but not the knowledge to design a program myself. That’s why working with Erik was a great decision for me … he took all the guesswork out and I just had to follow directions. I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend this true investment in yourself. If you consider yourself “in shape” but are still frustrated with your actual SHAPE, working out with Erik will make you a believer too!!!!
– Eleonore Groth, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

I have always admired the women who have competed in fitness and figure. I loved how strong and feminine they looked; how much dedication and devotion they have to achieve their fitness goals. Being “stage” shy and with a lack of confidence, I have decided that I would set a goal for myself in 6 months. I wanted to look like a figure competitor.

With so much confusion with nutrition about what to eat, when to eat, how much you to eat, I was driving myself crazy. I needed help to get my diet on the right track the healthy way. I had found Erik through a friend, and have not regretted any moment of it! I told him my goal and he had set me up with my diet and training program. Best of all, there was no guesswork involved. Everything was planned out for me all I had to do was follow his plan! Any questions I had, he answered them with great knowledge. I have learned a lot from Erik. He is always there when you need him, even when you live miles away!

I have accomplished my goal in 6 months and I am very pleased with my results. Not only has my confidence increased, I have gained a great amount of strength, knowledge, and motivation. I feel that I am ready to hit the stage and show off my hard work, all thanks to Erik. I could not have done it with him!
– Tiffany Crites, Timmins, Ontario

I was able to get myself through the local competition level, but the thought of going on a national stage alone scared me to death. That’s when I decided to hire Erik. Erik has helped me take my physique to the next level. He also taught me how to prep for a show without doing hours and hours of cardio. Erik not only helped me to compete, he has taught me how to diet and train smarter. His programs are not only functional and productive, they are fun and quite enjoyable. His training and diet plans are thorough and individualized.

Erik has given me the tools to build a great body. In the process I have learned how to apply his knowledge to my lifestyle. I will forever be grateful to him for making me the proud new owner of an awesome physique. Thanks Erik!
– Hollie Higdon, Greensboro, GA

In 2007 I entered my first figure competition. I did all my preparation on my own. Not having any personal experience I did what I thought would work best and cut all the calories possible in addition to running hours of cardio. I ended up peaking too soon and after the show had a serious rebound. I wanted to continue competing but didn’?t want the same result as my previous experience.

Erik was recommended to me by a friend online. After contacting Erik, I decided to work with him in preparation for my second figure show. It went better than I had expected. While fellow figure competitors complained about their coaches taking out certain food groups from their diets and/or making them run insane amounts of cardio leaving them with little free time or energy, Erik’s diet plans and workouts are set up to work together to help maximize food and minimize the cardio.

The result, efficient fat loss without the pain of hunger or any significant loss of energy. He helped make improvements to my body in three months that I couldn’?t make in a year on my own. Throughout my contest preparation Erik was always quick to answer questions and always made sure to ask how I was feeling. He kept in contact with me daily when I needed him the most during my final week before the show and was contacting me first thing the day of to see how I was doing. I ended up placing first in my height class. Erik has definitely earned my trust and respect as a trainer and I am looking forward to continued training with him.
– Charissa Skuza, Grovetown, GA

Before I found Erik, I gained and lost the same 20 pounds numerous times. I was obsessed with writing down everything I put in my mouth, and spending a fair amount of time at the gym. But I was unable to reach my goals. Then I found Erik. Although, I did have to assure my husband that hiring Erik was a good idea. He had reservations about hiring someone I found online. However, seeing the amazing results of the people Erik had coached, I was finally able to convince him I needed to hire Erik for at least a few months.

Well, a few months has turned into much longer. As I started seeing results, reading about figure competitions, and actually going to one, I thought, why not me? Erik was on board from the beginning. With his coaching, I recently competed in my first figure competition. I am totally hooked, and I’m already planning another for the fall of 2008. There is NO WAY I would attempt to do this without Erik’s coaching! I have the confidence to step on the stage knowing I look the absolute best I can.

Erik’s diet and training plans are easy to understand and follow. He tailors them to meet my individual needs, and leaves nothing to chance. It is as simple as eating what is on the food plan, and doing what is on the training plan. I’ve seen amazing results. Erik is quick to respond to any of my questions, and is always encouraging. I’ve learned so much about myself and that I am capable of creating a physique in which to be proud.

I can’t thank you enough, Erik, for all you do!
– Amy Krajewski, Pocatello, ID

Most people would think that I wouldn’t need a coach, being a coach myself. Truth be known, I know what to do in order to prepare for a show, but having to design personalized training and diet protocols for myself when I was busy with so many other responsibilities became too much for me. First off for the sheer volume of responsibility of my duties, and secondly because I was doing the same thing for myself that I do all day long for clients. It really got to be redundant, and the joy of competing was dwindling.

When I found Erik, It didn’t occur to me right off the bat that I’d like to have him as my coach. It was through getting to know him, and seeing the results he was pulling off for his other clients, that I decided that he may be the best thing for me. It was time to let go of the reigns, de stress and just ‘follow’. I decided that I wanted someone planning for me, and Erik was the one to do it.

Erik’s plans are simple, effective and easy to follow. He coaches much like I do, requiring detailed stats on all training and diet details. Pictures are a huge part of effective and attentive coaching, particularly from a distance. I felt secure knowing that Erik could see my body changes, and make adjustments as needed to keep me getting more and more lean toward my show date. Through Erik’s coaching, I was able to get the leanest I have ever become in my life. I trust him with my body implicitly.

I am a coach yes, but we all need fine tuning and none of us know it all. Erik is definitely the best coach for me, and I’m hanging on to him forever.
– Jen Heath, Idaho Falls, ID‚Ä®  NGA Pro Bodybuilder

After competing in some local level figure competitions and not placing as well as I had hoped, I was looking for a trainer who could help me get to the next level. I had done the majority of my prep for previous shows based on the advice of other local competitors and what I was reading on the Internet and some fitness forums. I was referred to Erik by one of his clients, Noel Clark. My goals were simple, but I knew I needed the right nutrition and workouts to get me where I wanted to be.

Working with Erik was an eye opening experience. His workouts were hard and heavy – which I loved! I was so tired of being told that I needed to lift light weight with high reps to “tone up”. With Erik, I got to lift heavy and get strong- all while losing body fat and getting smaller. Gone were the days of endless treadmill walking morning, noon, and night. The diet was not nearly as restrictive as many of the diets I had heard about through other competitors. That doesn’t mean it was easy. Erik made me see that there were no shortcuts and that I had to be accountable for my actions, both in the gym, and at the table.

With Erik’s guidance, I was able to step on stage looking better that I had ever imagined. I was actually able to enjoy the journey because I knew I was in the hands of a very knowledgeable and capable trainer. I would highly recommend Lean Bodies Consulting to anyone who is looking for results and ready to make some serious changes in their physique. I know from my experience that if you are willing to put in the time and work, you will see the rewards! Thanks Erik!
– Brooke Hembree, Pensacola, Florida

I contacted Erik Ledin in hopes of reshaping my body for an upcoming vacation, and reshape he did. Not only did Erik reshape my body, but also my mind. He helped me realize that it’s okay not to spend hours in the gym, or to live off of a minimal diet. My vacation came and went, and I enjoyed my progress so much that I continued working with Erik for several more months. Erik’s plans are very detailed and are tailored for each individual. If you work your plan, your plan will work for you. Erik is very knowledgeable, and willing to answer any and all questions you have (and I had plenty). I feel that Erik has helped me lay a foundation for a lifestyle that I will maintain from now on. I thank him for all the help, guidance and support he has given me.
– Jill D., Mechanicsville, Maryland