Erik Ledin and Lean Bodies Consulting helped me achieve fitness frontiers I never thought I’d reach – I lost weight in record time, while improving my health and overall fitness. This is THE program for anyone looking to reach the next level in a healthy, proven way. Erik was always available for consultation, and the interaction couldn’t have been any better. I will definitely be back!

– SG, Colorado

I started working with Erik early 2009 about 18 weeks out from my first show of the year, and my only regret is not having gone to him sooner.

The improvements to my physique in this short space of time have been huge. I used to think that dieting for a competition meant months of a bland repetitive diet coupled with endless hours of cardio. This year that illusion was put to rest. The amount and type of food I had on my diet was fantastic, and I found myself feeling (almost) sorry for my fellow competitors who were going through a mental hell on their contest prep. Erik teaches you the principles of what you are doing and why you are doing it, whilst giving a great range of exercises to suit you and what you want to achieve personally. Erik really works with you and for you and you know that you are getting a totally personalised programme. He’s always right there (does he ever sleep?!) when I am asking one of my stupid questions and so I’ve never felt alone during my whole prep.

I’d definitely recommend Erik to anyone out there looking for a trainer, whether it be for competition or just general health/fitness. (Although, I wouldn’t want to be recommending him to anyone I was getting on stage with! He’s my secret weapon!)

Thank you so much Erik for providing me with the knowledge and tools to putting the best me up on stage! I couldn’t have done it without you, and I can’t wait to see what happens to my physique over the next couple of months to the British Finals and that shot at the pro card!

– Trudy Wood, Manchester, England

When I came to Erik I was different then many of his clients. Instead of needing to lose weight I desperately needed to gain. Instead of needing to get control of bad eating habits, I needed to up carbs and calories overall. Instead of needing to commit to an exercise program, I was a chronic over-exerciser (one of those crazy runners) and needed to cut back.

Erik took me on and not only changed my body, but also changed the way I think about my training and nutrition. His patience and perseverance was able to take a notorious hard gainer and help her gain muscle and drastically transform her physique. I never thought it was possible for me to look the way I do today. No longer scrawny, no longer ‘the skinny chic’, but strong and shapely, with a figure that turns heads (if I do say so myself).

Not only did my body improve, but so did my health. From the moment I started working with Erik I gained energy, slept better, had more endurance and simply looked and felt healthier than ever before. Erik’s talent and versatility allowed him to help me troubleshoot and overcome plateaus or problems that arose along the way.

When I’m at the gym I look around at the trainers and shake my head in dismay. Erik has taught me so much about lifting, proper technique and training, that I feel bad for the clients of the other trainers I see out there. I feel so lucky to have found him, he has ignited a passion for lifting that I never thought I would have. I plan to continue my progress with another bulk this winter and hopefully another few pounds of precious muscle.

– L.P.

I found out about Erik through a friend who had had great success with her weight-loss goals and went on to compete. At first I was a little hesitant about the online set up but soon realized that this may be the perfect fit for me. I am a mother of four very busy children, I work part time as a nurse, and own eight endurance race horses which require a lot of my time and energy. Although I have never had any issues with exercise I finally got tired of the guess work with diets, etc.

With Erik there were no questions and everything was very clear about both the workouts/diet. I have learned a tremendous amount about timing, weight training, and the beauty of “cardio in moderation”. Don’t misunderstand, I absolutely love cardio … running, swimming, soccer, aerobics. In fact I could do it everyday. But in order to attain my own personal goals I put my trust in Erik and found out how easy it can be. Everything was right there at my finger tips. I signed up in December and by the end of March I asked Erik if he thought I was crazy to compete in a show in 10 weeks. The catch is that I had never been to a show and was not educated about the ins and outs of how things worked. With Erik’s help I was able to feel confident and had a blast at the show! Erik has always been very accessible and professional and I owe him a big THANK YOU!

– Laura Yost, Pocatello, ID

I remember first hearing about Erik back in my college days. Ever since then, I knew I would hire him as a trainer. I did not trust any other person to design my diet plans and workouts. And I did go on to hire him in October 2008, the best decision ever! I knew there was only so much I could do on my own, and being under the guidance of someone so knowledgeable, I knew I would be making the right decision. Also, after talking to some local pros about their training methods, such as removing certain food groups for weeks on end while doing 1+ hours of daily cardio, I knew for sure Erik would be the only trainer I would work with.

