Training with Erik is the best gift I have ever given myself. I had lost 80lbs and been weight training for about a year and a half before finding him. The weight loss was great.but I was left feeling loose and I was not happy with the overall shape of my body. I have seen immediate results with Erik’s guidance and have seen the amazing things that can happen if you follow a clean eating plan and diversified training schedule. I have always enjoyed training hard at the gym.but I have become truly passionate about it now that I am following Erik’s programs. He gives you exactly the tools that you need to achieve your goals and it is so encouraging to see progress on so many levels! My strength has gone up and I am learning so much.Thank you Erik!
– Andrea Peters, Vancouver, BC

Before I contacted Erik I had some good knowledge of lifting and nutrition as part of a self-imposed recovery program from an eating disorder. However, a few months before my wedding I decided to get some professional advice to improve my results and to be as healthy and energetic as possible for my wedding. In the two months before my wedding I gained so much strength , lost even more inches in some areas while gaining good ones in others, and had my energy levels almost double. The meal plan ‘ok-ed’ certain foods I had not allowed myself and I was surprised at how so much better I felt. On my wedding day I felt radiant and so happy with myself and my achievement. I continued to work with Erik for a total of six months with various goals, and truly believe what he has always said: results are earned. The programs he designs are simple to follow, yet if you follow them as outlined you cannot be disappointed. My husband was so impressed, when he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism he also hired Erik for a few months and was able to finally lose some of the weight he gained. I myself have learned so much in sports nutrition and program training design, that I feel confident enough to be able to design simple programs on my own now that he has taught me how to track my progress and how to tweak a program if it doesn’t get me the results I desire. On a personal level, Erik is a wonderful person and very supportive to all his clients. His knowledge base is incredible and he is very good at answering questions/concerns when asked. I’m trying to have a baby now, but post-pregnancy I’m planning on hiring him again to help me re-gain this great body he’s helped me achieve.
– Sarah Glass, Boston, MA

Ever heard of skinny-fat? That was me. At 5’4″ and 115 lbs., I was running 5 miles a day, 5 times a week, but still soft and flabby with no muscle tone. So I started working with weights, but because I didn’t know how to effectively lift and eat, I wasted a year of effort and looked no different! Finally, I started working with Erik and am so glad I did. You don’t have to wonder anymore if you are eating the right things or doing the right exercises in the gym. Its all done for you. In the past 5 months under Erik’s plan, I have been able to build muscle and actually change the shape of my body! If you are a skinny-fat person and tried everything like I have, I highly recommend Erik’s services!
– Sheri Leaman, HI

Before meeting Erik, my progress in the gym had stalled. I had reached a strength plateau and was feeling fatigued. Not surprisingly, I was not building any of the muscle that I desired. I was training hard, but certainly not smart. Using Erik’s advice which is rooted in science, not bodybuilding mythology, I was able to put on 10 pounds of muscle and obtain new personal records in the gym. I am more refreshed, stronger and looking better than ever. I owe it all to Erik’s ability to clearly and concisely explain how to eat, train and recover.
– Daniel Kreindler, Danville, CA

Over the past few years I had put on a lot of weight and was sick of hearing that I needed to starve myself and do hours of cardio from the ‘trainers’ at my gym. That approach just didn’t work and ended up backfiring and I gained even more weight. I was discouraged to say the least. Then I heard about Erik. At first I was skeptical since I was a far cry from the athletes that I knew he trained. However, after a few months of seeing so many people make such amazing progress with him I decided that my time had come. I started working with Erik in January 2006. To my surprise I was never starved – in fact, I eat now more than I ever have before and still lose weight. The training is incredible. I’ve been challenged in ways I never thought possible and the results are so rewarding. He is a wonderful coach and is always there to provide support, encouragement and feedback. The best thing about Erik’s program is that it works – plain and simple. If you aren’t getting results, you aren’t sticking to the program. Since starting with Erik I have lost 27 pounds and have started to see some incredible changes in my body. It is because of Erik’s knowledge and commitment to me as his client that I have had such incredible successes.
– Kristine Campolong, Loveland, OH

Before I met Erik, I had been a fitness enthusiast for many years. Exercise and “healthy” eating was a passion of mine, yet I had never achieved the results I desired. Once I began working with him, I realized that I had to re-learn everything on proper nutrition and exercise design. I have had more success the past three months while working with Erik, than I have had in my entire life following mainstream fitness information. My body transformed and my self image improved greatly. His programs are extremely thorough and he always responds to my endless questions over e-mail, quickly and right to the point. I feel so fortunate to have found Erik, since I am now in the best shape of my life, thanks to his knowledge and expertise.
– Kara Odell, Albany, NY

I had been weight training for several years and although I had used personal trainers in the past, I never seemed to make any significant gains. I just was not happy with my progress and I was not happy with the way my body looked. I was referred to Erik, and was told that “he is the best” so I hired him to create a diet plan and workout for me. I saw immediate changes in my body and my strength after following the workout and meal plan he created for me. Within a few months of working with Erik, I was so happy with my progress that I decided to get him to help me train for my first figure competition. I was amazed with my overall transformation, particularly the last two weeks before my competition. I was happy to take 3rd place amongst girls who had competed before. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Erik. I have already recommended Erik to one of my friends, and will continue to recommend him. He helped me train and eat more effectively and helped me attain my goals.
– Bernadette Lataille, Alameda, CA

