For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I am happy with my physique, and I owe that satisfaction to Erik’s guidance over the past year. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight.  I have been overweight, underweight and somewhere in between, but never have I been completely at peace with the reflection I see in the mirror. My journey to improving my physique began at the age of fourteen, when I finally became fed up with feeling insecure about my body and joined a gym. Soon I began to see some results, which served as the catalyst for what would become an obsession with building a lean and muscular physique like the ones that graced the cover of fitness magazines. Fast forward ten years. I have spent countless hours reading magazines, books and internet articles in search of the answers that would get me to that point. I have wasted thousands of dollars and fallen victim to the marketing of supplement companies who claimed their product would unlock my muscle building/fat burning potential. And I have tried numerous programs created by industry ‘experts’ hoping each time that doing so would produce the results that were promised. Throughout this time I had worked so hard and sacrificed so much, yet I was still so far from where I wanted to be. But finally, amidst one of my many internet research sessions, fate set in and I found Erik. I am forever thankful for that, as to date he is the ONLY person who has helped me make significant improvements myself both mentally and physically.

I began working with Erik in September of 2009. My goal when I hired him was to build muscle, as the workouts and diets that I had been doing on my own were producing less that stellar results.  For the first four months I did a traditional bulk that entailed lots of food, intense weight training, and (gasp) NO cardio. Little had I known that this was how you were supposed to go about gaining muscle. I had always been very apprehensive to accept the fat gain that came along with building a muscular physique, so I tried to do so with a diet of limited carbs and almost daily cardio. Hiring Erik forced me out of my comfort zone, but I knew that I had to give up that control if I wanted to change.

When I decided to transition towards dieting, Ill admit that I was nervous for what was to come. Having been eating so much good food for months, I was anxious that my carbs would be taken away and Id be hungry all day long. Much to my surprise and delight, that was never the case. I was still able to enjoy the same foods I did during my bulk, just a little less of them. During that time I can attest that I never felt hungry, deprived, or run down like the dieting stories you often hear. My workouts were challenging and intense (which made up for the minimal cardio I was doing) and I was able to maintain my strength and energy the entire time. The end result was me weighing the exact same that I did when I started, but with a completely different body composition. I am leaner now than I have ever been, but I actually have some muscle for once. I couldn’t be happier with my results, and I am constantly being stopped in the gym by people who are admiring my physique and asking if I compete. For someone who has worked so hard to look that way, there is no better compliment.

In our early correspondence, I told Erik that what I wanted was a coach, not a cheerleader. I had the internal motivation, I just needed his expertise to guide me in the right direction.  A coach is what I wanted and that is exactly what I got. I am the upmost perfectionist, and I want results immediately. Whenever I got frustrated that I wasn’t progressing like I hoped, he was always there to remind me that “this process is a marathon, not a sprint” and building the physique I desired takes time. Even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, it was often what I needed to hear to bring me back to reality, and his honesty helped me change the way I view my training. Rather than get discouraged because I didnt transform over night, he taught me to enjoy the journey and celebrate the small successes along the way. Now  I no longer compare myself to others who are stronger, leaner, more muscular, etc. like I did in the past, which always lead to frustration and disappointment. Through working with Erik, I now gain satisfaction each time I improve on my own previous bests or witness the changes in my physique, however small they may be. For the first time in my training “career”, I am truly enjoying the process. And while my journey may not yet be complete, I am confident that I will take what Erik has taught me and continue to make significant improvements. I look forward to seeing what I can now achieve.

I cant say enough great things about Erik and his coaching. He is a true professional whose knowledge of nutrition and training is insurmountable. If there were more trainers like Erik, who truly cared about their clients and took the time to create solid and effective plans, the fitness industry would be a much better place. If you are looking for a smart, sane, maintainable and most importantly, enjoyable program, I encourage you to hire Erik to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to gain muscle or strength, lose fat or just be an overall healthier and happier person, Erik will help you get there.

Thank you, Erik, for your guidance and support. But most importantly, thank you for giving me my life back. I am a happier and more confident person because of you.

Marci Nevin, California

Erik’s coaching works! I have learned how to eat properly and train effectively. I have improved physically. I have changed how I view food and dieting. Physically I am leaner and stronger. I am more confident. The diet and workout plans Erik provided specifically for me are effective … and sane! I didn’t starve. I didn’t do needless hours of cardio! I no longer view carbs as evil. (They actually help me!) And my physique has changed significantly, more so than with any other diet I’ve tried.

With Erik as my coach, my eyes were opened to my distorted relationship with food and dieting, and he patiently helped me adopt a more positive mindset regarding the beliefs I hold and choices I make involving food. If I had not met Erik I still would be searching for that “perfect” diet. I still would be confused about effective training. I still would be holding on to misguided beliefs and a negative perspective towards food and dieting. Thankfully, I learned about Erik. Working with him has benefited me in more ways than I would have imagined. Erik has helped me finally “get it.”

– Susan Guina, Dayton, OH

I am unique in my own way. I don’t think Erik has too many ”home school moms of four” come across his path. My journey is my own. As with most moms with each child I had, I got bigger and bigger. About six years ago I decided I couldn’t be happy and enjoy my life as that person anymore. I decided to lose weight the only way I knew how, the wrong way! I dropped 50 lbs. And was a skinny fat person. At 135 lbs. I was soft and mushy. I struggled not eating and by 2008 was back up to 150 lbs.

