I chose to work with Lean Bodies Consulting after looking for an online coaching team that would fit with my own understanding of nutrition and training. I wasn’t looking to eat chicken 5 meals a day or do endless cardio to achieve my ideal physique.

Being in Australia I wondered whether it would work having an online coach on the other side of the world, but my coach Ileen was a fantastic supporter and I appreciated her honesty and kind words in our emails to each other.

My goals were to get back in shape after a holiday in Europe and eventually work towards competing in a show in Bikini division. I did question this goal at one point and Ileen told me straight out to take the time to consider my motivations and reasons for wanting to do a show and that it wouldn’t be failing if I decided it wasn’t for me anymore.

I am grateful she told me this and I was able to get back in touch with the real reasons I had for wanting to compete- it was about the experience of being on a stage that I loved. From then the process was enjoyable again and the prep in the weeks leading in to the show was effortless. Each week I saw the changes in my physique and those around me were commenting that I was looking better and better as the weeks went by.

The training was sometimes different to what I had experienced before but I could see the changes happening in my physique so I quickly learnt to trust Ileen’s knowledge. My nutrition plan was great- heaps of volume and lots of carbs meant I was able to get through my training sessions and enjoy my post workout treats too. I had refeeds introduced as I got leaner and these were a big help in helping me keep my training performance and energy levels up. When Ileen alerted me to the fact that the longer I kept the off plan meals up, the longer the entire process would take, it was enough for me to recommit and stick to the plan as I realised she believed I was quite close to being in contest shape.

I had a good week leading into the show and woke up on the day lean, tight and still full in the upper body- I was ready and felt completely confident. It was a long wait backstage as my category was last and I felt confident in continuing to eat my meals and drink my water as I had done every other day. The other girls either had next to nothing all day or were eating junk.

It was a great experience and looking back at the photos I know my smile was a true reflection of how I felt- confident and full of energy!

I can’t thank Ileen and Lean Bodies Consulting enough in guiding me through the process to get me where I am today both mentally and physically. I can’t imagine not following a structured nutrition program day-to-day now, and I train because I enjoy it which is testimony to their coaching style and level of knowledge.

– Emma Sheehy, Australia

Easy come, easy go!

I was joyfully a client of Lean Bodies Consulting for approx 1-1/2 years. In that time I learned so much that I can’t list everything, but those four words, above, are the most poignant lesson I took away while being coached by Erik. Fat/weight gain easily comes but with focused consistency with diet and training it “easily” comes off.

These are some other things I’ve learned:

1) jeans/pants can be taken in over 3″ from the waist and 4″ from the butt, therefore not having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

2) balance (exercise, food) is key to maintaining a healthy body, internally and externally.

3) I have no problem licking the bowl, blade, utensils (what have you) clean and using my hands to eat when I forget my spoon while eating any one of my meals at my desk, in the car or in the waiting room at some appointment and I don’t care about the looks I get.

4) weight/fat loss is mostly about diet…not more and more cardio and less and less food.

5) a true squat is ATG and it changes the shape of the booty immensely..cannon balls come to mind.

6) there is more than just my husband who doesn’t tell me what I want to hear but instead tells me what I need to hear…usually in yes or no answers, LOL.

7) LBC & CWT have the best coaches and clients. The community that’s been created is nothing short of world class. I am so grateful to “know” so many current & former clients! One day I wish to meet every single one of them!

8) I am saving money by not buying any of the magazines that give outdated, nonsense training information.

Every chance I get I pay this knowledge forward, even though it’s tough to change people’s minds about effective life-long lasting fat loss/muscle building because of all the misinformation within this industry.

I’m now going it alone. It was scary at first but one of the signs of a great coach/teacher is how well the student does with all that they learn. I am doing so great. I’m forever grateful for being a part of the LBC/CWT team.

Thanks Erik!!

– Dale Shostak, Calgary, AB

LBC Testimonial. No more extremes, improved self-image, no more good food vs bad food lists, no more rebounds, and finally the achievement of balance.

“I want to thank you Erik for guiding me to where I am today, I have definitely come a long way than from where I was before we started. The obsession about my body image has stuck with me as early as age 12. As I got into middle school, it got worse. I began starving myself only allowing myself to eat maybe a piece of fruit all day. I started drinking my older sisters “fat loss” beverages. Enter high school and I started diet pills, purging, and doing excessive exercise. After high school, I tried all the latest fad diets to lose weight, hired a personal trainer, and continued with low calorie diets and excessive cardio. I decided that I really needed to learn about proper nutrition and to help not only myself, but others as well. So, I decided to go to school to become a Registered Dietitian.

My diet improved, I began to decrease my time in the gym to 1 hour, and I starting to notice some really great changes in my body. I felt like I had finally found something that was working for me. Three years later, my new obsession was to compete in my first figure competition. I hired a personal trainer and of course spent 1-2 hours of cardio per day cutting carbs significantly low the week of the competition as well as dropping water. I ended up placing 1st and overall in both competitions, but it was not worth what I going to have to go through the upcoming year. I ballooned up 25lbs! I did everything I could to get back to my contest weight. Extra cardio, diet pills, low carb diet, depression as well. As a dietetic student, I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I gave myself a couple of months to rest from the gym.

After passing my RD exam I was back at it doing 60-90 minutes weight lifting and 60 min of cardio. I managed to drop 10lbs and I maintained it once I joined a Crossfit gym. For 6 months I did Crossfit, and then I decided to give competing another try. This time I would have a plan ready, so I thought. I would gradually increase my calories after the competition to prevent rebound weight gain and keep weight training. After the competition, I gained 15lbs of excess weight. I was so frustrated. I stuck to my plan and it didn’t work. I failed once again.

Finally, after spending day after day web surfing about rebound weight gain post bodybuilding competitions, I learned about metabolic adaptation. One evening I landed on the LBC forum page. I created an account and spent hours and hours going through all the posts. All the information was unbearable! I was getting overwhelmed with tons of people’s recipes, learning about fun PWO meals and much more. I was hooked on the LBC page. I emailed Erik and I explained my situation. It was not what I wanted to hear, but was what I needed to hear. I was in a non-stop dieting cycle. I was added to his waitlist. During my waitlist time, I cut out my cardio and began lifting heavier in the gym, and gradually increased my calories up to 2000 per day. I was happy that I was able to increase my calories and only gain a couple of pounds and be able to put those calories to use in the gym.

At last I got the LBC email to begin my plan! I learned about balance. Thank you, Erik. I no longer have that mentality of labeling foods as “good or bad,” or for example that I can’t eat white rice unless post workout, things like that. I absolutely love the LBC philosophy. I especially love PWO meals! Also, thank you for teaching me the proper methods for training and cardio. I have had great improvement mentally as well as physically. I would like to come back to LBC and help coach me through training for another figure competition. This time successfully, with balance, and no rebound weight gain or metabolic damage. Thank you for starting this body transformation journey with me. I know I am off to a great start in the right direction.”

