I started working with Erik last year after I had passed the physical testing and been accepted onto a fire department. I really wanted to lose weight however, being the only woman on the department it was very important to me that I maintained a high level of fitness and continued to increase my overall strength. I have worked with “trainers” in the past but have never had the results that I have achieved with Erik. Since starting with Erik I have lost 20 pounds and have had considerable strength gains. Thanks to Erik’s in-depth knowledge of nutrition and physiology I have changed my lifestyle and I am thrilled with the results on every level. Most importantly Erik has given me the tools I need to continue achieving even greater successes. I am not going to tell you that it is easy; it takes hard work and dedication on your part. Erik’s programs work, that is a given, you just need to follow them. Erik’s techniques have helped me to transform my body. I wrongly assumed that at the age of 36 I was going to have a difficult time losing fat and reaching my goals. Hiring Erik was one of the best investments I have made. It is incredibly empowering to be in the best shape of my life. Thank you Erik.
– Jennifer K., Ontario

This has been a wonderful experience. Yesterday I went clothes shopping and I had to buy a size 0 dress. That was the first time ever! I never thought after having two kids I would be smaller then I was before I got married. It isn’t that I am really that small but I have totally reshaped my body. When I first heard about Erik’s training program from one of his other clients I was a little skeptical – an on-line trainer? I just didn’t understand how it would work. But my friend had such great results that I figured I would give it a try, I had nothing to lose. I love the way my family and I eat now. I thought we ate well before but it was amazing to find out how much the little things we did really added up. The changing workouts were fantastic and it made each work out fun. Each month seeing the results made me want to keep going with the program. Erik has given me the tools to maintain this lifestyle. It is going to be a challenge but now that I am buying smaller sizes there is no reason why I can’t continue to fit in them. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. Matter of fact when people talk about losing weight I do tell them about this program. People will say to me “well I can’t get muscular” or “it’s not my body type” and at one time I believed the same thing but now with Erik’s guidance I have learned you can have the body you want but you have to work for it. The results are worth it. Erik is great at what he does. He’s a great trainer and a wonderful motivator. I wish him much success as he deserves it. Thank you.
– Jeanette Compton, Attleboro, Massachusetts

I decided to compete in my first figure competition with only 8 weeks to prepare. Even seasoned competitors allow for 12 weeks or so to prep, but even with such a short amount of time to train I knew I had an opportunity to make the very best of the time I did have—. All I would have to do was put my training and diet in Erik Ledin”s hands. I had seen the amazing transformations of others who followed his plans, and I was more than willing to do so myself. I knew Erik was not a fan of endless hours of cardio, but still, I was amazed that my pre-contest plan did not have much cardio at all— and not even every day. I competed alongside friends who did two daily, long, steady state, boring cardio sessions coupled with long, high rep, boring weight training sessions (sometimes even back to back!)—and guess what? I did much better in my competition than they did. Erik’s plans truly are no-brainers. Everything is laid out for you. Everything. You don’t have to think about anything; just adhere to your plan and you will get unbelievably amazing results. I did.
– Patricia Dees, Houston, TX

I found Erik Ledin with some lurking on bodybuilding and fitness board. I was looking for someone to provide me with the science and information to obtaining a better physique. Regular personal trainers at the gym have no concept about the scientific data behind effective training, and having a science background, if I don’t see the data, I will not believe it (in addition, I will not spend the money or energy to train with someone who knows less anatomy and physiology than I do!). Erik provided me with lists of journal articles upon which he basis his programs—how wonderful is that? You can actually read the front-line research about the three tenants of his program and know where he is drawing his conclusions from.
Having recently hit the big 3-0, along with a diagnosis of osteopenia, I knew that heavy weights and high impact cardio were the best options for me. In addition, I had lost focus with my regime after a few injuries and this was quite frustrating. Little did I know that my injuries were all because I had been over training body parts and Erik’s programs quickly rectified these issues. This is where Erik tailors his outlines to meet the client needs—constantly asking how we feel, and how is the progress going. Yet, Erik also taught me how I could manipulate my body through my nutrition, and that this truly was the cornerstone of any toned physique. My results improved when I adhered to the diet consistently. Absolutely fantastic! If you are thinking of investing in a trainer, please consider Erik. He is quick in his responses, courteous, and full of praise. This was the hardest part along my journey with him—accepting my imperfections. The psychological changes I needed to make in order to understand “less cardio” was “okay” were tremendous, and Erik was there along the way providing constant reassurance.
Erik is not just a coach for elite athletes, he is a companion for those of us wanting to strive for a healthier, better body. I cannot emphasize how everyone should try Erik and his programs—it is amazing! I am so thankful that working out is FUN AGAIN! I know that many might me intimidated because he trains “really important people” but he treats all his clients with equal value. Whether you want to improve your fitness to simply feel better at any age, or train for your fitness competition, Erik Ledin is the secret to success.
– Helen Pappas, Toronto, ON