I joined a gym and started lifting weights and doing cardio. Four months later I was still 150 lbs. I happened upon a magazine in my gym that talked about clean eating. I started learning I could eat but different foods. I lost those 15 lbs.

I let things slide again and in January 2010 I was back up to 143. I decided it was time to get my act together. I started keeping track of what I was eating everyday. I also started looking online for a coach to help me. A professional, someone who knew what he was doing. I would find someone, keep my eye on them a while and check them off my list. From my research I thought it might be a good idea to get a body composition done so when I found the right coach they would know what I was made of. On March 15th I went into a Bod Pod, an egg shaped air pressure chamber that would test my body fat. At 5’7” I weighed in at 135.6 lbs. Of which my fat mass was 28.5% or 38.6 lbs. And my fat free mass was 71.5% or 97 lbs. I was ready and eager to find a coach.

I ended up finding Lean Bodies Consulting on facebook. When I “liked” the page to see what LBC was all about, Erik Ledin had requested to be my friend, so I accepted. It was a great way to learn more about his training and diet philosophy. I knew by watching him I had found my coach.  

My experience with Erik was positive. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to better his or her health and figure. I followed his plan as best I could and I feel it was very successful. I ended my twelve-week course with him by having another body composition done. My success cannot be denied. I was thrilled with my results. I weighed in at 118 lbs. with 14.3% body fat or 16.9 lbs. My fat mass went from 38.6 lbs. to 16.9 lbs. My lean (fat free) mass went from 97 lbs. to 101.2 lbs.! But how could this be? I didn’t think you could gain muscle while dieting. The guy who did my composition simply said, “Good nutrition. You did everything right.” I was amazed that I had gained that much muscle while dieting. At 43 years old I look better than ever and am so excited about my fitness future. Thank you Erik for all your help, you have no idea how wonderful I feel on the inside! This journey has not been just a physical transformation.

– Denise Kossan, Rush City, MN

Training with Erik Ledin has ultimately been a life-changing experience, I am TRULY thankful for having the opportunity to train under the guidance and knowledge of such an honest, sincere, open and good-hearted person. The unbelievable physical results I achieved in such a short period of time is just one of the great benefits that came along prepping for a show with Erik. What I believe was the most important and rewarding transformation that took place was the transformation inside. I now have a completely different outlook on competing, training and nutrition; I feel more confident and excited for my future as a figure competitor!

Erik designed a program with balance, challenging, yet achievable opportunities to bring me into my best contest shape. He provided informative knowledge that created a feeling of being very well balanced and grounded all through my prep (something that was overwhelmingly nice to experience for a change!!) as well as installed a new frame of mind looking at contest prep and that it really doesn’t have to be stressful or destructive to your body and mind. (You really can have fun while you’re at it, not be carbless and look damn good!)

I enjoyed my workouts immensely, loved the meal plan and felt strong and healthy all throughout. Cardio was cut into a 1/3 of which I’ve done before prepping for shows and the results were 3 times better the way Erik had me do it effectively in less time. (bonus bonus!!!!) I have to add that the relief of not rebounding after a competition means soooooooo much! Thanks for setting me up for success before and after the show J

I have a strong belief that I will take pleasure in a longer more satisfying life in the competition ring as well as off the stage now that I’ve had the guidance of Erik Ledin, I highly recommend and encourage anyone who is looking for balance and the best transformation inside and out to consider his services. Thank you for all your help, no doubt will I be back to train with the best!

– Kathy Mack, Red Deer, Alberta

I started my journey with Erik in September 2009. Having done my first figure competition in August 2009 and training couple of years before that, like a competitor, but not competing, if that makes sense, I run out of options and ideas, how to make things work and my body respond to it. Of course 3 hours of cardio approach, ‘keto’ diet, starvation, high reps only training, no squads, as it makes your legs wilder, was standard to me and what I heard on daily basis from ‘big’ male competitors. I even went through the experience with a coach/trainer (who won couple of titles here and there), who couldn’t understand, that I train for myself, not for gold and medals and if I feel like to do a competition it’s an additional aim to me, that keeps me motivated and gives me a kick, not my priority. He also was the one, who tried to convince me, that if I want to win anything, I need to take ‘something’ lol of course I thanked him after that episode.

But with Erik it was all different!! My friend, who is a ‘veteran’ to me in competing lol and who helped me a lot, hired Erik couple of months before me. She only gave me couple of details, but when I heard, how much cardio she does, it was pretty obvious, I’m gonna knock on Erik’s door straight away! ÔÅä

So after exchanging couple of emails with Erik, I soon become his ‘protégée’

How exciting was waiting for my first training and diet? Just like a kid getting a candy for Xmas!  I must have checked my email million times ÔÅä so as like every time, when I was awaiting my monthly update. I have done the exercises I never knew about before and felt muscles, I never knew, existed! Lol My workouts were short and intense and the pain after them beautiful and ongoing! ÔÅä No cardio in off season and very little, when shredding. Finally I understood, that if I want to really change my physique and improve certain parts of my body, I need to allow that process and make some ‘sacrifices’ meaning, I need to allow a bulk process, when you build muscles, eat hell of a lot and get a bit fat here and there. It’s all controlled fat, I must admit and nothing to be scared of ÔÅä

The diet was straight forward. I never ate things I didn’t like. It was suited for me and my taste. Erik provided me with tools such as food calculator, so I could substitute products, when I felt like. He has also an awesome, still growing blog of recipes on his LBC web, which will fit into everyone’s life still and taste. Trust me on it!