Marissa Prieto, El Paso, Texas




To say that finding Erik and LBC changed my life is an understatement.

My history was similar to so many others – I had experienced a typically horrible contest prep (my first) with very little food (almost no carbs or fats for weeks on end!) and lots of cardio (2 hours a day on a treadmill) plus weight training. Being a total newbie I had put my trust in a trainer, who in hindsight, had absolutely no expertise at all and relied on the age old “voodoo” and myths that are so prevalent in the bodybuilding world.

Yes I got some ok results, but at what potential cost to my health in the future? It just didn’t sit well with me.

I loved competing, but knew instinctually there had to be a better way – a way that was sustainable over the long term where I could actually feel (and look) great, whilst pursuing my competition goals – I not only owed it to myself, but as a mother was compelled to be a good example for my young daughter.

I started reading and researching everything I could find on the subject of sane competition prep and after discovering Erik on a bodybuilding forum, knew I had found the coach I wanted to work with.

I arrived on the LBC wait list in August of 2011 and started with Erik in January 2012, 10 weeks out from the IFBB Australasian championships.

I won that competition and have had several successful contest preps (and 2 off seasons) with Erik since.

I won my next 4 competitions and was then fortunate to be selected to represent Australia at The Arnold’s in Ohio in March this year.

Erik’s attention and care throughout my Arnold’s prep was just incredible – during peak week, he was in constant contact and made himself available to answer any questions I had at any time of the day or night. I really can’t imagine preparing for a figure competition any other way…..the whole process has you walking on stage a healthy, happy, sane individual. Erik has progressively helped me to be in my best shape ever – even as a woman in her mid forties who has been a professional dancer.

The LBC method just works. You need to trust Erik and commit fully, but doing that will ensure amazing results. I get to eat delicious food, train hard and still have time in my life for my career and most importantly, my family – I have little to no dedicated cardio – and there is no feeling of deprivation, even when in a caloric deficit – I am still eating ice cream and other goodies for PWO right up to show day! I have plenty of energy and positivity and have always been buoyed by the success that comes from following my plan.

I have learnt so much in my time with LBC – Erik is more than generous with the information and knowledge he shares with clients and non clients alike. He goes above and beyond, educating about nutrition and training for contest prep and everyday life. His success speaks for itself.

I feel SO fortunate to have found Erik when I did – not only for the success he has helped me to achieve as a competitor, but for introducing me to a sustainable lifestyle that will carry me into the future.

Some of my personal goals involve competition, but I would highly recommend LBC not only to competitors, but to anyone wanting to make better dietary, fitness and lifestyle choices that will result in you looking, feeling and living your absolute best.

– Lisa Callingham, Sydney, Australia

For past 6 months I’ve been with LBC I can honestly  say that I have found the most balance in my life that I didn’t have my whole 6 years of competing.  Erik took me in at my lowest point of nearly giving up of never being back on stage and never being able to get my body back. I came from a background of the typical contest prep of low carb restricted diet, hours of cardio and came to a point where that didn’t work for me anymore. My weight was up at my heaviest, I was depressed, and I didn’t even recognize who I was and did understand what was happening to body.  My metabolism was shot, my body hated me and I was so desperate to find help. I did so much research and thankfully came across Erik and he took me in.

  Erik has been there for me since day 1 and helped me understand what was going on with my body and what I needed to do to fix it. He has helped me find that balance I never had, he has also helped me mentally in regards to my relationship with food and how I see myself.  I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished working with Erik. I feel so healthy physically and mentally!

  I love my program! It has so much variety, nothing is restricted and it’s so easy to follow. The best part of it all is that Erik is always there whenever I need him. Any question I have and BAM a few minutes later he will respond! Getting with Erik was the best decision I have made for myself in regards to my health and mentality. I’m so thankful for Erik taking me in and helping me get the healthier “ME” back!  I will continue to work with Erik and look forward to stepping on stage next year the LBC way!

Kristina Rojas, IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor

I found the greatest success in my pursuits of health, happiness, balance and exercise/physique pursuits with Lean Bodies Consulting.  Not only was I able to achieve phenomenal results, I enjoyed the process!  Erik took on quite a task, considering I was “damaged goods” and I had really done a number on my metabolism, from previous diet and overtraining nightmares.  Right from the start, Erik took the time to ask many questions, and get really granular with all the details and specifics about what I had foolishly and unknowingly done, so that he could put together a formula to help me gain my life back.  After experiencing a tough time rebounding nearly 50 pounds from the day I last stepped onstage, we were able to get my physique down almost back to the original weight I was before I started my competition preparations.  For a year and a half, I didn’t think I would ever look like myself again.

When I first found Lean Bodies Consulting online, I was instantly captivated by the testimonials I saw on the website, some by people I am familiar with in the Competition world.  I spent a few hours, reading various blogs, looking at photos of clients, and scouring over every detail of the website.  From that first day of correspondence with Erik, I knew I had found something rare, something very special and something I wanted to be a part of.  Erik wanted to know my story and how I found his company.

Being a competitive person by nature… and somewhat of a perfectionist, I found my program with Lean Bodies Consulting very easy to follow.  Everything spelled out, no guessing involved, and Erik available via Email 24-7.  Joining the team was the best decision I made for my health.  If anyone were to ask me, my response would be, “hell yes, sign up with Lean Bodies Consulting!”.  I am so grateful for all that Erik has done for me and should I compete in the future, he will be the one I turn to for guidance.

– Tiana Gonzalez, IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

I had been following the LBC Facebook page for a few months last year when it finally occurred to me, why not me? So I got on the waiting list. I could see that his clients were working hard, but they still had a life. Their menus had variety plus a way to make appropriate substitutions to stay on plan under almost any circumstance.  I’ve never been thoroughly tortured like some of the poor souls I read about online sometimes- but I had yet to find a way to make this lean lifestyle something I could maintain long term or have any sense of balance in my life.  I believed that I could learn that through working with LBC.

After about six months of being on the wait list and continuing to learn tons from the LBC Facebook page and website, I got my email to get started with Erik. It has been a great learning experience for me.  A typical week for me has been four days in the weight room for a little over an hour, and 2-4 days of less than 30 minute of interval-type cardio workouts. My training programs have been very challenging, but also very efficient and reasonable to work into a busy schedule.  I don’t know a lot of detail about other’s plans, but from chatting within the LBC community, I can tell you that no two plans are the same.  Each plan was clearly customized for what our goals were and where we were at in our journey.  The same was true for our meal plans being very individualized to our needs and food preferences.