I had the pleasure of working with Erik Ledin for about a year. During that time, I learned more about nutrition and metabolism than I ever thought was possible. Since I started with Erik in my early 50’s, I clearly had metabolic issues due to my age that I was not used to factoring into an eating plan. I had always heard that the worst thing to do for a diet was to cut the calories too low but, until I followed Erik’s plan where I seemed to be eating constantly, I did not have the confidence to eat when I wanted to lose weight.
Erik not only provided constant feedback and a nutrition plan catered to my likes and dislikes, but he continually changed the training aspects to keep it interesting and to combat any muscle memory and boredom from doing the same training routine week after week, as I had been doing in the past.
Erik provides detailed reporting forms on both the nutritional aspects and training routines so that he was able to respond to any individual issues I had during the two-week reporting period. He was also available by email to respond to any issues which arose. I found his expertise and responsiveness in an online forum to be far better than that which I experienced in my local gym.
After several months, I was leaner and tighter than I had ever been in my teens. In fact, I had the smallest waist measurement ever without concentrating on ab exercises. His plan proved that which I had read on one of his message boards: six-pack abs come from the kitchen, not the gym.
– Beth Dubois, New Jersey

I weighed about 138 lbs when I started with Erik and this morning was 123 lbs. But it goes beyond the weight loss/muscle gain as I’ve learned that I can do anything I want to now. If I believe I can do it I know I can. At the beginning everyone was warning me it was a scam. My father-in-law couldn’t believe I was paying someone who I had never met, and sending pictures of myself in a bikini over the Internet every two weeks. Now, just tonight my husband (who was the biggest skeptic) had me flex for our supper guest and told them how proud of me he was. The knowledge I have been given is forever. If I need to drop a few more pounds, I will just repeat the first month for a while, but I know that I probably won’t need to since this is a lifestyle change for me, not a diet. Erik became to me almost like a pen pal. If I needed to vent I did, If I needed a kick in the arse, I got it. It’s amazing how you can feel so close and connected to someone you have never met. For all those considering hooking up with Erik, go for it. You’ll not only learn to reach your goals, you’ll learn something about yourself along the way.
– Tracey Davis, Calgary, AB

I was completely clueless about diet and training until I started working with Erik Ledin. I had been working out for two years and never understood why I couldn’t get results. I would spend a lot of time doing
cardio and not enough weightlifting. I was eating the wrong things all along, and thanks to Erik I realized that my eating habits were all wrong. I was a little confused at first whether I should hire someone online that I have never met but I took a chance. His program was easy to follow and I saw results immediately. I accomplished a lot more working with him for a few months that I ever did for two years. Hiring Erik was one of the smartest and best decisions that I’ve made. I recommend him to anyone that wants to see results. It was a pleasure working with him.
– Sandra Guajardo, Houston, TX

Like many women in their early to mid forties, my body was changing. I used to be able to lose weight fairly easily, but I couldn’t seem to change my body shape with either exercise or diet. In fact, I seemed to be gaining lots of weight around the middle. While I still feel young, my body was changing into one of a frumpy middle-aged woman and that was where I drew the line. It was time to stop reading all the advice and start to take action.