Understanding, professionalism, knowledge about diet and training is expected from a good coach/trainer and that is, what we pay for. Erik is such a wonderful human being and I wouldn’t be exaggerating, if I said he really changed me life. I don’t think, he himself, understands how big input he has into people’s life. The amount of times he picked me up, when I was drowning in my own little battles is countless!  How many times he helped me understand what I’m experiencing and why it’s happening is another story.  That’s something what I didn’t pay for and I would never expect it from any coach. I’m very grateful that I ‘met’ Erik. His wise advices helped me to understand myself and stop comparing to other competitors and trying to look like someone else. He taught me that I will be only happy when I develop the best Ilona’s physique I ever could and that should be my main aim- to improve and compete with myself and get better year by year.

Thank you very much, Erik! It is truly wonderful feeling to know that there is a lovely coach/trainer/human being out there, who isn’t only working with you to make money, but sees your personal success as his own success.

Ilona Loewnau, Manchester

I started working with Erik back in 2008, I was looking to take my physique to the next level and knew I would need the help of a trainer and nutritionist. I had no idea where to begin looking so I went to bodybuilding.com and began searching for figure competitors in my area. I stumbled upon a client of Erik’s and was immediately intrigued by her physique and noticed she had Erik listed as her coach.

I then began to research Erik’s website. Enviously looking at his client’s transformation pictures and inspiring testiomonials. I sent Erik a message stating that I was interested in hiring him and he replied back with the client quesstionnaire and I began my journey to a healthier & fitter me. I worked with Erik over the next 4 months and hit a wall to where I wanted to be “normal” again and not have to weigh every meal. So, I took a break for a few months and as a result I got fat! By the end of Summer 2009 I was weighing 175lbs, none of my clothes fit and I was unhappy with my body. I was a Division I collegiate athlete, I was rocking a 6pk in Oct. 2008 and I was lifting heavier than before and now I was soft, squishy and FAT! I knew I wanted my body back so I contacted Erik again and simply asked if he had time to take me on as a client AGAIN. He told me yes and asked when I wanted to start, I instantly replied ASAP!!!

I started training again in November 2009, two weeks before U.S Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s AND my birthday. This was about to be a whole new test of how serious I was about my training and nutrition  adherance. Thanksgiving day came and it just so happened to fall on my biweekly. I had great results thus far, but let’s be honest I LOVE to eat and wanted to enjoy a meal with family. I messaged Erik asking him if it was okay and his response was really made the “switch” flip for me. He told me that this was a lifestyle, not some plan with an end date. Certain events happen once a year and you have to incorporate them into your life!!

I proceeded to train hard and maintain my diet and the weight kept falling off! I had begun to gradually meet more and more like minded people with a passion for fitness and health over the next few months that helped me maintain my accountability & let me vent when I was sore, tired and hungry.

I had always pondered the idea of entering a figure competition but thought I was so far from being stage ready it was only a distant dream. I kept getting encouraging nudges from friends to enter a competition and I kept putting it off until I decided to SIEZE THE DAY!! I had an initial plan in May to prepare for a competition in August my only concerns were: would my training and meal plan drastically change, would I be eating tilapia for every meal (yuck), would I have to do 2 hrs of cardio a day?!?? I decided to do a bikini competition as a “stage warm-up” in June. Once I told Erik of my decision I just knew my plan would do a 180* and I would immediately regret the decision. That e-mail never came and I continued on my current plan! My competition day finally came and I never ate tilapia, didn’t want to naw my arm off and only had a few extra cardio sessions. I went into the competition with NO expectations but to do have fun and make some new friends! I started talking with other competitiors about their diets and training and my jaw hit the floor. Some girls were eating fish and green beans for every meal, doing hours of cardio & prepping for months with ZERO rest days! At this point I realized how great a coach I had that I didn’t have to suffer through this tortorous approach to competition prep. I ended up placing 2nd in my class at this show and was HOOKED!!

I didn’t have any other plans to compete but a friend and fellow competitor convinced me to do another show the following weekend. I said hey why not?! I was stage ready and had so much fun the first time. I competed the next weekend and won the Overall in Bikini!!! I was really excited and thought well that was fun and was ready to get back to just training hard. Then yet again another friend put the idea in my head to do another show a few weeks later. Gotta love my friends! :) This time though it was a National Pro Qualifier, Team Universe. Haha what was I thinking, a national show and I hadn’t even been competing a month?!? I messaged Erik asking if I was crazy to try and do this show. He told me the competition would be much stiffer but it would be a good experience to step on a national stage. I thought it over and over and over and finally decided to do it! My next thought was OMG, lol what did I get myself into. These girls were gorgeous, and had what I called boobs and sex eyes. I was just a small town girl. But I hopped on the plane and made my way to Team U! I had the opportunity to meet up with some fellow LBC clients, competitors and even Erik! His first words to me were, “You’re more muscular than in your pics.” Haha I guess that’s better than have you been sticking to your diet and training?!? As I was sitting at some pre-judging events and looking around I realized, Yes the girls are gorgeous, Yes the magnitude of the event is more than at a local show but it was really just like any other show. This put my mind and nerves at ease and I was ready to STRUt!!

