I’m going to start from the beginning back in 2008. I was currently training for my second figure competition, 12-15 weeks out, and was miserable. I was doing 5-7 hours of cardio a week and I was eating all my calories from protein and greens … besides 40g of oats in the AM. There was a client of Erik’s I would always watch train; she was also prepping and was about 8-10 weeks out from the North Americans. I would watch her workouts thinking she looks like she’s having fun and she truly doesn’t look miserable. I would watch her do her workout then leave eating skittles and doing no cardio. Yes, I thought this was the craziest thing I had ever seen. Considering I would do my typical workout (isolated muscle groups) then jump on the stairmill at level 6 for 45 min. I was so jealous. But, being the stubborn ass I am, I would never have let her know so, instead, I would give her crap about it. Lol

Then as her contest got closer I started to realize this girl’s coach is on to something. She was looking amazing. I mean really, and that’s saying something cause I’m honest. She ended up placing top 5.

I was dating a jerk at the time who insisted I would fail unless I did it his way. So being a dumbass I stuck with him and let him do my diet for 2 more years.

In 2010 I started to prep for Jr. Nationals. I used a local “prep guy”. His clients usually looked in shape up there and I happened to be friends with one of his clients who looked pretty good at her last show and placed well.

I decided to give it a shot with him for 16 weeks prior to Jr. Nationals. Let me just tell you after this prep I’m lucky I am even able to continue to compete at all. This guy only did my diet/cardio I did my own typical isolated muscle group type workout.

When I saw my diet for the first time I was surprised but I was motivated and ready to go for it and win Jr. Nationals (LOL). Well my diet was NO CARBS (super unique!!). None! Zilch! I did this diet for 16 weeks. He would give me every 3rd day with 3 servings of almonds with 3 different meals. I had no carbs for 16 weeks. Super low calorie, hours on end of cardio. It was awful. I literally developed an eye condition that was causing a layer of my eye to bleed and making it so I had a blind spot in my field of vision. This all started about 6 weeks out. I remember my mom actually crying and begging me to please eat a sweet potato!! I of course refused. I was checked for brain tumors and everything! Come to find out this condition was caused by malnutrition. I also had 2 root canals (one during and one a few weeks after). I ended up looking my worst ever at Jr. Nationals in 2010. Worst ever. I was sick my body was destroyed my metabolism was non existent and I was a mess.

I just wanted to get well so I asked around and was told again of Erik’s name by a few people. So I decided to go for it. I told myself after Jr. Nationals I was going to do things 180 degrees different from last time and I knew Erik was the one to guide me. Although, it scared the crap out of me. I had prepped the same way for 3 years (the hamster way).

I told Erik (started with him in Jan 2011) that I was going to compete in May at Pittsburgh then do Jr. USAs. Plenty of time!! I get my diet and it is so much food and one “hill” workout for cardio. Erik told me if I was ready I could compete. I wasn’t used to hearing that considering most so called coaches will say you’ll be ready even if it means irreversible damage to your metabolism.

Every week I would consistently lose about 1lb. It wasn’t the 2-3lbs a week I was used to but I felt so good mentally and physically. My measurements, howver, were pretty amazing. Every biweekly I was astonished by my progress. I knew by March I probably wouldn’t be getting on stage till later in the season but I didn’t care cause I knew this diet was easy. I wasn’t miserable and struggling to be compliant. I wasn’t spending 3 hours a day everyday in the gym.

I ended up getting on stage for the TN State show looking the best I ever had and winning my class. Then 3 weeks later I did North Americans looking even better than the State show winding up in the Top 6.

I am in debt to Erik. I truly believe he saved me from a short career. I am so thankful that I took the leap of faith and changed my ways of prep. Erik showed me what it is to live a lifestyle not just prep for a show. I feel like an athlete again. Going in to the TN State show I know I was in the best shape of my life, I mean conditioning-wise and cardiovascularly. This is even including my college soccer days at Ohio State.

I will never prep any other way. This is the only way that makes sense to me. Erik is the best Coach I have ever had and I have had many not just for prep but for soccer, as well. Erik changed my life. I am looking forward to many more years of having the best Coach in the biz. I am also so glad to be a part of the LBC family. I love my Team. Thank you, Erik for everything you have done for me.

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Jennica Kidd, Hendersonville, TN

So it’s been quite a while since you’ve gotten an e-mail from me.  I was in the garage throwing the weights around and thought I so needed to drop you a quick line to thank you for being you.  I worked w/ you when my youngest was still an infant; she just started kindergarten, so that tells you how long it’s been.  I’ve had quite a few ups, but more downs.  Right when I finished w/ you, I had a cancer scare and my thyroid wouldn’t balance out.  I went on maintenance and took time off.  Things calmed down for a bit and I started training again.  After a couple of years, I started having sever hip pain and it ended up being arthritis and a labral tear.  For the span of two years I had two hip scopes done to shave off the bone and repair the tear.  The 2nd surgery was to shave the bone yet again and remove the labrum around the hip joint because the tear wouldn’t repair.  Missing being active, I slowing got back into it and after about 6 months, I started having the sever pain again.  The bone just kept growing back and my only option was a full hip replacement (at 35). 