I started training for my first show, which I did in June 6th of this year and have never been happier! The process of getting to that point was very enjoyable for me, and reading about other preps just made me realize how smart I was in choosing Erik. I really liked the variety of foods I got on my plan, and nothing was left out. I remember going to a fitness camp while in the middle of my prep and the girls talking about eating fish or chicken for every meal with calorie levels never going past 1000 while doing 2 hours of cardio a day. The list of ridiculous contest prep rituals were endless, and I was just thinking the entire time that I was enjoying myself and making the same gains while eating more food and doing less cardio.

The workouts were equally as awesome as the diet plan, and I made some very nice changes to my physique from October to June, changes I had never experienced before on my own! I began this process with Erik with the intention of stopping the training after my show, but that has changed as I am still working with him and will continue to do so with no plans of stopping. I have seen the changes I have made in these past few months, and want to see how far I can go under his guidance. I have also seen my sister transform her body. She signed up with Erik a little bit after I did, and her transformation has been amazing. It is just so neat to see what a smart trainer can do for you. In total I have lost about 20 lbs and have lost several inches off my body while never feeling deprived and I feel great!

Thank you so much Erik!

– Maria Navarro, Austin, TX

I am 25 years old and have two children. Fitness has been a part of my life for about 6 years now, but I wanted to challenge myself so I decided that I would compete. I had taken 1st place at my first competition, but still felt like there was room for improvement and also wanted to add some size. I knew what it took to compete but I lacked the knowledge on stretching, customizing my training program to fit my needs, and nutrition. My friend told me about Erik and after talking to him a couple of times, I decided that he was very knowledgeable, educated and had a very solid reputation in the fitness industry. I was amazed in the transformations I saw on his site. I couldn’t wait to get started with him. I began my training with Erik for an upcoming Figure Competition at 12 weeks out.

Training with Erik has been amazing. He had an answer to all my questions, supported me, was honest, and not only gave me training programs but educated me on the nutrition side. There was no more guessing! While working with Erik, I lost 18 pounds. I ended up placing 3rd at both Competitions!! Erik was there for me right up to the day of the show. This was a huge accomplishment! I came in looking and feeling better than I did the first time.

Because of Erik’s support and training, I will continue to work with him to maintain what I have achieved. I consider Erik to be not only my trainer, but a friend!

Thank you Erik for helping me with my goals and helping me achieve the body I had only dreamed of!!

God Bless.
– Kelly Yaroshewski, Timmins, ON

I was first introduced to Erik by a friend and fellow figure/fitness competitor, who highly recommended him as a trainer and nutritional coach. After checking out the Lean Bodies website, I decided to contact Erik, as I was most interested in receiving specific training for figure competitions I was planning on doing this year. I knew I needed to improve my conditioning, my overall physique and diet regime.

Erik provided me with a no-nonsense, structured approach to my training, and although it was very challenging initially (learning to manage my time effectively for workouts, work life and family needs), I soon got into a disciplined routine that I followed accurately. Somehow Erik knew exactly how to “handle me”, and after just a few short months changes were very noticable. My confidence and determination and drive increased.

On July 11th, I entered my first figure show of the year as a Lean Bodies client, and placed 3rd in the Master’s Figure Short Class and 4th in the Open Figure Class (by the way, I’m 44 years old). Everyone who knew me before I was trained by Erik said that I came into this competition in my best condition ever. It felt great on stage, and I was very proud. I am really looking forward to my future shows and making more improvements as he sees fit.

I have a tremendous respect for Erik’s intelligence and method of training.I am a better person because of Erik, and for that I will always be grateful.

– Sylvia Cameron, Niagara Falls, ON

I recently had the opportunity to work with Erik Ledin and what an incredible experience!

I have been working out for years and actually am one of those people who look forward to my workouts. I have always been in awe of women who compete in figure and fitness competitions. I have always thought I’d love to compete, but at 39 years old, two kids and owning my own business, how would I have time to fit in all the training and cardio.