The morning of pre-judging I had NO expectations and just went out on stage hoping not to fall on my face. Haha, so imagine my excitemet when I made first callouts!!! GAME ON! I hit the night show knowing at this point I had made Top 5 at Nationals, now it was time for the final placings! I had expected to place 5th, so when they called the 5th and 4th place awards and neither were my number I got really excited. If I could place Top 2 I would earn my Pro card! Haha the sheer thought of it made my stomach do a flip. They called out 3rd place and I stepped out to accept my trophy! I was excited to place so well but my never say quit, crazy competitive, strive for the best mentality left me HUNGRY!! I took the night off and began to ponder the idea of giving it one last hurrah for the TOP SPOT! I realized I was ready, I had a great plan and was on the national radar.

So here I stand prepping for Jr. USA’s in Texas!! I had thought of doing a local show in between but Erik reminded me, “You don’t go backwards, you compete at the National level and that’s where you stay!” So as I reflect over the last month of competing I think of my soft and squishy former self at 40 lbs heavier and feeling bummed, and I notice my new leaner body and athlete mindset and think what a difference this lifestyle change has made!!

– Kendra Warren, Franklin, TN

I have to say this has been the least stressed I have ever been in any contest prep! I have only done 5 competitions, with 4 being on the local level and one national level show. However, all but this last prep for NPC Jr. Nationals has been grueling. Now dont get me wrong, preparing for any competition, National or Local is going to be challenging, but it can also be healthy and rewarding.

I started with Erik in December after competing at a local show and qualifying for Nationals. I had qualified for a National show at every NPC show I had competed in since 2007 but this time I had finally decided to go. The feedback from the judges was always that my conditioning was good but I just needed more size. Size for me had been a challenge so I really needed to work with someone who I could really trust to guide me through an off season/ bulk and then lean me out for my first National show. In addition, I wanted to go a healthier route than I had in the past. After the last cometition in November, I had a brief bout with edema where my limbs had swollen so tight that it was actually  painful. It was because of the low carbs and low sodium diet that I had been on for so long!

After speaking with Erik, I found him the refreshing, “no-nonsense” type like myself. Get the results. Forget the FLUFF. We had similar backgrounds in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology so I could really respect his reasoning and opinions. He didn’t put me through ridiculous amounts of cardio, cut out my sodium, dehydrate me, starve me or have me taking any unnecessary wasteful supplments!

Erik has done an awesome job with guiding me through a healthy bulk and leaning me out for my first National show through healthy nutritional guidance. With his assistance, I placed 9th in my category in my first National showing at NPC JR. NATIONAL’S 2010! I am very happy for the future ahead and competing in the future with Erik’s guidance!

– Chaya Boone, Chicago, IL

Frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and exhausted are the emotions I was experiencing when preparing for my first figure contest. I had been working with a trainer 3 days a week for about 4 months and I was about 2 and half months from the show. My training sessions weren’t the problem. It was the other 4 days a weeks where I found myself confused, not knowing what I should be doing on my own or what to eat. I reached out to a co-worker of mine who had done several contests in the past and she shared her success with Leanbodies Consulting. I was hesitant at first. Working with an online coach was never something I considered and I had thought I’d be working a disadvantage by not having an in person coach. Well I have to say I’m glad I stepped out in faith and hired Erik because I started noticing changes in my body in the first week. I cut my time in the gym in half and felt comforted that I had a clear day to day diet plan to follow. I placed 3rd in my class in my very first show and I know it because of the guidance and wisdom of an experienced coach. I plan on competing again in the fall and have no doubts that I will be working with Erik again.

– Ebonee Johnson, Gaithersburg, MD

I hired Erik Ledin in March 2010 to assist me with competition prep.  This was my 3rd year competing and I wanted to hit the stage better than ever before.  I had been doing my own prep for 8 weeks.  I started off with moderate cardio and diet.  Over the 8 weeks, I kept increasing the cardio and decreasing the calorie intake to keep seeing results.  I could see myself heading down the same old path that I’d been going for the last 2 years.  More cardio, less calories and no better physique.  I had a couple of friends working with Erik and I kept seeing their results.  They loved Erik, his workouts, his diets and their RESULTS.  I had to see what he was about.  I emailed him and told him “I have 11 weeks to get ready”.  Do you think I can do it?  He didn’t promise me anything except great workouts, diet and his expertise.  It was up to me and what I’d been doing to this point.  Everyone around me was skeptical because he wasn’t promising me the moon but me.  I was willing to take that chance to learn something new and bring a better package to the stage.  You know what… I did too.  I look the best I’ve ever looked.  It wasn’t easy by no means but it was less time in the gym and better food throughout most of the prep.  What I love about Erik is that he forces you to be accountable and he measures your results through different methods.  You can discuss your concerns with him and he can give you experience and fact based information.  He never requested I buy supplements nor do anything that jeopardized my health.  Any questions I had on supplements or anything, he’d give it to me straight.  I can’t say enough about him and what he brings to the fitness industry.  I wouldn’t think twice about using him again or suggesting him to other people.

– Lisa Anderson, Nashville, TN

In September 2009 I hired Erik Ledin at Lean Bodies Consulting to  help me prepare for my very first natural bodybuilding competition in April 2010. This gave me 7 ½ months to get my body from 167 lbs and not very well defined to being totally ripped. When I hired Erik he had me complete a thorough questionnaire to get a complete understanding of my current health and fitness level and find out my personal goals.
Back then my goal was to look and feel the best I ever had in my life, and to look ‘like I belonged’ on stage (I didn’t want to look like some dude that just walked off the street), while taking a healthy approach to fitness.  