I had the replacement in January and am back at being active and officially in the best shape of my life.  I’m feeling so great about where I am and that’s why I had to write this today.  Working with you back then taught me so much.  You are an amazing trainer and an equally amazing man!  You don’t just give out “plans” you listen, you encourage, you motivate, you bring out the best in people.  You push people to try things they never thought they could do.  Back then I was beginning to achieve a body I never knew I could have.  Thank you so much for that!  I just wanted you to know that I still have a love for fitness and a big part of that is because of you and what you do!  Thanks so much for being you, for changing lives, and helping people believe they can do it!


Christine Bieniek

I began my journey with Erik Ledin and Lean Bodies Consulting in early April of 2011 to begin my contest prep for the OPA Ontario Provincials. Prior to joining the LBC family, I took some time to research some of the best coaches out there. I was looking for someone who would not only help me reach my goals but also someone who would provide me with a learning opportunity. Somebody who really understood how the body works and who doesn’t follow the main stream ideas, trends, cookie cutter programs etc. It was extremely important to me that I worked with someone who would tell me what I needed to hear rather than feed me BS. After weeks of reviewing coaches, reading interviews, blogs, testimonials, and talking with Erik over numerous emails, I was reassured that becoming a client of Erik’s would be the right decision … and it was.

When Erik and I started to work together, my goal was to prepare me for Provincials. This was my second show and I was nervous because I only had 3 months for contest prep and wasn’t sure if I would be ready in time. One of the many things that I learned from Erik early on was consistency. If I was consistent and compliant in my efforts then I would reap the rewards in the end. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was hard for me to give up all control in the beginning but I was quickly shown that Erik truly understood the body in all respects and was just as dedicated as I was for me to reach my goal.

I remember submitting my first bi-weekly and how excited I was because of the huge change I made so quickly! It was a great way to start off my progress. As the weeks went by, my results weren’t as noticeable (in my mind) and I started to feel a doubtful in reaching my goal but once again, Erik was there to teach me that progress in not linear and there would be weeks were I would just need to put my head down and grind it out; that the leaner I got the more difficult it would be to reach the desired look I was aiming for. 3 major key elements (although I have learned so many other things) that I learned in the process with Erik was that by being patient, consistent, and compliant as well as letting Erik do his job and tweak the program as needed and me executing it as intended, would be the formula for success.

After just 10 weeks of following that formula I couldn’t believe how much my body transformed. I was down roughly 17lbs and many inches. I could have not been any more confident stepping on that stage. All my hard work, sweat, and maybe a few frustrations that I laid out on the gym floor would be represented on stage! On show day, I felt amazing! Actually come to think of it, I felt amazing throughout my entire contest prep. High energy, positive,and was able to kill every workout even though I might have cursed my way through them lol. I remember walking around with a litre of water backstage and people were shocked to see me chugging it back. It was like I had a third eye or something. I had people that I competed with in my last show come up to me saying how they couldn’t believe the transformation I had made since the last show. Honestly, I was so happy with what I had achieved that placing wasn’t a concern of mine. I was there to enjoy the experience. If I was “too cut” for my division then so be it! I was so proud of myself and ecstatic with how Erik took my body to a whole new level! Also, I had the pleasure to meet Erik and was lucky to have him in the crowd cheering me on and showing him how I was proud to represent LBC.

So, with all of that being said, if you know you are truly ready for a change, are willing to give up a little control, open to some tough love, then I don’t see why you would look anywhere else!!!. Not only is Erik very dedicated to his clients but the LBC community is an extension of his support and you honestly feel like you have a whole new family. Do you think someone who has such success with his clients would have a 2 month waiting list? Just sayin … it’s worth the wait!

– Jasmine Perks, Toronto, ON

I started working with Erik Ledin after my first local show in Florida. I stumbled across Erik through a good friend of mine, and fellow Lean Bodies Consulting client, IFBB Pro Sandi Stuart.

My first show I had no earthly idea what I was doing; I was just listening to some guru in the gym telling me what to do. I pretty much did the whole double cardio and no carbs nonsense. I would go without carbs for 6 days then carb up. My mother at this point insisted I come to Florida to have Sandi Stuart take a look at me and help me out. She saw me told me there was a show next week I should do. She contacted Erik and told him about me. I won that show and right after jumped on Erik’s plan 8 weeks out from the Paradise Cup in Honolulu Hawaii.  He slowly got me off the double cardio without doing any physical metabolic damage to my body. I ate carbs daily and it was FABULOUS!!!! I could not believe the transformation I made from the Florida show to the Paradise Cup, with less cardio, more food, and carbs daily! At first I was a little scared but when all was said in done, I won short class at Paradise cup and took overall.  I there for qualified for Nationals.

After the Paradise Cup I took a good 5 months off to work on my physique. Erik said I could use a little more mass in my mid back. My goal in the off-season was to improve my physique to prepare for my first national show.

Erik had me start of dieting 15 weeks out of Jr. Nationals. I started sooo early because while preparing for Nationals I was completing my college degree and was soon to become a Registered Nurse. This prep was great I only had 4 days of lifting in gym and two fifteen-minute cardio sessions. Every 4-6 weeks my routine changed. With the way I prepared before there is no way I would of graduated college with my nursing degree. Erik’s way gave me plenty of energy and less time in gym so I could actually focus on my career. One thing I love about Erik is that every prep is different. I get bored easily and he is always giving me new challenging workouts. I love the way Erik puts it, as cardio is just an adjunct to a fat-loss program; it is not the key or the magic tool. I had no doubt with Erik’s way that I would be ready to rock Jr. Nationals in Chicago, IL.