Around 4 months into working with Erik, I was getting pretty lean. I had seen this weight on the scale a few times in the past couple of years, but now all my tape measurements were smaller. I also had fuller delts, more developed back, a nice quad sweep coming in, and rounder glutes!  This is one of the many reasons I’ve learned the scale is not that useful in showing progress. I have learned a lot about technique, such as the value of full deep squats with the barbell, or the general principal of tension in my movements. There is so much bad information out there and Erik really helps sort that out, ever so bluntly. It’s become clear there are no magic foods, pills or supplements, and more is not always better. It’s consistency, challenging weights, and a tight diet.

So I had been rocking along for several months with LBC and suddenly I started struggling with compliance to my meal plan. I didn’t want to measure my food anymore and I was over eating on things like peanut butter and cereal. I felt horrible about it, but I did not hide it from Erik. We talked about my dieting history, and it was Erik who suggested I take a break from measuring my food and dieting for a little bit (still keeping up my workouts and making healthy food choices of course). After dieting most of the last 15 years, it was became obvious that I needed to address my mindset, and perhaps give my body a break too. The way Erik phrased it was- I needed to get out of “diet prison” and choose “lifestyle freedom”. It became clear that no external circumstance could set me free, if I did not quit resenting my body and the challenge of a healthy lifestyle. I can’t tell you how many times Erik said “yes you can eat that stuff, but you CHOOSE not to”. Each biweekly, Erik would encourage me on my progress as my weight stayed stable and my anxieties and mentality improved. I kept working hard in the gym, but most of my energy went towards seeking out resources to keep changing on the inside.  I think it’s only because I was coached to focus on the right things for a change, that today I’m feeling freedom from my hang-ups.  Now I’m back on track to getting lean, but feeling a lot happier about it.

In the course of my time with LBC I’ve also been resolving some issues with low thyroid, hormones and adrenal fatigue.  Though knowledgable, Erik never claimed to be an expert on this; but he knew enough to take it into consideration as we worked through my overall progress. He also connected me with someone who is extremely well versed on the subject that I could bounce things off of in addition to my own doctor.

Today I am not quite as lean as my smallest point with LBC, but definitely still leaner than where I started. My measurements are better – and I look better than I ever have. I’m actually excited about turning 40 on my next birthday. I am also stronger and lifting heavier weight than ever before. I’ve had the best program I could ask for with LBC, which lead to great results for me in losing fat and building muscle. My mentality is a work in progress, but I now understand that willpower alone is not enough. With Erik’s encouragement, I took the time to get back in tune with true hunger and become aware of what would set me off when it came to struggling with food.

These days, I have gained a much healthier perspective on my fitness goals. This is truly the first time in my life that I’ve learned to look deeper, instead of just looking for a better program. These are lessons learned that I believe mean lasting change and joy in my journey to achieve ever greater levels of fitness.

Erik is truly a great coach, and I am very grateful to have worked with him.

– Gwen Henson, Cedar Park, TX

I started working with Lean Bodies Consulting in March. For a long time I had considered working with a coach, but  as a personal trainer who holds a Master’s degree in Health Studies, it felt like admitting defeat to accept outside help, but I’m so glad I did. It is one decision that has changed my life for the better ever since!

Like many others, I had fallen victim to the clever messaging in the fitness industry which suggests you can both “build muscle” and “destroy fat”. I followed this advice which had me stuck in the same physique for years, never quite eating enough calories to build the muscle I needed on my thin frame and overtraining in hopes of “destroying fat”. I was 100% committed to an ineffective method.

This is where Erik stepped in. Quickly, Erik helped me realize that I was just spinning my wheels. I realized continuing down the path I was on would not lead to the results that I wanted. Commitment and compliance were never an issue for me, so once I had the right kind of guidance from Erik, I went to work. It has only been six months but I can confidently say I will never return to my former approach. I feel like my time with LBC has been a valuable education. It has equipped me with the tools that I need to effectively build my best physique possible. Thanks Erik!!

– Devon Timberlake, Jeffersonville, IN

I started competing in Figure in May 2011 and had a typically horrible prep – weeks on end of fish and cucumber, morning and evening cardio, and to that end, near starvation, deprivation and exhaustion, not to mention water loading, then dehydration and all the other parts of dreaded contest prep that we all hear about as “the norm”.

As a complete novice and total newby to the sport I adhered completely to everything I was told to do, but my intuition told me that this was not the right thing for my body – I knew there had to be a better way….and so after much research I stumbled across Erik Ledin on Siouxcountry forums – he was giving advice to figure competitors about diet and training and I found it so compelling I read something like 43 pages in one go.

Erik’s no nonsense, straight down the line approach made so much sense to me and the comments from girls that he was training told me i just had to be coached by Erik if I were to continue competing in a healthy, sustainable, sane way.

I jumped on the waiting list and I think I was on the list for quite a few months before I got the email … I got the email!!

I was so excited because it meant that as I was about 11 weeks out from contests I wanted to do in March 2012 there was just enough time to prep… and so I started with LBC!

I’m sure Erik was a little frustrated with me at first as I questioned the amount of food and lack of cardio….it seemed an absolute 180 degree turn from what I had done in the past and with a relatively short time to prep I was worried – I mean it felt like I was eating alot of food (and great tasting food at that – amazing PWO meals with no sense of deprivation) and I just wasn’t sure that my body was going to respond. But respond it did! The weeks passed and my body changed seemingly before my eyes – I can actually and truthfully say that I really enjoyed my comp prep so much that it felt like I could keep going on it indefinitely

Needless to say I had two competitions planned 2 weeks apart and felt amazing going into both of them…I fulfilled 2 of my goals and placed first in both comps and without having to endure any of the voodoo and crazy stuff that is rampant in figure circles.

The support of Erik and all the members of the LBC forums and Facebook sites is amazing, motivating and just awesome – there is so much goodwill and encouragement you can’t help but be buoyed by it – I am in pretty constant contact with so many inspiring, uplifting and just downright helpful people.

I can honestly say that Erik has changed my life – he has taught me that there is a way to participate and do well in this sport without having to risk metabolic damage and long term health repercussions – and my family and I can’t thank him enough. His support and encouragement and honest approach are exactly what I need and I am excited to embark on the next leg of my journey with him and am ready to smash my next goals out of the park.

 – Lisa Marshall, Sydney, Australia

I started working with Erik Ledin a little over a year ago. At the time, my intentions were to give it a shot for the minimum of three months. I had heard good things about Erik through a few friends and on Facebook. I was a little skeptical at first and wasn’t really sure how I would succeed doing an online program.