Erik has an incredibly deep and thorough I also know that following Erik’s guidance was a vital key to this transformation.understanding of nutrition and fitness. While this seems obvious, it’s not. There are a lot of trainers out there (seems like most of them) that rely on industry ‘folklore’ and ‘myth’ to get results for their clients. Erik’s approach is always based on results AND health. I was always eating healthy, natural foods and had some actual variety in my meals (I met some competitors that ate boiled chicken and cucumber ONLY).
Erik personally invests himself into each clients’ specific goals and does whatever he can to help them come to light. He constantly adjusted my meal and workout plan based on results and kept a close eye to any other feedback. In addition, Erik’s process of consistent reporting helped to keep me accountable.
At the start of this transformation I was 167 lbs with a 34.5” waist and very little muscle definition. On contest day I weighed 145 lbs with a 29.5” waist and LOTS of muscle definition. I had never been even close to this shape in my entire life and am grateful that Erik helped me on this journey.
For anyone considering hiring a personal trainer for any reason I would highly endorse Erik and his services. 

– Cameron Hacault, Victoria, BC

I started competing 6 years ago.  Along the way, I met and worked with several coaches that wore my body down to points that required extensive rehab.  I made it through a competition year with my own expertise to realize every great athlete needs a coach.  My search began.  I came across Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting.  As I dug further into Erik’s practices and beliefs, I began to wonder why it took me 6 years to find him.  Erik truly understands the proper way to train, the optimal nutritional approach and most of all the, cardio needs.  My only question now is … why did it take me so long to find him.

– Crystal Wells, Derby, KS

I’m so glad I found Erik. I’ve tried diet after diet in the past and spent thousands on worthless supplements, just to end up looking the same. With Erik, I’ve learned what it truly takes to achieve my fitness and physique goals. More importantly, he’s totally changed how I think about nutrition and exercise. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to change their bodies — and minds — for the better.

– Guillermo Rubio, West Jordan, UT

I sat down to write this, trying to find the words to explain that Erik literally changed my life.  I know that sounds a bit extreme but it is the truth nonetheless.  I started out my fitness journey having some exercise experience, but no real purpose or science behind it.  In a matter of a few short months I had made great physical changes and in a few more I had made amazing mental changes as well.  I went from wanting to lose weight to being motivated to build muscles, so away we went together on that journey.  Erik was always willing to lead me on to the next challenge and keep me motivated to continue making progress and seeing changes.  He worked with me through a fight with breast cancer, modifying routines along the way, and rehabbing me after numerous surgeries.  I can honestly say I emerged from a yearlong treatment schedule stronger than when I started.  Now that I am fully recovered, I have continued with LBC because my exercise and nutrition have been vital to my overall wellness. Erik’s approach to training and nutrition fits me to a tee.  I no longer have to worry about what to do and when to do it – it is laid out so all I need to do is follow the plan.   I have learned so much over the past years, and I am certain that will continue for years to come.  I have seen many of the people that Erik has worked with over the years make great transformations, and I consider myself lucky to be among them.  Thank you Erik – for doing what you do!

Molly V.   Des Moines, Iowa

I began working with Erik in August 2008.  I always loved the physique of figure competitors and I was contemplating doing a show.  I knew I couldn’t hire a personal trainer from my gym since pretty much all their clients looked exactly the same as they did six months ago.  I found Lean Bodies Consulting while researching online.  The before and after pictures on the LBC website were very impressive.  I contacted Erik, completed my paperwork and anxiously awaited my first program.   I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about hiring an online trainer.  Was it just some person on the other end of the computer handing out some plan and not really knowing what they were doing?     Erik’s knowledge on training and nutrition quickly laid my fears to rest.  

I started out with dieting to lose some fat.   I absolutely LOVE, LOVE Erik’s minimal cardio approach.  It’s one of the reasons I hired him.  I was never going to do the hours of cardio a day like you read so many others doing and he would never allow that.  His training and nutrition plans are clearly written out and any questions or concerns I have are answered quickly.  

After leaning down, we discussed that I needed to add some muscle to be competitive in a show.  That meant doing a bulk and THAT scared the heck out of me.  What, eat above maintenance to build muscle and accept some fat gain during the process and then diet off the fat to see what you muscle you might have built?!?!?    So I trusted Erik, went ahead and did a four month bulk.   I am so, so glad I did.  Of course I had some mental days dealing with the fat gain, which Erik helped put things in perspective for me.  Needless to say, I recently finished my second bulk and just transitioned to dieting.   What a difference a year makes!

I was lifting weights for about seven years before I started working with Erik.  I thought I knew what I was doing, but apparently not.  I did not see as much improvements in my physique in those seven years as I have in the past 1.5 years under Erik’s guidance.   Let me say, it’s not a bad feeling when a girl at the gym points to you and says to her trainer “I want to look like her.”

Hiring Erik was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I only wish I would have found him sooner.  I not only think of Erik as my trainer and coach, but also as a friend.  I can’t wait to see what improvements we can make this year.