Well I more then Rocked it I got my IFBB PRO FITNESS CARD! This was yet another amazing prep, not only because I turned pro but I never had any excessive cardio, low carbs, or cutting of my water. My mood and energy with Erik’s plan was 110% better then the Guru in the gym in Hawaii who had me doing double cardio and no carbs. There is an easier way to dieting and training, that is Erik’s Way! I could not be more pleased and blessed to have such an awesome, caring, and considerate coach. Erik really cares about his clients not only during competition preps but the off-season as well.

Thank you Erik for taking me on as a client and helping me not only achieve my goal in becoming an IFBB PRO FITNESS COMPEITOR but always doing this in the most logical and safe way. I look forward to my pro debut and further pro shows.

– IFBB Pro Nikki Venzara (aka “ Lil Killer), Merritt Island, FL

I’ve been following Erik’s work for over two years now since I’ve always admired his training and nutrition methods. In July of 2010 I decided I would do a Figure competition in 2011 so I knew then, that it was time to choose a diet Coach to get me ready for it. After researching numerous Coaches and comparing them to the way Erik works and his results, I knew that Erik was the best choice out there for me. The majority of the other Coaches talked a lot about doing multiple cardio sessions and very strict diets. I knew their plan wasn’t for me because I already knew better!

As a new competitor with a great metabolism, it was my priority to do a contest prep that would not mess me up metabolically. I didn’t want to deal with the same issues that numerous competitors have to deal with after doing unhealthy contest preps. Erik was the best decision I made for my diet Coach so we started working on my nutrition plan on March of 2011.

His nutrition method is so easy to follow since it allows you for flexibility on choosing different foods (if you want to) and never felt deprived of anything. Due to my menu options, I never felt tempted to cheat on my meals and it made my plan very easy to stick to. Since I started eating the foods from Erik’s plan, my body started getting healthier each time. My hair fell less, stronger nails, hydrated skin, and felt GREAT throughout the day. My energy levels remained pretty stable all the time. I was never too tired for my workouts or every day life chores.

I did two shows back to back in July and doing Erik’s peak weeks were the easiest things I could’ve imagined! I was expecting (and was mentally prepared) for more grueling dieting methods, since I’ve heard other competitors talk about, but they were so easy! I kept asking Erik when was going to be the time that I would get moody, forgetful, and too tired for anything and he reassured me that hopefully never. He was right! I felt great all the way thru the day of my shows.

In fact, on the last show, my fiancé was in the lobby waiting for me to come out, and another guy asked him if he was waiting for a competitor and he said yes. This other guy asked him how he was “handling” me being moody over the last weeks of contest prep, and my fiancé said; “I’m doing great! She hasn’t been moody at all nor does it feel any different than regular days.” I can only imagine what this other guy had to go thru lol!

I was definitely one of the best-conditioned competitors out there! It was amazing that I got to that point without doing any cardio (or almost none), without sodium manipulation, keeping carbs high all the way thru and drinking water even on the day of the show. On my first show I got second place in Jr Masters (age 35 to 42) and first in my Open class tall. Second show (much bigger show) I got second in Jr Masters and second in Open class D. I’m now qualified to compete at a national show, which I may do next year.

I THANK Erik for working with me and teaching me that there is actually a healthy way to diet for a figure competition!

– Ana Frias, Gilbert, AZ

Erik Ledin is hands down THE MAN when it comes to effective and healthy contest prep.

As someone who has been a fitness professional for well over a decade, it was important for me to work with a coach who not only cares about their clients, but also knows their stuff inside and out.  I can say that Erik has more than exceeded my expectations and has helped me to reach levels beyond my wildest dreams.  When you come from a place of knowing your own body and the things that work/don’t work for it, it’s a scary thing to allow someone else to take the reigns, let alone someone you’ve never met face to face.  With all of the things you hear about the craziness that’s contest prep, I’ll admit I was nervous.  I hired Erik to help me to bring my absolute best package to the stage for my 2011 season, which included my National Level debut at Team Universe.  For me, my biggest pitfall was keeping on my diet, I knew I needed someone to keep me 100% accountable.  Like my own clients, I needed someone to answer to.  And Erik was absolutely the answer I needed.

After only 6 weeks on our plan, I was able to take the stage with poise and confidence.  I knew I had a winning body, and I ended taking 1st in my class at the NPC California State Championships.  With even more guidance, I feel very confident going into Team Universe knowing that at this present moment, there’s nothing more I could have done to bring my best.  My nutritional plan with Erik was FILLING, it was coherent.  It was 100% individual and based upon my own likes/dislikes , and most importantly it was realistic.  I don’t think there was ever once a time when I felt like I was starving myself, or playing the martyr role of “who can suffer the most” while prepping for a show.  The most beautiful thing was the final week leading into my show.  No hokus pokus, no tricks, no sodium loading/depleting.  None of that complex stuff, yet I still came in beautifully, and my mind was SANE.  I also noticed how the urge to go crazy and binge on everything I couldn’t have during my prep just wasn’t there.  This is a very important thing to note because for me, and that reason, there was absolutely NO rebound post training.  So I was able to take time off, and enjoy life a little before prepping for my next show (a mere 6 weeks away).