After years of thinking about it, I finally decided to sign up for a show. I was working with a trainer and the workouts were challenging and I was following the diet plan, but I wasn’t seeing any changes in my body after 6 weeks. I decided to do some research on line and that’s when I found Erik. I was very skeptical at first of training with someone that I had found on-line (this is coming from a person who rarely buys anything on line, let alone hires a trainer who I found on-line). I had so many questions and Erik answered all of them and got back to me quickly on everything.

I had less than 6 weeks to prepare for the show with Erik. I was amazed at how I felt after just two weeks. The eating plan was easy to follow and he incorporated all the foods I liked. The training was challenging but didn’t include the crazy hours of cardio that most trainers require. I have learned so much from Erik and am amazed with the changes in my body.

I was so happy with the results and did my first figure competition placing 3rd in my class. I plan to do another one in September and will be working with Erik again to prepare. He is a wonderful coach and a wealth of knowledge on training and nutrition. It has been an incredible experience and I would recommend Erik to anyone!

– Kim Pheiffer, Lewis Center, Ohio

I have competed in fitness and figure since 2001, and during that time, I have had a chance to work with several ‘trainers’ and “prep coaches”, so I can truthfully claim that I have worked with the rest, before I worked with the best!

Erik’s training programs are quick and intense (Oh man! So intense… ), which I found to be both challenging and fun. Throughout my 12 weeks of contest preparation, I was astonished at the fact that I never spent more than 75 minutes in a gym (and that was over 2 sessions!!!), which almost made me feel bad for some of my friends who reported spending an average of 2-3 hours in the gym 6 days a week (which in all honesty, seems about right … until you start working with someone who actually KNOWS what he is doing, and actually has YOUR best interest in mind!).

Diet wise, Erik’s diet plans are just as easy to follow. I simply marveled at the fact that I continued to eat a reasonable amount of carbs on a daily basis, which made it far easier for me to stick to my eating plan religiously! If that weren’t enough, plateaus were avoided with planned cheats and refeeds, which again, almost made me feel somewhat bad for all of my friends who were starving themselves on low cal, low carb diets. (Then again, it’s THEIR fault for choosing the old school type of trainer, no? So we’ll scratch out me feeling “bad” for now … LOL)

On a more personal note, not only is he knowledgeable, but he also really looks after you. Emails are always answered in a timely fashion (in fact, I imagined he had bells and whistles all going off all over the house whenever I emailed him, because replies were always sent within a few hours).

My only regret is that I was only introduced to Erik this past year, as I know I surely would have earned a Pro Card already, had I been training with him a few years back! I can’t imagine ever having to train or diet without his help, but then again that will never happen, as I have found a trainer for life.

Thanks for all your help, Erik! Now lets go get them at Nationals!!!

– Chantel Milot, Toronto, Ontario

I started working with Erik Ledin in June 2008, after a friend referred me to a message board where he was a moderator. I’d starting lifting weights and trying to get fit about 8 months before, after 41 years of being “skinny fat” and out of shape. I was enjoying this new process very much, had learned a lot from working with a trainer at my gym and a nutritionist, and now I was looking to take it to the next level. I knew Erik was going to push me, hard, and I was excited—and scared. Was I going to be up to this challenge?

I was—and it was a very big challenge indeed. Erik gave me intense workouts and a strict diet to follow and at first I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. But I gave it my best to show him I was serious, and very soon I was seeing great results. Erik taught me how to push myself, and I quickly found out I was capable of a lot more than I thought I was. What a great feeling! I didn’t think at my age that my body could really change much, but it could: during my first few months of leaning down under Erik’s guidance, I lost 11 pounds and 14 inches, and went down two sizes! And I’d never even met this guy in person—that’s how hard he makes you want to work. Amazing!