– Cathie H, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

I have always admired people with a strong, lean physique and wanted the same for myself.  I was always the “fat” kid who constantly heard “she’d be so pretty if she’d just lose some weight”.  I finally hit my heaviest weight when I was 17, I’ll never forget stepping on that scale and as I saw 265 flash across the display, I was in shock.  Throughout my 14 years of being overweight I tried every fad diet out there; the cabbage soup diet, the negative calorie diet, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, frozen meals (better referred to as cardboard), excessive calorie counting (of which my food was not weighed, it was guessed at a scoop of this, a deck of cards of that, you get the idea), low carb, low fat, South beach, Calorie King, Simply Weight Loss, L.A. Weight Loss, diet pills, internet scams, those crazy solar suits; you name it, I’ve tried it.  I eventually lost 105 pounds on my own before finding Erik, but not without paying a price both emotionally and physically.  3/4 of the way through my weight loss journey I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  In the beginning I liked to think that my thyroid was to blame for all of the weight gain, a large part of it yes, but all of it, no.  After being put on thyroid medication maintaining and losing weight became somewhat easier but it wasn’t and isn’t a magic pill; I still had and have to work my butt off for results.   

After 14 years of every diet known to man and endless hours of cardio I continuously found myself looking in the mirror and hating what I saw.  I became tired of being sick and tired of disliking myself. I wanted a strong, muscular, and lean physique in place of the “fat cardio bunny” body that I had.  I ended up on bodybuiling.com and I started reading articles on fat loss and then I made my way into the BB.com forums.  After reading multitudes of information I decided I wanted to work with a trainer.  I called a few locals but wasn’t impressed so I turned to the forums in pursuit of online trainers.  My search populated two names on the BB.com forums, one of whom was Erik Ledin.  I went to both trainer’s websites and requested information. After much research and a quick response from Erik I decided that he was the one I wanted to train with.  So thus began my journey with Lean Bodies Consulting in May 2008.  

The decision to train with Erik is bar far one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

After filling out all paperwork I anxiously awaited to receive my first nutrition/training plan from Erik.  I must have checked my email 100 times a day waiting on it; I was like a kid at Christmas.  Erik had told me in the beginning that I wouldn’t be eating any foods I didn’t like; this was a new concept to me.  I couldn’t believe I was going to be eating foods that I actually liked; a sane way to achieve results, really? No more bland tuna, iceberg lettuce, and no carbs?  Needless to say, my view of nutrition and training was somewhere out in left field.  I had this bass-ackward notion that cardio/exercise was first and foremost the most important part of the equation and that you had to eat crazy “diet food” to achieve that lean physique and if you messed up or binged then you did more cardio to burn it all off!  Well, I quickly found out that is not how it’s done.

I quickly adjusted to the nutrition, enjoying this “diet food”, if you can call it that.  I must admit I wondered in the beginning how this was going to work, eating rice, potatoes, beef, oatmeal, and do I dare say it… a free meal?  I started delving into Erik’s blogs and reading anything he had written, that’s when I came across “The Paper Towel Analogy” //leanbodiesconsulting.com/blog/the-paper-towel-analogy/  and realized that I must trust him and the process (this wasn’t an easy feat for me, I can be a control freak); much to my amazement Erik was correct, imagine that?  

There were times when temptation would strike and I’d give in and then there were those times when life just throws you a curve ball I found myself trying to make the best choices possible, but yet in my mind I was still falling short.  This is something that I expressed to Erik in my Biweeklies and his response was “While keeping the ‘bar’ high is good, don’t beat yourself up. Think lifestyle, not diet. In that context, you’re improving in a very well rounded way.”  I took what he said to heart.  Beating my self up over every little thing was something I’ve been guilty of doing over and over and consequently it has kept me from making progress in the past.  I have come a long way by taking those words to heart and making a conscience effort to pay attention to when I’m beating myself up; it has been very freeing!

I started my training with a ton of energy and motivation.  I had never trained like this before.  The first week of training went great, but the soreness; well I’ve never experienced anything like it before, I felt muscles I never knew I had.  When I looked at the training and realized that my cardio was minimal I kind of panicked and wondered how results would come with such little cardio?  Again, I told myself trust your trainer; this was something I would tell myself over and over in the coming months.  Week after week I found myself getting stronger, faster, and tighter!   

Gone were the days of endless cardio and diets that were doomed to fail by binge eating and then running out for seemingly endless cardio sessions to try and compensate.  I am like a kid at Christmas when waiting for my updates; I am always excited to see what he has in store for me, even if I can hardly move 24-48 hours later.  

Working with Erik has been monumental to me and looking back over the past two years I have become substantially healthier physically, physiologically, and emotionally. Erik helped me reach my all time lowest weight of 127; I never in a million years thought this was possible and was even told by doctors that I would never weigh less than 150 because of my thyroid.  In addition, I know that my husband is extremely grateful to Erik; because of him I now lead a normal balanced life.  Gone are the meltdowns because a few clothes don’t fit, gone are the days of non stop movement “cardio in hubby’s terms”, and gone is the depression that came from the random number generator being up a couple of pounds.

I have much appreciation and gratitude for Erik; he has been patient and a huge encourager to me as he’s walked me through the absolute toughest nine months of my life.  When my dad passed away suddenly last June I was catapulted into emotions I’ve never experienced and the extreme stress of it all took its toll on my health.  My weight loss stopped, my thyroid got out of kilter, and my cortisol levels among a tirade of other issues surfaced.  I could not have been blessed with a better trainer, nutritionist, and coach

Erik, thank you for all you have done, for your patience and for setting me straight, and not being easy on me when you know I’m capable of more.  I look forward to everything that I know I can and will accomplish with you as my coach and trainer.  

In my opinion Erik is by far the best in his field.  If you’re looking for real results then you need a trainer and coach with a real life view.  Not another fad diet and food that you don’t like.  So what are you waiting for, email LBC now!