I gave it a try. At first, I questioned everything that Erik did. Why would I trust this guy right away when every other program I had tried hadn’t worked!? I learned quickly that Erik doesn’t sugarcoat … ANYTHING. He quickly made me realize that as my coach, not my teacher I had a choice. I could either follow the program he provided for me and see results, or find someone else to work with. Wisely, I chose to follow the program and once I did, my body began to transform.

After just a couple weeks on his program I began seeing results. I decided for me this was going to be more than a three-month adventure, I wanted more! He writes many times, “You can’t out train a bad diet.” I had a hard time with this but quickly began to believe it, because it is true. I never did the training portion with Erik, only nutrition. During my 13 month time with him I lost over 15 inches and 10 lbs – recomp! More importantly, I learned HOW to eat to maintain my weight. I learned that the scale doesn’t mean crap, but how your clothes fit and the way you look in the mirror tell a whole different story!

I have never been happier or felt better about my body in my entire life. I learned that you don’t have to spend endless hours running and doing cardio to become lean. You learn to feed your body correctly and it will transform. Erik thank you for all you have done for me!!!

– Heather Viano, West Jordan, UT

I applied to work with Erik after a friend had hired him ‘after’ competing. She was tired of rebounding and wanted a different approach to maintenance. After three attempts at the questionnaire he accepted me and I was on my way to training for my 5th show. It would be one of the largest competitions in the Rocky Mountain region.

Let’s start with me admitting that I am a HUGE control freak. Although, I was psyched to start the program with Erik I was skeptical given his no-cardio approach to contest preparation. It was early on in my communication that he shared with me that being a control freak and having a coach are contradictory. I think you all know how that conversation went! I had two different coaches with similar approaches. I was ready for a change and I had to let go of the reigns and trust in him – which I finally did!

Erik’s approach to getting on stage was somewhat familiar and yet so different. I’ll start with the nutrition approach. The idea that I can enjoy a white potato (which I honestly had not had in 3 years) was striking. Getting to enjoy fats (including: avocados, peanut butter, almonds and pecans) every day was heaven – oh and yogurt at the end of the day just gave me all of the motivation I needed to push through each day. Breakfast has always been my favorite, but meal 6 became a close second!! The hunger was there, as he reminded me it would be, but it was limited and not debilitating. I did not feel deprived at all.

Regarding training: I had never been one for long rests. I have always loved lifting weights and taking up to 120 seconds between sets was difficult for me to get used to. However, I found that I was able to recover and lift the same amount of weight without having to drop weight to complete my workouts. The idea of not having to spend 60+ minutes on the step mill was amazing and when I saw my body start to change without step after step it was incredible.

A couple of striking conversations we had was when I asked Erik if I could compete in the October show vs. the November show (we have 2 large shows within 3 weeks of one another in Denver). I shared with Erik that I was at the same weight I had been for my previous shows. He said, “It is not about a number, it’s about a look and you’re not there.” He can be pretty blunt and that was tough to hear. My body had responded so quickly to his program that I thought I’d be ready. But, I pushed forward and put the November date in my head as the day I’d be competing.

During the final week of the show I was surprised each day with how much water (oh my, 10 liters is a lot of water!!) I’d have to drink and what I was ‘able’ to eat. It wasn’t asparagus and tilapia 5 meals a day! In the week leading up to my previous competitions I was exhausted and ready to get it over with and I think it showed in my stage presentations. I can honestly I was excited and felt completely ready to get on stage this time. I had so much more confidence and loved the way my body looked – and felt!

My confidence and preparation paid off. I took the stage and by the end of the day I took 1st in my age class, my open class, was awarded the Masters Overall Champion – AND named the 2011 NPC Met/RX NPC Figure Champion!!! It took a moment for me to realize they had called MY name!!

My experience with Erik and Lean Bodies Consulting has been nothing short of phenomenal. I look forward to competing at the national level in 2012 and who knows … maybe even putting a new goal of IFBB pro on the list too!

– Tiffany Karnig, Aurora, CO

I started working with Erik this year in mid to late August. I am a seasoned figure competitor having competed in 12 shows now. I have worked with various coaches in the industry within the last four years, but never having quite found the perfect one which I was looking for. See, I had done the no carbs and two hour per day cardio for 16 weeks, I had done all the water manipulation and all the sodium tracking, I have had some major rebounds post show, and I just wanted a more reasonable lifestyle approach to contest dieting along with a real and honest coach behind it all. I was looking for a coach that truly cared about their clients and provided feedback and non cookie cutter plans. I was looking for a coach that cared about my specific goals and who would have my best interest at heart.

I had first heard of Erik a long long time ago on the Oxygen forums, I was just getting into competing then, and didn’t really know much about hiring a coach etc. Then I became a member of Siouxcountry.com and started reading more about him there, and then a couple months before contacting him I had been following his face book page. I was learning more about his philosophies on show prep, and noticing that his clients do minimal cardio, no water manipulation and no sodium tracking and they all looked fantastic.

I knew this was not only the approach I needed to take my also knew deep down it had to be the healthiest and most realistic.

A few weeks after working with Erik, I had mentioned to him about doing a show, which was not of the original plan when I first started. I really wanted to see if this was indeed a good match for me and that I really didn’t have to take all those other unnecessary steps to become stage ready. Kinda like I didn’t believe it until I saw it work with me type of thing, lol. Well during the weeks leading up to the show I definitely was doing less cardio than I ever had, I felt awesome, I had a lot of energy each day and I was looking leaner and tighter each week. People ask me all the time how I can get so lean since they never see me doing cardio, and I would say Erik’s famous words “the tighter the diet, the tighter the body” The final week of the show when most coaches had me water load and water deplete and sodium load and sodium deplete, Erik kept all that constant, nothing changed at all. I trusted him that I would look my best on that stage with no need of any drastic measures to be taken. I had daily contact with Erik the final week leading into the show, he wanted to know how I looked and felt each day as well as see pictures almost daily. This was impressive to me as no other I had worked with provided this service, and it really helped my mental state and put my mind at ease.

I walked into the show looking and feeling the best I ever had. I was nicely conditioned and had full round muscle bellies. I had a problem of always coming in too flat, but this wasn’t the case this time around. I finished in 2nd place, but I knew I had found my match and a winning formula without damaging my body, and better yet I had a mind set shift. In all of my other preps I would always find myself dreaming about food day and night and buying crap that I wouldn’t ever normally eat to have post show. This time was different, I didn’t want to fall into that again and I learned that if I changed the way I look at food then it would indeed change my behavior and relationship I had towards it. I am now a couple weeks post contest and while I have had a few indulgences, it hasn’t even come close to what I would have done in my past. I am now a true believer in Erik and LBC. I am very grateful to be able to work with him, and look forward to a very successful 2012! Thank you for everything Erik!