Next I decided I wanted to build more muscle, and I asked Erik to switch me to a bulking plan. I loved getting stronger, and have retained most of the lifting gains I made. I’m back to dieting now, and although I’ve had to stop working with Erik, I will continue to work hard in his honor. His help and support over this past year has been an incredible experience I will continue to benefit from. I’ve also faced a few life difficulties in the past several months and Erik’s compassion and kindness was so welcome. He’s a friend and a human being, and understands how to keep perspective while still reaching for your goals. He’s taught me not only how far I can go, but that commitment and consistency pays off, and that it’s important to keep my eye on the big picture. Immediate results can be nice, but patience and consistency leads to lasting results. Erik emphasizes enjoying the journey in addition to the rewards, and I’ve found that incredibly motivating. I’m a work in progress, and I’m looking forward to sharing my future successes with him. Thank you so much, Erik!

-Jill Shomer, New York, NY

After struggling for fifteen years with an eating disorder I FINALLY decided I was ready for help. The cycle had mentally and physically worn me out and my health was starting to be affected. With the help of my wonderful husband, counselors, registered dietitians, and Erik, I am working on my recovery.

Erik helped me get my eating patterns back under control by providing me a meal plan with several substitution choices. He also provided me with a sane exercise plan, no more hours spent in the gym. I was able to see results by spending less time in the gym and by eating foods that I liked and the best part, I rarely ever felt hungry.

I would recommend Erik to anyone, no matter what your individual goals are. He is very easy to work with and is very accessible. He responded quickly to all my emails and always had encouraging words for me. If you are looking for a great coach, look no more, Erik Ledin is the one you need. Thanks Erik.


January 2008, I knew nothing. Well, nothing about training and nutrition at least. I thought learning about macronutrients was a waste of time, eating nothing but oats six times a day was an excellent way to lose weight, pounding it out on the treadmill for ninety minutes each night was admirable, all scale weight was equal, and isolation exercises were better than compound exercises. Guess how far that got me?

Fast forward to July 2009, a year and a half later. At this point, I have enough informal education to roughly design training and nutrition programs for my family and friends. I make it a point to have sufficient protein and some fats and carbs everyday. Over the past nineteen months, I’ve fallen in love weight training. I now start each session with compound exercises and stick on some isolation exercises at the end. My PWO meal no longer consists of a scoop of whey protein and a measly 15g of carbs like I used to think was good.

What happened during this time span? I found Erik, and I found his fitness forum, leanbodiesfitness.com. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across his LBC site last June, but I do remember how sick I was by then of feeling like I had to run 45 minutes a day, seven days a week, plus weight training four times a week just to maintain my bodyweight. If I wanted to shave off a few more pounds of bodyfat, I thought I needed to run 90 minutes a day. My stomach dropped at that thought.

My first program – geared towards fat loss – from Erik consisted of weight training three times a week, intervals, bodyweight circuits, and no isolated steady-state cardio days. In fact, the most steady-state cardio I had at that point was twenty minutes tagged onto the end of my bodyweight circuits, just twice a week. I was already fairly lean to begin with (teetering just over 100lbs at 5’2.5”), but I wanted to go even further and see some muscle definition. I was extremely surprised to see how fun and easy all of it was, and the meals I got to eat were yummy too.

The combination of working with Erik and becoming a well-integrated member of Lean Bodies Fitness has increased my passion for fitness tenfold. What fleeting thoughts I might have had last year of someday becoming a figure competitor have now become much more of a reality. I was convinced last winter that in order to be a viable competitor, I needed more muscle mass. So I swallowed my pride, put away my skinny jeans, and really just ate and trained my butt off for the next few months, all with Erik and my LBF friends constantly supporting me along the way.

That bulk did me wonders. The combination of eating sufficient food (still unprocessed, healthy, “clean”), and training correctly allowed my numbers to skyrocket in the gym. My DB Chest Presses went from 15lbs in each hand to today’s 42.5lbs. I went from squatting 45lbs to my current PR of 130lbs. Lat throws? From 10lbs to 45lbs. I never thought I’d be one who could call myself strong, but just a few months ago, a fellow gym-er nicknamed me Powerhouse. How about that?

I should mention that I am a college student. Last fall was my first year. I was initially stressed out about finding out a way to stay on plan while still somehow making friends and eating at the dining hall. Bringing a food scale into the dining hall each night was not an option for me. I consulted with Erik and sought advice from my LBFers, and I somehow made it work. Erik was extremely helpful in providing me with a foods list – a list of on-plan foods categorized into each macronutrient, complete with their nutritional info – so that I could know what and how much food to sub out. And now, heading into my second year of college in just over two months, I have so much more confidence than I did last year going into school about the role that fitness will play, even in my school life.