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other” – Walter Elliot –

Carrie Luster, Brandon, MS

The Beginning

To understand my appreciation for Erik and what he has done for me you first need to understand what I have experienced in the past. I began training for figure competitions over 6 years ago. From 2004-2009 I went through several trainers who ranged from the “local go-to experts” to nationally known “Gurus”. Working with these trainers I took pride in the fact that I would follow their directives “TO THE LETTER”. I was a trainer’s “Ideal” client. In the beginning I never questioned the endless hours of cardio like a hamster on a wheel, nor did I question the unhealthy diets as I assumed there was sound reasoning behind them. I also never questioned the old school training programs as I thought this was the way to develop my physique as a competitor. As time went by I began to have problems and issues with my progress and overall health. There always seemed to be something missing. These caused me to question and eventually leave the local trainers and seek the advice from the national “Gurus”. I researched and decided to hire one of the biggest “Gurus” in the industry. While the personalities of the “Guru” trainers varied their approach to diets and training was very similar to the local trainers. Unbeknownst to me this actually compounded my health problems greatly.

Although I had tremendous success as an amateur and eventually earned my IFBB pro card in 2008 it came at a very heavy price.

Thousands of hours of endless cardio, unhealthy diets, training regimens that were “archaic” at best & poor advice from trainers who had “Don’t think just do” attitudes over the course of 5 years paid a heavy toll on my life. I had developed severe metabolic damage  and began to have temporary memory loss & fainting sensations towards the end of this rollercoaster ride with these so-called trainers.  My personal career goals were placed on hold. My life was miserable as I questioned as to whether having that pro card was really worth the price I had paid. I was depressed and saddened at the way my life had turned out.

Leap of faith

2009 was a new year and I figured I would give the “Guru” another shot and focus on my Pro debut. (Can you tell I am loyal and give it my all?) This was an exciting time as now I am going to compete as an IFBB Figure Pro! I decided to start 14 weeks out so I could take it slow and easy and really have my game face on. 2 weeks into my contest prep I started experiencing memory loss, fainting spells and started having serious health issues. When I questioned the “Guru” with what was happening I was told to “Don’t think just do” and my issues were ignored. That was when the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. I had had enough and made a very gutsy decision to fire the “Guru” trainer. What to do? I ran through many questions through my mind. Do I quit and not compete at this show? Do I complete the prep on my own? Do I hang up my heels and retire before I even start? I was confused, angry, and extremely upset. This was my pro debut! This was as important as the night I earned my pro card.

I began reading through forums and came across some interesting threads from Erik Ledin. His threads seemed to be directed at me. The issues I was running through my mind were being addressed on the threads. I sent a private message to Erik and he almost immediately responded. He answered all of my questions regarding his approach to nutrition, training, cardio and contest prep. Everything he told me almost mirrored what I thought training should be. Could it be there was a better way? Could I actually enjoy competing and also maintain a balanced life? Could I actually be healthy while competing? Could it be?

I sat with my husband who always supports my decisions and two decided to hire Erik to help me with my pro debut. Now that is what I call a real leap of faith! Who fires a trainer in the middle of contest prep (6 weeks out) especially for their pro debut and hire another trainer who knows nothing about their body? People thought I had lost my mind but I knew in my heart that this was the right choice. Erik was hired to help to salvage what was left of the time I had for my pro debut and make the most of it. Erik really had his work cut out for him that was for sure! Erik handled my prep with kid gloves and really invited feedback from me. He wanted my thoughts and encouraged feedback. This was how a true trainer/client relationship should be. Erik, really did a wonderful job with my pro debut I was very pleased with him.

The Future

After my pro debut Erik recommended a regimented offseason to repair my damaged metabolism and to also focus on refinement of my physique. Here is what I have accomplished since working with Erik. He has resolved all of my health issues with a sound nutrition program. He has polished my physique with specialization programs that have me training like an athlete not a bodybuilder. He responds to every question I have. Our relationship is more of a partnership of sorts as we work together on my fitness goals.

The most exciting part of working with Erik is I now have a balanced life. I am healthy and in the best condition of my life. I am able to enjoy life! My personal career as a fitness director is flourishing and in the midst of all of this I am also able to enjoy competing as an IFBB Figure Pro! I truly enjoy training and competing and plan on competing in at least 2-3 shows this year! This is what competing is all about. Thanks to Erik I am now healthy in mind, body and spirit. Thank you Erik for everything you have done,


IFBB Figure Pro
Melody Clere

When I started with Erik in August 2008, I soon realized I knew nothing, zilch, zero about effective training and proper nutrition despite the fact I had already been training for 10 years, but in oh so many wrong ways.  Sure I was weight-lifting in the pursuit of a muscular body, but not eating to support muscle growth, in fact not to support anything except basic survival.  Add to this, insane amounts of cardio plus a crazy competition prep, and the result was a terrible rebound and a severely damaged metabolism.  I gained 30 lbs over the course of few months, despite eating super clean and training regularly. Hence, when I found Erik I was obviously desperate for help.

When I first got Erik’s plan, I remember thinking: “This is far too much food, and far too little cardio.  I’ll never lose an inch”. But man was I wrong! I have followed his plans religiously from day one and Erik’s sane approach to diet and cardio has brought me to the best shape of my life.   Binges, cravings and feelings of deprivation are totally a thing of the past with all the variety and yummy food choices on Erik’s food plan there is never a need to deviate off track.