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Shianne Behan, Manteca, CA

When I first started working with Erik I was prepping for my second national show. The first show’s prep was a learning experience, I was a typical 22 year old girl, eating and drinking whatever I wanted, only “exercising” maybe twice a week. I was uneducated and inexperienced about food, exercise and my body. 

For my first show I paid a hefty price for a well known trainer, for an 8 week cookie cutter diet and workout plan, which I didn’t hardly follow, but with enough cardio and carb cuts I was able to pull off a pretty good body and win the overall Bikini title. But I was miserable, and tired, and a bi***. The whole prep I was OBSESSED with what I couldn’t eat, and what I wanted to eat as soon as I was done. I cheated on my diet almost daily. When the show was over… well, I ate myself sick, and gained 10 lbs within a week of my competition. It was bad. 

When I prepped for my second show, the NPC USA’s pro qualifier, I had my boyfriend prep me. He is a bodybuilder himself and has contest prep experience. I know he had my best interest in mind when he was writing my program, but he only knew one way of prepping someone, the bodybuilder way. So my program was full of food, and full of cardio. My weight training program was looong… and some days I was at the gym for 2 1/2 hours lifting and doing cardio. Plus an hour of AM cardio on an empty stomach everyday. I was even more miserable, even more tired and an even bigger bi***!! He also had me on a long list of supplements. I was taking almost 20 pills a day. Pills for fat loss, pills to expel water, pills for digestion, pills for muscle recovery, muscle building, muscle enhancements. I know it wasn’t because he was trying to make money selling them either because he wasn’t making any money off them or me. He had me taking what he read, and researched other bikini competitors taking. He was telling me to do what even some of the big Pros were doing. Just as so many other trainers believe, he thought it was the only way of reaching a competition goal. He really believed everything I did and took was beneficial to me and my prep. And truth be told I did amazing I placed 2nd at my first national show, and only my second show ever. It was amazing, but once again after my show I lost control and ate myself sick before I even made it home from Vegas. it was bad.

Before I began prepping for my third show my boss had been urging me to contact LBC, she had been using him and couldn’t say enough good things about his programs. So I finally sent Erik an email, with no real intention of using him, I just wanted to see what he had to say and maybe get an idea of pricing. Well in the mean time of Erik getting back to me I began to really look over his site and actually read his articles and blogs… Wow, I knew I wanted to work with him. 

It was hard at first to give over control completely, I was unsure this new program of NO cardio would work, I must have emailed Erik 5 times within the first 2 weeks asking when cardio would be put in my program. The beginning of my program was muscle building, so he continually reminded me that there would be no cardio while I was building. Holy metabolic shoulders!! I couldn’t believe the size I was putting on in such a short time, and I was still leaning out, still feeling good, still eating a lot of food. My workouts were shorter, but tougher. It was exercises I had never seen or heard of but I loved it, they were fresh and dare I say, FUN! The results were more than enough for me to no longer ask questions of Erik, there was no way I was going to question his program with how amazing I was looking, but more importantly, how amazing I was feeling. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t miserable and I wasn’t a raging bi***. Truth be told I was the most energized I had been in a while, while prepping at least. Then, with 3 weeks till show time Erik changed it all up. I went from building to leaning out. He added two short cardio sessions twice a week. 3 weeks out and I was just starting my cardio, lets just say other woman who were prepping for the same show were shocked!! They even began questioning their own trainers, who were having them do cardio twice a day. But three short weeks was all I needed. I didn’t think it was possible, but I leaned out even more and still held all my muscle. The best part, I wasn’t even fantasizing about food I couldn’t eat. In fact I was the most disciplined I had ever been while prepping. With such amazing results there was no way I was going to screw it up, especially not for a few bites of anything. I went into my show feeling on top of the world, I was the best I had ever looked and felt. I was confident and regardless of how the show went, I was satisfied with where I had taken my body. 

The best part though, I am now 3 weeks post show and even tho I did indulge a bit after my show, I am still within 3 lbs of where I was when I stepped on stage. I still feel and look great and am actually looking forward to my off season instead of dreading the weight I normally gain post show. I now have control over what I eat and it feels amazing!! I now know so much more about portion control, and am so aware of what I eat. It feels good to be in control of my body and mouth. Dieting and contest prep, even everyday eating, will never be the same for me. I will never train with anyone but LBC. Thanks Erik.

– National-Level Bikini Competitor, Amy Rose, Parker, CO

I used Erik for my 2011 NPC Texas State Naturals contest prep and couldn’t be happier. Since starting with him in mid May, I lost 20+ pounds and placed 5th in my hight class.  An accomplishment in itself, I am beyond excited to report a week post show I have had no rebound and even had Thanksgiving feasts, yes that is plural, in my “off week.”  Erik has a no-nonsense approach to dieting and builds workouts and nutrition plans tailored to you.  He tells you what you need to know and more specifically what to do to reach you goals and then hands the tools to you.  What you do with those tools is entirely up to you.

During my show, all the girls spoke about their insane prep (yes, even in bikini) and most of all how they couldn’t wait to binge on burgers, cake and ice cream.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I told them I could have “cake and ice cream” for every PWO if I wanted.  

In the past I have always failed at dieting.  I would stay on plan (low carb, stupid low calories) for maybe a week or 2 and binge and restart.  It was a never ending cycle.  At one point, I remember thinking to myself, this is as good as I will ever look.  I will never be shredded, I will never be cut and that is that.  I have to appreciate what I do have a move on.  Since discovering LBC, I can say that was rubbish.  You can in fact improve what you have and do it without sub 1000k calories and daily double cardio sessions.  Thanks to Erik, I have learned the err in my old methods, methods that are all too common in the fitness industry.  His tell-it-like-it-is training and no-nonsense approach to dieting was exactly what I needed to focus on compliance.  Erik knows his stuff, and will help guide you to your ideal figure whatever that may be.  His wait list was one of the hardest things to be on, but also once my email came I was beyond elated – well worth the wait!  I can honestly say I have never seen better results on me, not to mention many of his other clients.  Seven months later, I will be starting a building plan with Erik and am sure I will see the same success.  I hope you take advantage of his knowledge and his online community of LBCers, you won’t find anything else like it.

Erik, I am incredibly thankful for the knowledge you have given me and am so grateful for this eye opening contest prep. If there is anything else you would like me to elaborate on for future clients, please feel free to let me know.  I would love to assist you with LBC in anyway possible.