Deciding to work with Erik Ledin was one of the best decisions I have made. He provided a customized diet and exercise plan for me that worked with my schedule and just as easy to follow. It was great not to spin my wheels at the gym or try to figure out how much food to eat. After eight weeks on the evolving program, my body composition made drastic changes. I was leaner and more muscular and I lost that fat around the middle.

The very best part of the program is I feel well-equipped to manage this lifestyle into the future. The lessons in nutrition and exercise I learned from Erik are invaluable.
– Anne Doyle, Madison, WI

I’ve been an athlete all my life and had pretty much fallen off the wagon when I met Erik. Lacking in direction and consistency I asked him to help me achieve my personal physical goals and get back on track. Aside from learning how drastically I had been over training, I learned how little I actually knew about nutrition and my dietary needs. I have had greater results working with Erik in less than a year than I have achieved my entire life. He has not only changed my body but has given me the tools to be able to build a program myself. A fantastic experience and a fantastic coach.
– Kristen Phass, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was a little leery at first to hire someone to train me who was based on the internet but all of that was eased thanks to Erik’s encouraging nature and his promptness with responding to my questions and concerns. Erik really knows his stuff! Hiring Erik to prepare me for my first figure competition was the best decision. I saw changes within the first two weeks and I’ve never felt or looked better in my life. I competed for the first time at the 2006 New Brunswick Provincials and thanks to Erik’s help I was able to win first in my class and I also walked away with first overall. Erik is very thorough with his customized programs and does not leave anything to guesswork. With his help and guidance I was more than prepared for my first show and felt confident that my body was in the best condition that it had ever been! Thanks Erik!
– Christie Glenn, Fredericton, NB

I have always been physically active and enjoyed running, biking and aerobics but knew nothing about weight training. I’d always wanted to venture into the weight room at my gym because I knew that weight training would help me change my body composition, which is what I really wanted. A lack of confidence and little knowledge about weights or how to set up an effective training routine kept me in the so-called ‘safer’ areas of the gym – the aerobics room and the cardio machines. That’s where Erik’s knowledge came into play. He helped me with a sound nutritional program and effective weight training routine and my physique began to change. He taught me about proper form, along with the sets, reps and rest intervals for all my exercises. I now have the confidence to venture into the weight room and spend much less time on the cardio machines and I’m more than pleased with the results. I’m heading into my 40’s and have two children and now have the physique I’ve always dreamed about.
– Nancy Voss, Kettleby, Ontario

I began working with Erik in April of 2006. At the time, my only goal was to look good for the summer. After the first month of seeing amazing results, the thought of entering a figure competition crossed my mind. I had been contemplating competing for quite some time, but never did I think I would actually find the nerve to do so. With the assurance from Erik, I decided to compete in my first figure competition. With Erik’s help, support and expertise, I placed 3rd in my class and 4th in Massachusetts state. Never did I think I would have the confidence to step on stage, and looking back on that experience, I am amazed. Competing is a nerve-racking experience, and knowing that I did not have to question my diet and workouts alleviated any stress I had. Erik’s plan is detailed, concise and customized to your wants and needs. Any questions you may have, he answers immediately with clear answers. He kept in touch daily, providing encouragement and support, up until the day of the show. I plan on entering my second competition in May of next year, and I intend to work with Erik every step of the way. The results I achieved through working with him I know I could have never achieved on my own. I’m thankful I found Erik, because working with him for this competition has been such a wonderful learning experience.
– Lisa Ignazio, Plymouth, MA

Having the opportunity to work with Erik has taught me so much about my body, my eating habits and my goals. I accomplished more with Erik in four weeks of dieting than I ever have on my own or with “personal trainers”. I’m now confident that with Erik’s guidance and the tools he has provided that I can attain my physique goal. Dieting is no longer a process of starvation and training has been transformed from endless to efficient. Thank you Erik! Thank you for giving me the confidence to go for my goals!
– Ashley Korobanik, Sioux Lookout, Ontario

When I started working with Erik I had been exercising and dieting the wrong way for many years. I believed at the age of 42 I was stuck with the body I had with no hope for change. I was skeptical that I would really change. After the first month, I was so excited because I saw changes in my body that I had never been able to accomplish on my own. He has equipped me with a better understanding of nutrition and exercise. I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to work with him. :)
– Becky Hawn, Keithsburg, Illinois