I can honestly say that having Erik in my corner was one of the smartest moves I’ve made as a competitor looking to turn pro.  The lesson learned for me is that even if you know your stuff, even if you know your body, it’s essential to have someone IN YOUR CORNER, who sees eye to eye with you, who is also an intelligent objective coach guiding you to levels that may be harder to reach on your own.  No man (or woman) is an island, and in order to succeed those behind you must be of excellent quality, and expect that same quality from you.  Thanks Coach for being so amazing!

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Roxie Beckles, Los Angeles, CA

I have only been working with Erik for 3 short months but I can honestly say in that time my feelings and emotions regarding food have been completely overhauled.  I have competed in 4 bikini competitions in the last 10 months.  For my first one, my meal plan was done but another widely used trainer.  For me, it was impossible to stick to.  It included foods I hated with no option of swapping, didn’t include anything that could be construed as a sweet treat, didn’t have traditional breakfast foods for breakfast and included 7+ hours of cardio a week.  I stuck with that meal plan probably 25% of the time.  I did my next show prep on my own thinking I would just follow the same program.  I got into a vicous cycle of sticking my spoon in the peanut butter jar and hand in the cereal box and then severely dieting it off the next day.  This cycle only left my hungrier the next day when it would all repeat again.  I felt completely out of control around food.  

A friend of mine wanted me to compete at USA’s with her this summer.  I didn’t feel like continuing the eating patterns I was having or literally running my summer away so I told her no.  Then I came across Erik and his site and his clients and their stories.  I told my friend that the only way I was doing USA’s was if I did it the LBC way.  To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure this way would work as well.  Low cardio?  More food?  More variety?  Could it be this easy?  I decided to put my trust in him and do whatever he said.  I was going to try it out and just see if it could work.

Well, friends, it’s true.  I dropped 13 lbs in 11 weeks (with a trip to Hawaii thrown in there for good measure) and rocked that stage looking as good as my body could look.  I felt amazing.  My meal plans were built around the foods that I was able to choose.  I LOVED every single meal.  100% compliance is EASY when you love your meal plan!  I dropped the fat with just a couple cardio sessions a week!  People at the gym were asking why I wasn’t spending more time on the treadmill!

But the biggest success in my book is how my attitude towards food changed.  When you love your meals and you have someone to be accountable to, you CAN hit 100% compliance.  And when you know you CAN, it feels amazing!!!  To know that you can go to an event and bring your own food or eat before you go and just enjoy being there without the stress that the food might bring is so freeing.  

Thank you Erik for taking me to nationals at the perfect amount of leanness for me and for helping me completely change my attitude toward food.  This program from you has literally been a life changing experience!

– Lindsey Mathews, Springville, UT


My weight loss journey has been a process for many years.  I have done everything from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to a Nutritionist that I saw about 10 years ago every week for about 4 years.  I don’t consider any of the methods that I have ever used to lose weight as a failure when I did not succeed.  I took lessons, whether small or large from every method that I have ever tried to lose weight. 

When I stopped using you last year I kept using the base of the plan that you customized for me because I liked the simplicity of it so much and the lack of processed foods made me feel great.  About 7 months ago I also decided to go gluten free because I had a sneaking suspicion that I might have a gluten allergy or at the least major sensitivity to it.  It is now July 25, 2011 and I am so proud to tell you that I am down to 141 pounds.  I don’t have a record of where my measurements began with you but to date just to give you a few areas they are as follows : abdomen 30 1/4″ waist 27 1/2″, chest 34 1/2″.  I started out at a size 12-14 and now depending on the brand of clothing I can be anywhere between a size 4 to 8. 

Two times in the last month or so someone has seen me that I haven’t seen in awhile and they didn’t even recognize me.  In both cases they told me that they recognized my hair (hard to miss, haha) but just were not sure that it was me because my body looked so different.  I have lost somewhere around 26 or 27 pounds since last August.  I think that the key for me this time was the mixture of the right science (low carb, complex carbs and gluten free) and my determination because it might take me awhile but I NEVER give up.  I know that I am dealing with a food addiction here and am in a really good place right now.  This does not mean that I don’t have to work at it every single second of every day.  That is just my reality and might not be everybody’s case but it certainly stands true for me.  I meticulously weigh everything that I eat which is also really important for me to succeed. 

I want to thank you and I also wanted to say that reading your inspirational excerpts and personal motivational comments on Facebook and always reading about how nobody is perfect helps me more than you will ever know.  The fact that you repeat that it’s not all about exercise also helps me greatly.  I am still having back issues due to my herniated disc and feel extremely limited as to what I can accomplish with cardio.  I actually started dancing for exercise which is great fun for me but I ended up getting carried away and injuring myself again. Oy!  Thanks again for everything!