– Sarah Huggins, Ft Worth, TX

My journey started with late night Facebooking, when I came across the LBC page, and I haven’t looked back since. Most of what I know about “conventional” contest prep and nutrition was challenged by the “LBC Way”. After reading article after article on the LBC blog, I started thinking that this Erik guy was onto something. Weeks of research, months on the waiting list and I was in!

Let me back up. I am a fitness enthusiast and have always wanted to compete in a fitness competition. Three years ago I started training for my first show. The training consisted of 10 different foods and hours upon hours of training. As a graduate student it was difficult to keep up with the 1.5 hours of cardio and hour weight training session 6 times per week. I was exhausted. When my “legs were not coming in”, even more cardio was added and my peanut butter was taken away. I gave up on my dream as the results of my hard work weren’t evident and the thought of further diet restriction was unbearable. There was no sign of a competition in my future.

May 2011, I contacted Erik and was put on the waiting list. For the next 3 months I stalked the LBC Facebook page and blog, soaking up all the information I could, to apply it to my current regimen. The first thing I did every morning was check my email in hopes of finding my program waiting for me. One late July evening I decided to check my email one last time before going to bed and there it was, my program! Now the real work began. I don’t mean stupid amounts of cardio and numerous food restrictions. I mean heart pounding, lungs burning, sweat-pouring weight training and a balanced, portion controlled meal plan. Every week I prepped and portioned my meals to keep me on plan. Day in and day out I hit the gym hard, no excuses. There were many nights after a 12-hour work shift at the urgent care that I wanted to go home and hit the hay, but I dragged myself to the gym, knowing that I could suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Erik’s plan is clear cut with all the resources to succeed.

The diet did not feel like a diet. Each and every day I had some form of carbohydrate perfectly timed around my workouts. My post workout meal of choice was a McDonald’s ice cream cone. Yep, you read that right, ice cream! You should have seen some of the looks I got from people when they hear that ice cream is actually a part of my plan. Sort of a silly example but I think it kept me sane. The meal plan incorporated the foods I love; no tilapia or asparagus for me!

Training days were intense. Every week I was amazed at the weight I was pushing, and I kept meeting new PR’s almost weekly. Over time I continued to lift heavy and as I began leaning out my shoulder and back had definition like never before. The first thing people asked when they started noticing my body changing was, “How much cardio are you doing?”. My reply, “1 hour per week”. “You mean 1 hour a day?”. I respond with, “Nope. You head it right the first time”. These days I couldn’t imagine the insanity of 3 rounds of cardio a day. Luckily, I never have to again.

12 weeks after starting with LBC I stepped on stage and competed in my first NPC bikini show. The night before the show I watched and heard some of the contest prep nightmare stories. Honestly, it shocked me to hear what these girls were willing to put their bodies through for a five dollar trophy. The madness I speak of includes, but is not limited to: Two hours of cardio a day, tilapia and asparagus 6 times per day for weeks and extreme dehydration, except to take their diuretic pills. Meanwhile, their hair is falling out and they require more and more cardio to get less results; clear cut signs of metabolic damage. The day of the show I was the leanest and strongest I have ever been and I walked on stage with energy and excitement. At the end of the day, I was so excited and proud that I finally did it, but most importantly, that I did it the healthy way. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it!

My sincere thanks to Erik for his educated and reasonable approach to contest prep. Thank you for teaching me “mirrors not scales”. Thank you for teaching me that this is not about another contest to prep for, but a way of life. Thank you for being reliable.

Erik, you are one of a kind.

– Megan Hoover, Gilbert AZ

I have been following Erik’s methods and articles through LBC for about a year now.  When I stumbled upon the LBC page, I was instantly hooked.  Being a certified Personal Trainer and CSCS myself, I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that Erik knew what he was talking about and went above and beyond your average so-called “coach” in order to ensure that his clients would reach their goals in the healthiest way possible.  This, to me, was revolutionary, as finding someone like Erik who practically applies smart science to each individual seems nearly impossible to find. 

I found Erik and LBC while researching for a BETTER way to do contest prep for myself.  I knew that I wanted to continue to compete, but just couldn’t accept that the only way to reach “competition shape” was through the all-too-familiar 5-food diet and double cardio sessions daily.  My first competition was just that: a 5-food cookie-cutter diet, 2 plus hours of cardio per day, no nutrient timing around workouts, and compete carb, water and sodium depletion toward the end.  Although my coach at the time is still a dear friend and someone I have a great amount of respect for, I knew that the rebound I experienced after the show would prevent me from ever wanting doing another one.  I was down-right miserable as I gained 20+ pounds, didn’t even want to LOOK at weights or the stair-climber, and didn’t care about nutrition anymore.  After a few months of feeling this way, I slowly gained balance back into my life and made the decision to only do another competition if I could figure out a healthier way of doing it.  I used much of the information and research that is openly shared through Erik’s websites to help me through my next 2 shows, in which I felt better, looked better and performed better.  I placed 1st overall, which qualified me for Nationals and proceeded to place 3rd in my class at the Jr. USA’s.

I was finally able to actually work with Erik as my coach starting in September of 2011.  I decided it was time for his expertise and help as I embarked on a journey to my next competition (NPC Nationals).  I wanted the full-blown LBC contest prep – and did I sure get it!  Erik gave me a plan that was very focused for contest prep, yet gave me a great amount of variety in food choices and never included carb, sodium or water depletion.  The best part was that I looked better, felt better and actually got STRONGER in the gym, despite a lower calorie intake.  As the weeks went by, I was more and more amazed at the results I was seeing.  I was floored as I was lifting heavier and performing better in the gym the closer the show was.  This was usually the opposite in former contest preps.  I felt amazing as I got leaner, tighter and felt better than ever.  The best part was that I was lifting 4 days a week and doing 2 cardio sessions per week (only because I had to teach 2 spin classes for my job).  Another huge milestone for me with Erik’s training was that my relationship with food while in contest prep made a 180 degree turn around.  (A true personal victory.) Normally during past contest preps, I would be thinking about food constantly, idolizing it and desiring to eat unhealthy foods 24/7.  Not with Erik.  I was loving the food he allowed me to eat and rarely thought about food in that way.  I was getting the proper amount of nutrients to keep me from craving junk and was given the variety that I needed in order to keep me satisfied.  I found that the more consistently compliant I was to his food plan, the easier it was to stay 100% on track.  I desired good, whole foods and didn’t have those intense cravings anymore.  I can honestly say that I ENJOYED this prep so much!  How many competitors do we know that can honestly say they ENJOY the prep?  I’m sure they enjoy the outcome and the competition.  But the prep…. is so hard to ENJOY when you are doing 2 cardio sessions a day and eating only 5 foods, feeling low on energy, fuzzy, moody and hungry all the time…. AND have major rebounds after every show.