If you are looking for an online trainer and sick of doing all that nasty cardio, you need Erik. He doesn’t just toss you some generic program and send you on your way. You can’t trust yourself to have peanut butter on your plan because you’re afraid it might set you off on a binge? No problem. You really love your oats and you insist on having it for breakfast every day? That’s fine, too. I love push presses, full squats, and lat throws. And I get them. If you’re in college, you can work with Erik. If none of your peers are into fitness like you are, that’s okay—you can work with Erik. If you like a variety of fibrous veggies, salting your food, different proteins, and carbs, you can work with Erik. If you want to achieve the body of your dreams without starving yourself or working unnecessarily hard in the gym – work with Erik.

– Sohee Lee, Cerritos, CA

I started working with Erik Ledin during my Jr USA prep. I reached a point where I realized my current workouts/training weren’t helping me achieve my goal of changing my physique.

Within a very short time, Erik helped me correct physique imbalances that had plagued me for years. Who knew that less gym time would help me achieve MORE results? In addition, he had me implement some dynamic mobility work that I strongly believe helped me remain relatively uninjured. Even my massage therapist noticed my body alignment was improving. And, my coworkers, friends, and husband all commented that my mood was better. (My husband actually said, ‘Honey, you can compete yourself silly if you continue doing things this way. You’re not a b*tch on this program.” LOL)

To be honest, I had some reservations at first about working with a ‘science geek’ rather than a big-name bodybuilding/fitness/figure prep guru. However, once I started seeing results, all those initial reservations went away. It was hard for me to ‘trust the process’ (as Erik often told me), but I’m so grateful that I did.

Who says contest prep has to be restrictive and unhealthy? I’ve done things the hard way (ie, excessive cardio and starvation diets), and I’ve done things the Lean Bodies Consulting/’sane way’,and the LBC way got me MUCH better results. Not only did I change my physique for the better, but I also earned my IFBB pro card and won an overall at a national show. More importantly, I emerged from contest prep with a healthier attitude towards food/eating; in other words, I didn’t feel the need to binge or eat 18 weeks worth of food the second I was released from contest prep.

I am currently working with Erik offseason, and I’m very happy to report that I’m within 3-5 lbs of my competition weight, with very little effort. I’m doing the least cardio I’ve ever done, and I’m eating all the foods I love. I feel healthy and like my diet is balanced. And, I feel like I have a coach whose door is always open….one who is always in my corner.

РSandi Stuart, Rockledge, FL
IFBB Fitness Pro

I met Erik Ledin though various message boards. I was intrigued by his vast knowledge base, differentiation in training and nutritional practices. I had been competing for numerous years without a trainer, so I understood what it took to develop a stage ready body, but felt unmotivated by my workouts. I needed to add some size, and take my body to the next level.

After many emails back and forth I decided to go with Erik as my trainer. He provides workouts that inspire and challenge me in the gym every day. I have been working with Erik for about a year and have seen huge changes in my physique. I have added some much needed size to my upper body and am working toward the illusive V taper.

Contest prep is relatively easy, but where I see the biggest change is in the off season. I stay leaner and smaller than in the past in my off season, do minimal cardio and still am able to eat and maintain my weight. I look forward to my training as his workouts keep my body guessing.

Thank you Erik for keeping me motivated, on track, inspired and looking great!

-Allison Ethier
Slimquick Extreme Sponsored Athlete‚Ä®
2008 Arnold Classic Amateur Fitness Overall Champion‚Ä®
Fitness America National Champion
Fitness Canada National Champion‚Ä®
FAME Pro Fitness National Champion‚Ä®
Ms. Fitness Canada Runner Up

I first made the transition from cardio bunny to semi-serious weight training a little over 2 years ago. Growing up I had always been very active in sports (soccer, basketball, tennis), but in college fell more into the running and cardio. After a year of lifting, I was introduced into the world of competing by some girls at my local gym, and I decided to enter my first figure competition in April ’08. I hired a well-known online trainer about 16 weeks out to guide me through the dieting and training prep. However, the cookie-cutter diet, lack of heavy low-rep training, and vast amounts of cardio stripped me of the muscle I had put on over the past year and left me a much too unbalanced and thin 105 on competition day.