– Annie Wechsler, River Edge, NJ

I am a 42 year old, divorced mother of two, and a 2 year breast cancer survivor.  I’ve been working out since my college days and have competed in both bodybuilding (1999, 2000) and figure (2007, 2010, 2011).  In the past, I’ve followed the restricted diets, suffered through many no carb days, completed double cardio sessions, and simply overtrained during my contest preps.  I began following posts about Erik and I was immediately intrigued.  He had me at “little to no cardio!!” :)

I signed up with Erik in April and worked with him to get ready for a figure competition in July.  I have to say, this was the easiest, most sane prep EVER!   I trained 4 days a week and these were scheduled around my kids’ activities.  How nice it was to go to my son’s soccer games and not have to stress about doing cardio or getting my workouts in!!  My diet not only included foods I loved to eat but it also included fruit, more carbs, and the famous PWO meals.  Who knew eating Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches would help me get lean???  With Erik, cardio is not a major factor in dropping bodyfat and inches, and this was just unreal for me…  After dealing with health issues, I did not want to kill myself and literally break my body down any more than it already had been.  What I also loved about his program is that I kept a lot of muscle during this process, losing a total of 11 lbs.   I did, however, lose inches with every biweekly I submitted.  I looked lean and healthy!!

I am so grateful for having this opportunity to work with Erik, as he has given me the tools to continue on with my training and diet…the RIGHT WAY!

– Cindy Davies, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I’ve worked with Erik for the last six months. I’m 5’9 and started out at 142 lbs. I’ve lost 15 lbs. and numerous inches since January 1st because I dedicated myself to working with a coach who provided me with new training programs and a diet to meet my goals. I think I look great, fit into a bunch of clothes I haven’t fit into in over a year, and feel and look strong and healthy. I am PLEASED! I educated myself by paying attention to Erik’s plans, asking questions, and by following the LBC Facebook page. I’m much smarter now training and diet wise.

For me, the best part about working with Erik is that he helped me reach MY goals, which changed over the months. I started out thinking I wanted a figure competitor body. But over time I learned that being compliant on my diet 100% of the time was not for me. I can’t get that body without being 100% compliant, but I know that now. You do have to sacrifice (extra food) to make that happen – you can’t just train extra hard. I really and truly learned – saw firsthand on my own body – what 100% compliance to diet does to you. But I learned that training smart, training consistently, and eating compliant 95% of the time made me happy 100% of the time. I am thrilled with how I look and feel.

Thank you, Erik, for teaching me a new way to train, educating me that you don’t need to do hours of cardio each week to get lean, and that yes, I really do need to cut calories and eat clean and compliant if I want to get lean. I am glad to be part of the LBC family!

– Amy Camera, Springville, UT

What an amazing journey this has been for me! I will say that without a solid program there is no way I would have stayed as positive as I am, nor would I have achieved the results I have.

I started training with Erik on Jan 17th, 2011 at a weight of 132. My measurements were waist 29, hips 39.75, thighs 20.75, chest 34, arms 11.5, navel 32, Calves 13.75 and it has been a life changing process and incredible journey. After my one month with Erik I had awesome results. I was down in weight to 128.5 and had lost 11 inches. I did a biweekly just before my first competition and am blown away by the results! After being on Erik’s program for only 14.5 weeks my new measurements were weight 115.5 waist 24.75, hips 32.5 thighs 18, chest 30.75, arms 10, navel 26.5, calves 13 a total of over 29inches and 17 lbs!

When I have heard some of the horror stories regarding diet and exercise I am all too thankful and grateful to have a trainer/coach with Erik’s background. Not one day have I not enjoyed the training or diet. As this was the first time I have done an online training program, I have found it easy to follow. I am not the type of person who needs someone there to push me or drive me when I am at the gym. I push myself every day I am working out and I stay 100% compliant to my diet. As we all know, “Results are not guaranteed; they’re earned.” Going into my first show I have earned my results and after competing at my first competition I won 2nd in my short division and 3rd in Masters at Novice and at the second competition which was Provincials I won 2nd in Short and 3rd in Masters. I earned a spot to compete at Nationals. Wow what a crazy 5 months this has been.

I have stayed so positive during the whole process and focused. I give all the credit to my program and coach for such a positive experience. I would not be where I am today without having the guidance I was given by Erik. For anyone looking to compete or just wanting to get on the right track, you have come to the right place. When going to the gym it is so important to work in an effective manner. We can all go and do a work out however it is far more beneficial to work smarter not longer. In all the weeks I have been working with Erik, I did not do countless hours of crazy cardio and achieved success. I also was able to eat a variety of foods that kept my feeling of being denied not there.

Thank you Erik for your passion and amazing way you coach/train! I feel so grateful and blessed to have found the greatest way to train, the Lean Bodies Consulting way! Hugs to you Erik.

– Nicole Ruttig, Yorkton, SK

In 1998, I weighed in at 200 pounds. This was a lot of weight for me because I am only 5’3” tall. I was pregnant with my first child and only 24 years old. Over the years I have been able to lose the weight, but only by overtraining and under-eating,

I discovered Lean Bodies Consulting through Facebook. I was instantly impressed and curious about Erik and his plans. It seemed as though everyone he trained was making amazing strides in their physique and happy all at the same time. His clients were healthy looking and eating ice cream as their PWO carb! I couldn’t believe his testimonials and wondered could there really be a “different” way to be contest ready.

My problem areas were my abs and glutes and his clients seemed to be making the best changes in those exact spots. I researched Erik’s site and read every one of his articles. I was excited and wanted in too.

I contacted Erik in February, 2011just as I was beginning contest season prep. I was holding around 125-128 pounds and had stepped on stage at 115-110 pounds in my previous shows. I was already doing lots of Group Exercise Classes and extra cardio sessions as well as 5 days each week of weight training.