I can honestly say that training with Erik has been a milestone in my competing journey and even in my own personal accomplishments.  Erik is a gifted, caring and realistic coach that will help you reach your goals in a profound, scientifically sound way.  Training with Erik has been an incredible learning experience for me, as Erik has facilitated me toward more positive, healthy ways of thinking and living through this whole process.  If you are thinking about working with him, you will not regret the decision to do so.  It could very well be the BEST choice you could ever make for your health and fitness goals.  I know it was for mine! Thank you, Erik, for teaching me that there IS A BETTER WAY!

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Sarah Venturini, Jacksonville, FL

What can I say about my experience with LBC that I haven’t already proudly boasted about? More importantly, what can I say to reach out to other competitors who are still trapped using old school unhealthy methods for contest prep? I am just overwhelmed with such positive feelings and personal experience with LBC, that I hardly know where to begin. So, perhaps I shall start with the beginning.

Rewind about 15 years. I was an overweight child. I struggled with body image, self-love, and confidence. I spent many years of my life falling into the gimmicks and one-size-fits-all programs, resulting in endless yo-yo dieting, and a very unhealthy relationship with food.

Fast-forward to Feb 2009 when I reached a breaking point of being uncomfortable in my own skin. I decided to compete in my first Figure competition as a goal to finally achieve the body of my dreams. I hired a personal trainer and for 12 weeks I did 2 hours of cardio a day, weight trained for at least an hour 5 days a week, and ate only the same 6 foods EVERY DAY. That is what I was told it would take. This is what I spent money to learn. I was ‘educated’ that this was the only way to successfully prep for a competition. Well, it did ‘work’. Or rather, I did lose weight. I competed. And then I gained 25 lbs back within a month. I thought it was my fault. I thought I had to somehow be stricter; somehow work harder.

So I competed again. A 16 week prep this time. Same song and dance as before. And I won. And I tried harder post show to eat clean and train hard. And I gained every bit of weight back yet again. I repeated this cycle once more. This time hiring another coach – a big name coach with lots of experience – in hopes of finally getting the formula right. And those hopes were crushed when I experienced the quickest, heaviest rebound post show to date.

After wielding such power over your body to only, despite all efforts, lose every bit of control… it is a very disheartening feeling. I spiraled down into an admittedly deep, dark place. I lost a lot of hope and a lot of faith in myself. I let go of all clean eating and didn’t step foot in the gym for months. Although it is a time that I am not very comfortable talking about, I also realize that sadly, this is something too many other women also experience.

Once I recognized that I wasn’t alone, and that I wasn’t at fault, I was on a mission to take charge again. But I needed help. I needed somebody who was going to pay attention to me and to my needs. Someone who was going to treat me like the completely unique individual that I am.

Insert Erik Ledin. (angels singing)

Wow. My journey with LBC has been unlike any other prep in the past. In fact, in all of my years of dieting, it has been unlike any other attempt to lose weight, period. Why? Because I wasn’t plugged into some program. I had a program designed around ME – Designed around my lifestyle habits, my career, and my food preferences. Not only that, but then it is readjusted based on how my body responds. A program that is FUN and full of variety. Yes, I had FUN dieting. I didn’t have to log endless hours of cardio. As a matter of fact, where I would have completed a combined total of 224 hours steady state cardio in a typical previous prep, with my program, I did only about 6. I was able to ENJOY the gym; not be a slave to it.

I was taught an approach that allowed me to LOVE my nutrition and LOVE to lift, which then resulted in a sense of peace and balance with the whole lifestyle. I gained such a healthy perspective and in turn, acquired a healthy relationship with food. Do you understand what great strides those are for me? 15 years of battling my emotions with food, and in 10 short weeks it was as if a veil was lifted from my eyes and a weight removed from my shoulders.

Just 10 short weeks, (that flew by incredibly fast because I was having so much fun rather than struggling survive through) and I stepped on stage feeling the happiest, healthiest, and most confident than I had ever felt before. And I was able to step off the stage with a peace of mind in knowing that I’m not going to rebound.

For me, as it is for many others, this was much more than just a physical transformation. It was like a Dieting Rehab Vacation – I was educated, I had fun, I made life-long friends, and my mental and emotional well-being were nursed back to health. An experience I will never forget and will always be grateful for.

– Missy Reid, Sycamore, IL

FLASHBACK to comp prep in the year 2010 (Before Erik):

Sobbing in my car, parked outside the gym for the third time that day, desperately trying to summon the energy to walk from my car to the gym door, knowing that if I could just get inside I could probably then force myself to at least start the RPM class and hopefully, hopefully, the music would drown out the sound of my legs screaming as they endured yet another torture session on zero energy. I might as well go in, because it had already cost me so much to get there: my broken heart as I pulled away from my beautiful six year old daughter who couldn’t understand that I had to leave her again and that I could still go the gym when I didn’t have the energy to play or even walk with her, my marriage in a shambles as I was constantly in hysterics from hunger, lack of confidence, lack of patience, lack of any time to do anything but food prep, train, work, sleep. People whispering behind my back that perhaps I was dying of cancer. My screwed up head that said if I went even one single gram over my starvation diet I would balloon up and be a failure for the rest of my life. Couldn’t sleep from hunger. Couldn’t think. Felt no joy.

Endured all the usual comp prep tortures, did the ‘only drink Evian water in the last week because it’s the only water with no sodium in it’, had only tiny serves of grilled chicken breast, some broccoli, some asparagus, was allowed a little basmati rice at breakfast, and for an extra special after dinner treat – a glass of mineral water! Still, I stuck to it 100%, which is, I suppose, an enormous achievement in itself! Comp day – I was marked down for being ‘too lean’. After comp – spent well over a month eating, eating, eating, out of control, huge depression, suicidal thoughts, desperation, put on over 8kg in a few weeks. My metabolism had taken probably the whole ten year gap I’d taken after my first competition period from 1998 – 2000 to actually get on track, and certainly mentally I hadn’t felt ready at all before that ten years had passed, and now it seemed I was right back at my worst, after just one more competition season.


There’s no getting away from it – it was still incredibly hard, mentally, physically, emotionally. I’d read on forums about Erik’s girls having ice creams throughout their prep and not doing any cardio at all. It sounded easy, but it most certainly wasn’t, for me. There were days throughout when I still trained twice a day, I pushed myself incredibly hard in every workout, was often hungry, tired and sore. But the results came – I’d told Erik what I wanted to improve – he gave me specific workouts for me to achieve those aims. The diet was BY FAR healthier and better for me than any other comp diet I have done, seen or heard about. Comps over and I’m still pretty much eating the same kinds of things, which shows how it was tailored for me.