Before I started working with Erik, I was your typical “eat healthy and exercise all the time but can’t lose weight” girl. I had tried every diet and exercise plan imaginable but with minimal success. Erik was able to help me recognize what I had been doing incorrectly all of those years. In the 10 months that I have been working with him, I have lost more body fat and inches than I ever expected. I now understand how to properly exercise and fuel my body and I have gained strength, confidence and a more positive outlook on life. Erik is a great coach as he is very knowledgeable, patient, motivating, and you can tell that he truly loves his work. Working with Erik is the best thing I could have ever done.
– Jen Johnson, Billerica, MA

Erik is the perfect coach to have in your corner when embarking on any sort of physique improvement endeavor. His strategies are well-structured and methodical, and his communication is always professional and attentive. Erik’s willingness to answer all of my questions and make constant adjustments based upon my feedback made me truly feel as though I were part of a team rather than some guinea pig that was there to simply take orders. And being able to ask questions and learn throughout the process makes the experience that much more valuable. Simply put, I can’t imagine someone hiring Erik and not coming away 110% satisfied and sporting a dramatically improved physique. The decision to work with him really is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.
– Andrew S., Beverly Hills, CA

Working with Erik is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have been trying for years to achieve a muscular lean body and to eat properly and thought I knew what I was doing, but it was only with his help that I have recently met my goals. When I wanted to sign up for another figure competition, I was looking into all kinds of trainers. But before I found Erik, all I found was trainers who gave out cookie cutter programs. Erik pays close attention to each and every client and gives them detailed plans tailored to their diverse needs. And the best thing about his ways is that he takes a healthy approach to do so, no unhealthy short cuts or excessive workouts! I have been prepping for my competitions with so much confidence – confidence that I never had before – knowing that he is behind me all of the way and is always there with a quick response to answer one of my never ending amount of questions. Thank you Erik!
– Andrea Pack, Royal Oak, MI

I’ve read countless books, e-zines, and articles on training and nutrition over the past five years. After dropping down from 300lbs to 220lbs, and plateauing there for 2 years, I decided it was time to do something about it. That something was Erik. Over the 8 months that I trained with Erik, my body composition changed dramatically, going from an average joe body to an athletic body. Erik not only changed my body, but also my mind, he taught me everything I needed to know about training, nutrition and gave me a new outlook on life. With Erik’s guidance I dropped from 220lbs down to 181, in 4 months time, and during this time increased my strength, size, and overall musculature of my body. He is without a doubt, a real professional and life saver.
– Frederick N. Langenfeld, Forest Lake, MN

I had been stuck in a rut for quite some time before meeting Erik. Upon witnessing the dramatic results a good friend of mine achieved in working with him, I felt confident that his guidance would help me as well. I was especially pleased with how thorough and knowledgeable Erik was in his individualized program approach. Any and all questions I had were answered quickly and in a most easy-to-understand fashion. The diet portion of my plan eliminated all of the guesswork completely – I was instructed on exactly what to eat each and every day, with no calorie counting whatsoever. Additionally, my training motivation was at an all-new high – I was seeing noticeable and measurable results on a weekly basis, without fail. I really can’t say enough good things about Erik, as he adds a much-welcomed personal touch to the term professionalism.
– Chris Merrow, Portland, Oregon

In preparing for my first figure show I worked with a personal trainer and nutritionist from my gym. After competing, felt the nutrition information I had received thus far wasn’t cutting it and I needed guidance. I read about and saw the results some of Erik’s clients had achieved and was anxious to contact him to get on the right track. I started working with Erik prior to my second competition and in only two weeks my trouble spots looked better than ever and its only continued to improve since then. Only a month after working with him, I took 1st AND Overall in my third competition. His plans have been able to get my legs to respond to losing that stubborn fat. The plans are so easy to follow and leave no guesswork. This experience with Erik is helping me reach my physique goals and he has been a pleasure to work with!
– Kelley Mullins, Plymouth, MI