Over the next few weeks, I was so excited as I waited on my plan to arrive in my email box. You can’t imagine my surprise when I saw “NO CARDIO” on my plan. I was always the 2x per day girl with cardio. I didn’t know any other way to lean down than to eat under 1200 calories per day and kill it at the gym everyday.

I put my trust in Erik’s plan and stuck to it like glue! I totally loved the workouts and the diet. It was all my favorite foods and then some! I would have never allowed myself white potatoes in the past but now I get to eat them 4-5 times per week. My PWO carb of choice is ice cream and I was getting leaner.

Erik’s approach is straight and to the point. Compliance is the key to success. At one point during my prep, I ate 2 tootsie rolls. I felt so mad at myself for giving in to temptation and as a punishment, the cardio machine was calling my name. I immediately emailed Erik, told him what I did and how I felt and that I was feeling the need to hit the cardio harder. He assured me that this was no big deal and that I have to the power to let it go or dwell on it. I chose to let it go and move forward while remaining compliant to my plan.

I stepped on stage after only 8 weeks with Erik. I was down 13 pounds and many inches. I went into my show completely hydrated and feeling healthier than ever! My face was glowing and my body had changed in ways that I thought could never happen for me! I actually have glutes now! I received the best feedback from the judges, some of which had judged me in my previous shows and was also amazed in my physique changes. They told me that I looked “perfect” and to change nothing about my training and diet plan.

I am convinced that Erik is THE KING of contest prep! I am currently 17 days from my next Figure Competition and have no intention of doing this any other way than the LBC way!

– Angie Morales, Corbin, KY

I had always wanted to compete in a figure competition, and I felt I had the build and love for fitness to get there. However, I was always talk and no action. I had talked about it for a few years but never had the commitment to actually go through with it. That all changed this year. In January I made a choice to FINALLY go through with something in my life that I said I was going to do. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and that if I was going to do this I needed to give 110%. No excuses, no looking back. I began researching figure competitions, spending hours on-line, ect. There was so much conflicting information out there I was overwhelmed. All the talk about 2-3 hour a day cardio sessions, 800 calorie diets, ect. I was beginning to think “What the hell am I doing?! There’s no way I can work out 3 hours a day! Fish every day, all day!?!? What!?!?! Then I found HOPE!

I came across Lean Bodies Consulting on Facebook randomly one day and decided to check out the website. I fell in love!! Reading through Erik’s no bulls**t philosophies, straight forward advice, I knew he was the right choice for me! And all this talk about rarely any cardio and ice cream post workout? “Sign me up!” Is what I said to myself! I loved every article he wrote, blogs, ect. I knew I needed guidance for my first competition and Lean Bodies is exactly what I needed! I signed up early March which is when I started working with Erik. He set my program up and there was no turning back from there!

Now don’t get me wrong, contest prep is NOT easy people, I had my up and down days of hunger, days I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I started noticing amazing changes in my body. The body fat that I had began to melt off. I’m a small framed person and didn’t know I had that much body fat to peel off but I was wrong! I started to get so lean, get extremely cut, and that’s what kept me going. The key to success is compliance, perseverance, and dedication, and that is what Erik teaches.  Erik and Lean Bodies Consulting totally changed my life. Going through this whole process taught me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it, and I don’t just mean fitness wise but anything in life you strive for can be achieved with hard work and dedication. I went from a person who didn’t believe I could follow through with anything to a person with such extreme confidence and drive knowing that NOTHING can stand in my way of any dream I have.

No matter how many clients Erik has, you feel like you are the only one. He treats everyone as individuals, no cookie-cutter programs here!  He is always there to answer questions, give advice, and have an incredible working relationship with his clients. I thank him and Lean Bodies Consulting for an amazing experience and would definitely recommend his services to anyone out there. Now that my competition is over, I plan on continuing to work with Erik and see what the future holds for me. Thank you Lean Bodies for a truly amazing life changing experience!!!

Abby Wilson, Oskaloosa, IA

Erik, working with you has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  When I decided to contact you with the encouragement of my good friend, Sandi, I was skeptical.  I trusted her and saw how you changed her outlook on competing, but I was worried that I was too far gone after all the years of abuse I put my body through.  I tried my best to go in with an open mind and I kept telling myself that “what i’m doing now is not working so what do I have to lose.”  I gave myself to you, let my guard down…though it was hard!  Let you be my coach and I tried my best to be the best student.  It wasn’t easy…my weight went up at first and I felt a little bulky with my new program.  Though, I suddenly felt better on a daily basis.  My energy level went up and my sleep suddenly got better.  after years of competing and abusing my body with inproper training/nutrition techniques…sleep and energy seemed like they would be gone forever.  Though my weight went up, my first bi-weekly showed a change in measurements. 
The measurement changes were encouraging, but my weight just would not budge.  Up a pound here and there, but really no downward progress on the scale.  with your coaching and tough love, I always felt encouraged after expressing my frustrations with you.  I knew that if I kept thinking negatively about my weight and progress, i’d never succeed, regardless of how good you were.  After several months of holding my breath, staying determined and positive and hoping one day that scale would budge…it finally did and my body started to change pretty radiply. 
Now here’s the catch…my workouts were no longer than 45 minutes and my cardiovascular program was a joke compared to the hours I used to log on the stepmill.  Through most of my program, cardio was only a minimal part of my program.  I never though I’d be one of those women who could get away with just hitting the weights hard and eating properly but I can offically say that I am one of those woman now and man, does it feel good!
I started working with Erik last year around this time and continued working with him until I felt I was at a point where I wanted to test myself and my ability to maintain my results.  It’s been several months since I’ve checked in, I’ve been through a job promotion, nearly losing my father who is my best friend and one of the most stressful periods of my life and I’m proud to say that I am in the exact same place as I was when I ended my program with Erik.
Erik taught me a lifestyle that I can maintain for the rest of my life.  My workouts are realistic and do not control my life as they did before.  I eat more than I’ve ever eaten before and I’ve been able to enjoy going out for dinner or drinks with my friends without worrying about destroying my results.
I never thought that I would look and feel my best when i turned 30, but with my 30th birthday approaching in 2 days…i’ve never felt so good and confident in my life!  Erik has truly changed my life in ways I could never explain. 
If you are a competitor who is suffering from extreme competion rebounds and a damaged metabolism, i’d suggest talking to Erik.  There is another way to obtain the stage look without literraly killing yourself to get there.  Competing should be fun and enjoyable….you should not spend your “off season” hiding because your embarassed of the way you look and feel. 
Thank you, Erik for helping me find myself again.  The impact you’ve had on my life is priceless!
Stacy Adams, Rockville, MD