In May of 2008 I discovered Erik through some online forums, and was intrigued with his approach to training and diet, as it differed so dramatically from my previous experience. We started a long, slow, 6 month bulk in June, where I gained 9 pounds of mostly muscle where I desperately needed it, in my upper body. My strength increased dramatically, and the variation in routine every 6 weeks kept me excited to get to the gym. By adding the weight so slowly I was able to minimize fat gain, and felt great and in shape even at my highest weight. After a 6 weeks shoulder/ back specialization we were ready to start cutting for my April 09 competition.

Cardio was kept to a minimum, and while the diet was strict, it still included “fun” post workout carbs and a variety of foods to keep me feeling satisfied and on track. With Erik’s close guidance and frequent feedback, I was able to cut to 112lbs while maintaining practically ALL of my strength gains. So I had gained about 7 pounds muscle since my competition the year before, the majority of it in my lagging upper body. On show day I came out looking dramatically more balanced, with HUGE improvements in my shoulders and lats. I placed third out of nine in my competition, and am confident that if I stick with Erik, I can go back next time and clean house!

Erik is a no-nonsense, cut and dry trainer, who truely has the knowledge to get the results you want. If you are driven and dedicated to following the diet and training program, he will undoubtably be able to guide you to the body that you are striving for. I can not believe the changes in my body and mindset from the last competition to this one. I am beyond trilled with the results, and look forward to building up those shoulders and lats a bit more and placing first in my next show!!
– Kelly St. Jean, Suffolk. VA

I found Lean Bodies Consulting website while searching the internet for new workouts. After reading the testimonials I immediately contacted Erik. Deciding to train with him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so much from him. He explained everything so thoroughly and was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Before I started working out with Erik, I struggled to get any muscle definition. I did hours of cardio and weight training but never had the body that looked like I even worked out! Erik taught me how to workout smarter and how to balance my food intake. I am still a work in progress, but I feel that I now have a solid foundation from which to build upon thanks to Erik. His programs are straight forward and easy to follow. He has a very balanced approach to training. I recommend Erik to anyone who is ready to take their training to the next level.
– Leanne Rosko Doty, Sun Valley, Idaho

I have worked with Erik before a few years back after my first child when I wanted to take my body to the next level. I ended up competing in two local shows looking the best I ever had in my life, and meet a lot of great people and had a lot of fun.

A few months after the shows I found out I was pregnant and one month after that found out it was twins! I was told right away that with the higher risk of twins I should try and gain weight earlier in the pregnancy so if they came early they would be bigger. I took this to heart and dived right into steak and ice cream. Then at 24 weeks I did have a preterm scare and was taken out of work and no more working out. I ended up delivering at 36.5 weeks and they were two very healthy beautiful boys. However, I had gained just over 60lbs and had set the goal of getting back on stage, so 3 months after having the twins I emailed Erik and told him I was ready to work!

At this point I was staying home with all 3 kids (4yr old and two 3m olds). Erik’s plans were able to fit into my schedule and a lot of my meals were so easy to make that I had no trouble at all fitting it all in. My first goal was to be a size 4 when I went back to work at 9 months postpartum. I was able to do this but I just did not feel ready to get on stage that fall like I wanted to do. We decided to switch gears and try and add some muscle. I was a little scared because I had just lost all the weight and really did not want to put any back on.

With Erik’s guidance and plans I was able to increase my weights and just felt really strong the whole time and was excited about the changes I saw. I even competed in a local 10k race for the first time that fall. Once the holidays were over we switched back to dieting for a April show and I felt great my whole prep and never felt like I was taking time away from my family. I even think I came into the show looking better then before the twins. The things I have learned from Erik are priceless. I am able to look the way I want after 3 kids and I feel strong and full of energy most days. His workouts kickbutt but take less time and they get the job done. I am now working with him to maintain my muscle and size 2 pants while I train for a sprint triathlon in the spring and half marathon in the fall. So far so good.
– Amanda Landrum, Roseville, MI

I started with Lean Bodies Consulting using Erik in February of 2008. Although I had been working out for 4 or 5 years, I was just finishing 4 months of antibiotics trying to get well from contracting Lyme Disease. My goal was simply to get into the best shape of my life. Erik designed both the workouts and my meal plans. The before picture you see was taken in February when I first started with Erik and I weighed 186 pounds. After many challenging workouts and a lot of hard work, I finished my session with LBC at 165 pounds and a 31.5 inch navel measurment.