On the whole it’s been an enjoyable journey and certainly a learning experience. Erik has been there by my side 100% every step of the way, trying to find new ways to get the fire burning again in my metabolism. He has listened to my whining, rationalized any irrational expectations, and addressed all my concerns and questions with patience and explanations. When I make progress he takes full part in my joy and offers such encouragement it ignites my desire to keep going.

My damaged metabolism is now functioning again on full speed. I’m no longer a skinny-fat cardio bunny like in the past but a well-proportioned lean muscular babe LOL.  I’ve made all this progress while eating more and doing a lot less cardio than in the past.  I have a life outside the gym and don’t feel guilty anymore if I don’t spend my every free hour in there. I love busting my ass in the gym and Erik’s workout plans surely scratch this itch.It’s all about quality over quantity, intensity over duration, which is what I love.

I often say that apart from meeting my husband, finding Erik was the best encounter in my life.  I’m in the best shape of my life, the knowledge I’ve acquired is priceless and I expect to learn so much more from him in the future as I enter new phases with different goals. Erik is a bottomless source of knowledge and information.  

There are no words that can describe my gratitude for Erik’s help in my journey towards my best body.

– Ragnhildur (Rainy) Thordardottir, Denmark

I took on the services of LBF and Erik Ledin in early March of this year. I had a goal of competing in my very first show and I knew that I would be in better hands if I hired someone to guide me through. From day one, Erik has been on point with all his information and it resulted in a very nice process with hardly any plateaus. That’s not to say that things were easy, because they weren’t but I think what made it such a comfortable transition was having Erik there programming it all for me. With each plan, there came no questioning or second guessing his decisions, I knew I had a great person in my corner and that allowed me to focused totally on doing work in the gym. Starting off at 226lbs and weighing in at 167.2lbs at weigh ins, is enough said! Erik helped me lose over 60lbs, as my lowest weight was 165lbs a week out. I never thought that I would ever have to lose that much weight again, but I guess some things are done better the second time around. Erik is a guru, and has helped so many people achieve their goals, I am just proud to be one of them.

Thank you so much Big-E, and here’s to barely scratching the surface!

– Chris Chavez, Houston TX

When you’re busy training other people, it can be difficult to stay focused to your own diet plan not having anyone to answer to for yourself. I have worked with Erik in the past and knew I needed him along side me for this recent show that I was prepping for. I let Erik prepare all aspects of my competition prep, diet and training. It was a huge relief to have him make all the big decisions and calculations concerning what should be done with my diet and training.

He truly is an amazing coach! He is extremely well educated and knows his stuff not only in theory but most importantly by experience as well. That’s why I would definitely seek him out again and again! If it wasn’t for us working together for this show, I know I would not have taken home the first place! I thank you Erik for putting up with me once again!

– Sandy Vachon, Sudbury, ON

I started with Erik right after I competed in my 1st Figure competition. I trained and did my diet myself and after seeing the girls I knew I needed some help. My shoulders have always been tiny and slopey and my arms are small as well … never even had much muscle in my back either.

After asking on a Figure/BB forum who they would recommend for an online trainer I had a couple of names to go with and started to do a little research. After seeing all the education and credentials Erik has under his belt I decided to go with him. I never heard of anyone complaining about their diet like eating fish and green beans everyday with Erik and he has a great reputation for doing things the healthy way and isn’t at all a cookie cutter.

I emailed him a few times and always got a response soon right after. He asked me specific questions, what my goals are, what kind of foods I like to eat and the like. I told him I wanted a big upper half and smaller lower half. He was upfront and honest and told me I couldn’t do that simultaneously and told me what I can do realisticly. I appreciated his honesty and him educating me.

When I got his plan I was actually surprised to see that the diet was so easy and simple. Everything on the plan was foods I like. The workouts were simple as well. I expected to be in the gym for hours but that wasn’t the case at all. Hardly any cardio as a matter of fact he didn’t want me to do much cardio. I was surprised about that but glad that I didn’t have to put in the extra time in the gym.

He told me about the forum he created and instantly I was welcomed there and educated by a lot of girls that have been working with Erik for years. I have learned so much it’s unbelievable. They have been very supportive all the way and the girls and Erik have also given me tough love when I do happen to mess up on the diet. That to me meant a lot because I knew they cared.

He is very individualized in everyone’s plans and he kept a close eye on me as well. I think it’s cool that an online trainer will go out of his way to make sure I’m following his plan to the T and make sure I won’t mess up. There were a couple of times where I did mess up and he would let me know about it and make sure I won’t do it again!! He didn’t have to do that but he did!

After 4 months and onto my 2nd competition. I noticed my shoulders have caps. I was so excited to see my shoulders pop out that I had to tell and show everyone at the gym. I never in my life thought I could have my shoulders looking like that. I was pleased. After seeing my pictures from my 2nd competition I actually saw my lats. I never had lats before, never, and now here they are. It’s just amazing what Erik did for me and how he transformed my upper half.

I’m onto my 3rd competition now and this time I’m just going to put everything into his hands and let him transform me instead of me telling him what I want transformed. Erik knows his stuff, he’s a great and honest guy and I totally trust him!!

I can never even imagine going with any other trainer out there. Look at their credentials before you commit to a trainer and ask plenty of questions. I can guarantee you that if you follow his plan you will be very pleased.

– Linda Fisher, Lebanon, OR