I have trained off and on since 1988, I never felt I was progressing or reaching my full potential although I worked with numerous personal trainers. In February, 2010 a friend and accomplished figure competitor recommended Erik Ledin/ LBC. It seemed like a good idea due to my busy schedule and time restraints regarding personal training sessions etc.

I contacted Erik and retained his services in March of 2010. I was instantly impressed with the fact that he provided a step by step training routine and precise dietary guidelines for me to follow. Basically, Erik took away all the guesswork and allowed me to focus on training and diet. The accountability aspect also appealed to me because he instilled a coaching relationship rather than the customary “personal trainer” non-relationship.

I began to see visible improvements within a few weeks and totally transformed my body over the next 6 months. LBC/Erik Ledin enabled me to lose over 25 lbs , develop lean muscle and actually achieve a lifelong goal and aspiration, to compete in a figure competition. At age 41, I placed in the top 10 and felt so excited and accomplished. I can’t wait to compete again in the near future.

These accomplishments would not have been remotely possible without Erik coaching me every step of the way! His knowledge and willingness to help made all of the difference. It however was NOT easy and Erik is a tough coach who encourages you through the process but also calls you on your “BS”. I also feel compelled to mention that he doesn’t implore countless hours of cardio but prepares a diverse,extremely effective training routine which is perfectly complimented by a step by step meal plan.

I highly recommend LBC and will be retaining his services for my next figure competition!


Tiffany Kidd, MPAS, PA

I initially heard about Erik through a local figure competitor and was skeptical due to the online aspects of the service. My fiancé proceeded as a client and I started to see the different training methods and dietary changes transform her physique at a very quick rate.

I contacted Erik and although I struggled to “let go of the reins”, it’s the best decision I’ve made in twenty years of training. I had no idea how stagnant my routines had become and how off my nutritional program was. Erik created challenging, rewarding workouts and totally provided me with a step by step, precise diet.The diet was a n adjustment because I learned that I was overeating and consuming many excess calories. The training was awesome and I only had to train 4 days with minimal cardio. Totally refreshing change BUT very intense and effective.

In 12 weeks I dropped 29 lbs of body fat, retained lean muscle with size and streamlined my waist from 40″ to 33.This transformation was only possible through Erik’s precise training regimen and his precise dietary instruction. On November 20, 3 months after signing up with LBC, I competed in my first bodybuilding competition(along side my fiancé in figure). I placed 2nd in Novice and 3rd in Masters division! The trophies were a nice bonus but obtaining my goals and experiencing the journey with Erik and my fiancé was ultimately, the most rewarding aspect of all!

Thanks Erik, I learned so much through your coaching and look forward to working with you in the near future and perhaps, prepping for my next competition.


Spencer Wormuth, Madison Heights, VA

Erik Ledin was referred to me by a friend.  At first, I was a little skeptical about doing the program online but I decided to give it a try because it came highly recommended. The diet was the most difficult change for me. I ate rather healthy before I started the program but once I was educated by the things Erik provided, I started to think differently on the things I was consuming. I have always worked out to keep myself in shape and healthy but i did not achieve the results I should have with the hard work I put into it.

Erik’s diet program was very precise and tailored just for me.Starting out, the workouts were difficult but very effective. My strength increased along with my endurance. I did not spend hours in the gym. My time in the gym was usually 45 min to an 1 hour and 15 min depending on the amount of people. The cardio was excellent. I didn’t do a lot of continuous long distance running. I did sprints and hill training which increased my cardio endurance better than any running I have done in my past. The strength training, cardio and diet all combine together put me in the best shape I have been in since my high school varsity basketball days.

The program taught me discipline with my diet and effective strength training and cardio. I am glad that I chose to work with Erik! His program really is the truth.

– Allen Golphin, Grovetown, GA

I read somewhere once that happy people measure themselves by their progress. So as long as they are making continual improvements they are continually happy.  On the other hand, unhappy people  measure themselves against the ideal. In this case they always fall short, because in reality the ideal is a concept and not a tangible thing that actually exists.

So in other words.. you can chase rainbows and sunsets and never catch them but instead of focusing on where you aren’t…  you focus on where you are and enjoy that.