That was over a 5 inch reduction in my navel. But my journey did not stop there, I took the knowledge that I learned from Lean Bodies Consulting and started a calorie surplus to gain weight and add more muscle. After 3 months, I had gained 16 pounds and weighed 181 pounds. Once again, using the dieting knowledge gained from Erik, I began a caloric deficit for 3 months and lost 13 pounds to 168 pounds. My navel measurement was 31.25 inches and I was three pounds heavier than after the last diet. The second picture was taken after this diet and one day after my 40th birthday. Thanks to Erik, I’m in the best shape of my life, even at 40!
-Matt Adcock, Dublin GA

I’ve said it a million times, but I only wish I knew about Erik and Lean Bodies Consulting when I first started out in fitness and figure competing. I trained many years with old-school coaches who prescribed to the hours-upon-hours of cardio and the fish/asparagus diet. Did they work? Yes, for a little while, but then my body started rebelling and no matter how much work I did or how little I ate, my body would not respond. Erik’s philosophies work with your body and are specific to you and your goals. Even in prep mode, I was doing only a fraction of the cardio that I was used to. And it worked.

Nutritionally, Erik works with what you like and don’t like and gives you a program full of variety. Yes, you know you’re dieting, but it’s something that you can maintain and make work with your daily life. He adds in cheat meals and refeeds as necessary throughout your program. Just because you’re prepping for a show or dieting for a specific reason, there’s no reason why you should be miserable. It’s just not worth it and it’s definitely not worth the harm that you would inflict on your overall health.

Erik takes a sane, safe approach to designing your program. The workouts are customized to your body and to your goals and they are updated regularly so you don’t get bored. He is also very accessible and open to any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Unlike some coaches, you don’t have to have a set time to email him. He encourages open communication throughout the duration of your program. Your results are tracked on a bi-weekly basis and he provides feedback and updates to your program at this time. The community at Leanbodiesfitness.com is also key to keeping you motivated and encouraged. Here you will find a group of like-minded individuals – whether you are prepping for a contest or just trying to get in shape for the summer, they are there to support and encourage you. If you are looking for a great trainer, Erik is the only one that I would recommend with the highest sincerity.
-Kristyn Hutzell Moll Р
Austin, Texas

Have I reached my personal physique perfection? No. But who has?

I (like many others) am constantly striving for my personal physical perfection. No doubt this will be a lifelong journey and lifetime challenge for me. But thus far, I am lucky to have had a great tool at my disposal to help me meet that goal. Thanks to Erik, I am closer to my own potential perfection. The improvements I have made in my physique and mind set have been immeasurable since I began with Erik.

I have worked with Erik on three separate occasions and each time is better than the last. What I enjoy about working with Erik is that each time I sign up to work with him I know what to expect: I like the routine, the familiarity, and the detail of his system. Yet each time I have worked with him, it has been a different experience for me. There is an exciting element of unexpected. By this I mean there are changes in routines, exercises, forms of cardio, and dietary approaches. And with each new approach and new plan I end up discovering more about training and nutrition and also about myself. And that’s what keeps me coming back to Erik.

Erik has a great way of keeping plans interesting while catering to your specific needs and goals. I love Erik’s attention to detail because I think that is necessary to take a physique to the next level. Erik also has a nice balance of keeping sight of the bigger picture and the bigger goal. He will ask you those questions that guide you into some form of personal growth or discovery. Erik has given me so many tools that have allowed me to achieve great things with my physique. He keeps me moving forward and encourages me to reach for my potential. He allows me to make strides in achieving my own personal physique perfection. For this, I am immensely grateful.
– Kylee Biddle, MI