Erik’s seen me (or rather heard from me via email) at my worst. He didn’t give me sympathy, pats on the head or excuses (which is probably what I really wanted), he gave me the tools and framework to achieve the goals I’d been chasing for eleven years (what I needed). Despite the time difference (I’m in Australia) he always responded to my emails. He made it clear what he wanted from me and gave me the means to achieve it. He has more knowledge than anyone I’ve ever met, seen, heard or read about. He was always honest. I know he has been the difference between winning and losing. But more than that, he hasn’t stuffed me, my body or my metabolism up for years to come. I can’t believe the years and energy I’ve wasted time and time again, the frustration I’ve endured of putting all of myself into something and not getting results! DARNATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of enormous value also was the LBC Facebook page, and the accountability of the fortnightly measurements/reporting.

I personally can not thank Erik enough. His mantras, comments and the inspirational photos he puts up on Facebook, along with all the wonderfully positive comments from the LBC family on the Facebook page, ran and continue to run through my head at all kinds of times, and keep on helping me. I hope to keep going with this lifestyle for as long as I am possibly able!

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Bridget Freeman, Launceston  Tasmania, Australia

I think most people would agree that “betrayal” is one of the most awful feelings in the world.  Well what about when your own body is the very thing betraying you?  THAT HURTS.  You diet like everyone tells you to, you train until you feel like you’re going to break, and your body does NOTHING.  That’s where I was.  After 2 years of competing with the same crash diets and excessive cardio that are oh so very popular amongst competitors, I was burnt out and rebounding 18 lbs in 3 weeks.  Time to start training again.  Dieting with only about 10 different food selections, minimal carbs, 6 days of cardio a week, and fat that refused to part its ways with my mistreated body.  “How did I let myself get here?”  That’s all that echoed through my mind.  And fortunately I wasn’t too proud to admit that I needed help.
A group on Facebook pointed me towards Lean Bodies Consulting.  The more I read about LBC, the more I knew Erik was just the person to help me.  I didn’t need a coach to pat me on my back and tell me I looked great and and “just keep going, you’ll be fine”.  I needed someone to straighten me up, tell me what I needed to do to get my body healthy again because it clearly was not.
Well here I am today after about 3 months of working with Erik.  I competed last weekend and I’m ready to get back on stage tomorrow.  Am I tired?  No.  Am I carb-depleted and dehydrated?  No.  Am I a walking zombie like every other girl competing tomorrow how hasn’t touched water in days or ice cream in months?  No.  I FEEL amazing.  I look lean and strong and energetic and healthy.  I look ALIVE!
Lean Bodies Consulting helped me lose a lot of things.  I’ve lost fat, I’ve lost ancient notions of what a body builder’s diet should be, I’ve lost my fear of carbs, I’ve lost the feeling that I need to do cardio every day if I ever want to lose weight, I’ve lost my relationship with my bathroom scale.  So what have I gained? I gained love for the sport again, I’ve gained a modeling contract with a clothing line, but more importantly I’ve gained  TRUST.  Trust, that my body can and will become the lean toned physique that I’ve always wanted it to be.  I’ve gained the ability to look in the mirror and think “WOW!  That’s really me!”  And I’ve gained a whole new relationship with food that will last forever.  So in a word, I’ve gained LIFE.
-Robin Romero, Oceanside, CA

I do not know where to start; there is so much to include. So first let me say that there is not a single second that I do not thank my lucky stars, and my husband, that I contacted Erik Ledin two years ago (not because Erik lacks any quality whatsoever, but because I had, at that time, some undeserving weird loyalty to the bad guidance I was paying for). Perhaps it was a trick, a plan to run one’s body to the ground SO far that she becomes half retarded/delusional … hmm? It took a few months and QUITE a few arguments with my husband to convince me to contact Erik, but here I am and I and sincerely cannot say enough. The truth is I had suffered significant metabolic damage. I wish, for my body and minds sake, I would have had the strength to contact him earlier on; hind sight is 20/20.

What led me here was simple: ignorantly dedicating myself to bad guidance. The problem was that I gave to-be-unnamed trainer full reigns, from workout to cardio and diet. One of THE most beautiful things about Erik is that he isn’t here to make you depend on him. He is here to help you learn. Teach you, help you understand your body, the process, etc. It absolutely cracks me up thinking back at how my diets (prior to contacting Erik and working with a trainer) were so TOP SECRET and coveted as if they had secret food measurements that were going to make us each earn our pro card when actually, the diets were exactly the same as the other competitors, even the bodybuilders. Weird, right? While Erik is actually so confident in his knowledge he announces his methods on public forum! Erik’s plans are simple, and he provides you with the tools and knowledge to make things work when life isn’t so simple. He gives you the truth, he gives you what works, and it’s not a secret! It is your health; he wants you to thrive and grow, not forget how to function without his every direction.

I don’t know if I can accurately illustrate the effect of which having Erik as a coach has made on my outlook, my balance and my overall psyche. It took time, (just as the dietary healing process took time with my body); it took falling down and getting back up again, and it took acceptance. Erik’s coaching has balanced me in ways he will not ever even know! Quite honestly I’m still growing and changing every day. Its amazing how much enriching life is when you can focus on more than the time your next meal and how in the hell you will find the energy to do your third cardio session today, and in order to do what, really? I have had several coaches in life and its incredible how much of an effect having Erik as ONLINE coach has really had on me.

LBC provides proper nutrition to allow the body to thrive; combined with the power of the mind (which he assisted in restoring) it creates the perfect environment for growth. The healing is beyond words, both physically and mentally to the point in which I am able to feel POWERFUL again in workouts. Erik’s methodical coaching helped me get back in touch with the prowess that built my love for the gym in the first place. The workout plans have introduced me to exercises and exercise methods which I have never employed , have led to great increases in lean body mass, brought up my weak areas, and developed my overall strength and power. Working with LBC has 100% brought me to the best shape and conditioning my physique have ever seen. Not only that but I can say with complete honesty that I have never come CLOSE to looking this good while feeling this great.

On a closing note, because I hold this healing so dear and have such compassion for those who might be reading, relating, unsure of what to do – competitors and ladies: if you are ready to finally recognize there is something wrong with the guidance you are getting, admit that it is not your fault, not your body’s fault, and quit the abusive relationship pattern of behavior you are spiraling into. Or, if you are ready to face the fact that continuing down your current path will lead you to marry only a treadmill, or if you simply want to restore the power in the gym you have lost that took you to competing in the first place, do not hesitate, seek a coach that is truly an advocate for your health and wellbeing; find someone who KNOWS how to help you and your body collaborate and work together effectively for multi-dimensional results NOW. Erik Ledin.

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Christian Stearns, Findlay, OH