That’s what I choose to do today. I choose to focus on where I am.  I am happy.

I competed this past weekend at the Europa Super Show in the IFBB Figure Division. That in itsself is an amazing accomplishment. It took me two years to get back to the stage after I won my class at Team U in 2008.  I simply wasn’t prepared for the pro ranks.

Now, after competing at the Europa I realized that I still have a long way to go to be competitive in the pro ranks. That is fine with me, because I was born to take on challenges and I just happen to be crazy (in a good way) and believe I can do anything.. God willing.

With Erik’s help I made great strides this season. Despite running into a few obstacles.. with my injury and my eating issues, I still managed to pull off one hell of a transformation.

If it weren’t for Erik’s constant support and guidance.. I would still be on the sidelines waiting to get in the game. Thanks to him, I am in the game and ready to play.

Cynthia Herndon- IFBB Figure Pro

Back on track

Exercise is not new to me.  Eating a healthy diet is not new to me. Counting calories is not new to me.   Combining all of these into a new regime tailored to what my body truly needs IS new to me.

Over the past couple of years my body has gone down the post menopausal path, and things that worked in previous years, ceased to work. I found myself resorting to drastic “quick” diets to try to lose any weight gained during a bulk.  I had muscle, but also very stubborn fat.  I felt at a loss as to which direction to go.

This spring I finally bit the bullet and jumped at the chance to join Lean Bodies Consulting. I’ve watched Ileen and others transform themselves over the years with amazing results.  I knew it would be hard work, but also knew that these people trusted Erik and his plans.

In my floundering around, I had gotten back into the habit of less calories = more weight loss. That is not always the case.  Just like overeating is bad for a body, under eating is detrimental also.  Erik came up with a perfect plan for me. There was so much food to fit in during the day.  This can’t be dieting? I was eating ALL the time! Another thing I’ve learned from this process: weight loss is not fat loss.  I think we all know that, but stating it and working it are so different.

The exercise plans have been challenging and rewarding. Some exercises I started out hating, but have grown to “enjoy”.  All aspects of my physique are covered. There is a great variety of weights and circuits to keep it exciting. Not a ton of cardio! I am able to see how my meals fuel my workouts and my body.

I am a work in progress and for the past 16 weeks have made great progress in a forward direction.  I have food plans and exercise plans that I can use and know they work for me.  I feel better physically knowing that I am not just spinning my wheels, or being stuck on the same merry-go-round.  Feeling better mentally helps me to get back on track with other important aspects of my life.

Can’t wait to see where this next phase takes me!  Thank You Lean Bodies Consulting!

– Marci Martin, Brussels, WI


A little about me and how I found Erik Ledin … I have pretty much always been the “skinny” girl from the FAT family. Everyone is overweight so I’m not sure why I was only 100 lbs out of high school. It only made sense that I would study health and wellness at college and yes follow the “FADS” of fitness and nutrition. Jane Fonda, step aerobics, Pilates, yoga, kick boxing, running, spinning, triathlons, high carb, low fat, no fat, no carb, the zone, Atkins, South Beach, Raw and lets see how many trainers, coaches and motivational speakers have I gone to and paid for … 10! You name it and I have either tried it or researched it!

As 40 is quickly approaching I wanted to make a change in my obsession with the “FADS of FITNESS”. I wanted to find what I imagined to be an expert in the field of fitness. So I actually wrote out all the traits I wanted in a coach, Online coaching, affordable, nutrition and fitness plans that are e-mailed to me, a visible way for me to track my efforts, well designed goals based around my lifestyle, not a cookie-cutter plan and access to coach by e-mail. I wanted honesty even if it hurt a little, followed by a good sense of humor. This person must practice what they preach and be physically fit and find great honor in their work. Finally, the single most important thing I wanted is for this person to be a part of my personal TEAM for success. I really wanted them to care about my success, my goals and my ability to achieve them in a healthly, fun manner that fit my lifestyle. I spent hours on the internet reading, e-mailing, and studying about the best of the best.

As I look at my old sheet of note paper there is a name that in written in red pen and circled, Erik Ledin. So began my journey. I e-mailed Erik and I was accepted as a client. It will be a year in September that I have been a client of Erik’s and it is by far the single best gift I have ever given myself. The knowledge and support that I have gained in this year has surpassed my college education 1000 times over. Not only has Erik met all the traits that I was looking for in a coach, he has surpassed all of them. Erik works with top fitness competitors but he also is able to transform people like me, just a gal that wants to get into great shape and stay that way. Erik will be hard on you when you need it but he will be the first one to celebrate your fitness and lifestyle victories. He will call you on your BS but he also understands that we are human (not machines) and that at times, YES this is hard! He has not only taught me a new way to look at fitness and nutrition, he has taught me to embrace this journey from the inside out! Get clear in my head, know my goals, stick to the program, work hard and success is achievable!

Some of my favorite quotes from Erik “Work within the genetics YOU were given”, “Choose the behavior accept the consequences”, “This is a lifestyle change not a quick fix and the only one you are competing with is really yourself”. I can’t say enough about my 110% satisfaction with Erik and his coaching program! I value him as an amazing mentor and coach and look forward to achieving all the goals I have set and creating new ones along the way!

Erik, Thank You for making a difference!

– Kristina Woolf, Warner Robins, GA