After having had a membership to a gym for a few years, I could never understand why I looked pretty much the same as when I started. When I finally met Erik, he explained to me the importance of a good nutrition and training program that was designed just for me. He helped me get in shape for my Caribbean cruise. I was so excited about my results that I had him help me get into shape for my first ever physique competition. I came in 1st place! I have never felt so great about my body and so proud of myself. It was the greatest experience of my life.
– Grace Ussia, Brampton, Ontario

When I first met Erik my progress at the gym had stalled, and I was looking for nutrition and workout advice. Soon after I incorporated some of his knowledge into my old routine, I began being asked by bodybuilders, figure competitors and trainers if I was training for a competition. After initially shrugging their inquiries off, I decided I would hire Erik to get me into competition shape. Erik not only provided me with a complete diet and training program updated every other week, but he provided encouragement and support. I had a wonderful competition experience and plan to use Erik’s expertise for future competitions and bringing up weak body parts. I enjoyed my diet and training so much, that I have continued using its structure. I don’t hear many other competitors say that they liked their diet and training, so that should say a lot about how great Erik’s program is. I’ve always found that the best teachers lead by example. After talking with Erik, you will soon learn that he not only lives the healthy lifestyle we are all trying to achieve, but he truly loves it. His commitment and passion is great motivation.
– Kristy Jacobsen, Buckley, WA

I was pregnant with my second child when I found out about Erik’s programs online. I wanted to work with him because I knew I would succeed in having the body I wanted with his guidance. I started with Erik when my second baby was six months old. I weighed 140 lbs. Now my baby is ten months old and I weigh 122 lbs and my body has changed into something that I am continually amazed by. Every time I take a picture or look in the mirror I can’t believe it’s me. I have gained muscle and lost fat. I had the drive but I needed the guidance and I got it with Erik’s help. I am in the best shape of my life and weigh less than I did as a teenager, even after two children. Erik has an answer for everything and is so knowledgeable. His clients are proof.
– Ariel Barr, Pittsburgh, PA

I can’t believe the progress I made in 12 weeks. I have to confess that just before I decided to work with Erik, I was so frustrated with myself and my appearance. This is the best shape my body has ever been in! And that is so exciting and so much more gratifying knowing that I put the work in to achieve it. It has given me a new sense of self – more discipline, inner strength, determination, and confidence. I’m so happy with my choice. Erik is the reason I have achieved these results. He clearly knows what he’s doing. It really takes a special person to provide the level of service and dedication he does. He devotes his time and expertise to his clients and is knowledgeable, professional, “research savvy” and very intelligent. He finds a way to apply all the knowledge he has to each individual client; something that can be hard to put into practice. Erik is one stand up guy and I appreciate all he’s done to help me achieve my goals.
– Samantha Savage, Grand Rapids, MI

My expectations of a “trainer/coach” were totally blown away by Erik’s program. I am a physical therapist and new figure competitor, and I was so impressed when I received my program. I emailed Erik right away to tell him how complete his program was, and how impressed I was by his attention to detail and thoroughness. In the two months I have been working with Erik, I have made impressive gains that I never thought could be made in such a short period of time. I am now two months out from my first show of the season and feel confident that I will look my best ever, thanks to Erik’s help.
– Erin Elberson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Being so lean has been a problem for me for many years, even after giving birth to two boys my body refused to gain definition. While being in the fitness arena for well over 24 years (instructing for 9 years) I decided to enter a Master’s Level Figure Competition before I reached the age of 50; I just turned 49 in April of this year. I had received rave reviews from an acquaintance about Erik’s ‘kick-ass’ skills as a trainer for competitions and I decided to take the initiative and acquire his services. My decision paid off! I’m ecstatic with the total physical transformation of my body over the last eight weeks. Erik’s expertise as a trainer is evident in the manner in which he put together a proper diet and workout program to meet my specific needs for my upcoming show. His thorough knowledge of proper nutrition and appropriate exercises has transformed my soft, undefined body into an overall leaner and tighter physique; a strong and fit collaboration of femininely (not bulky) defined muscles. My fitness participants have mentioned that they have noticed the lean yet nicely defined shoulders and abs, as well as a fullness in my legs. There were times when I questioned the amount of ounces or grams of certain fats in my diet but it all adds up to, as Erik stated, not only eating clean in the quality food but also in the appropriate quantities. Erik was true to his word, as the results revealed. I started with 25% bodyfat and came down to 18%. Awesome! I was very impressed with Erik’s no-nonsense but friendly approach to a trainer/client relationship. He is always easily accessible with any questions or concerns. Well done and thank you Erik for the amazing transformation in my physique. You’re the best! Rest assured that I will recommend you highly.
– Angela Reda, Kingston, ON

I’ve known Erik for several years. During that time, I”ve seen the success that many athletes, both amateur and pro, have had with Erik”s guidance and knowledge. So when I decided to compete in my last bodybuilding show, it was a “no-brainer” to ask Erik for his help. In doing so, I was able to take first place in my weight division. I can”t thank Erik enough for helping me maintain my muscularity and taking my conditioning to a level needed to win my first show. Thank you Erik!
– Nathan Hinks, Mississauga, ON

I think that the best trainers are the ones that not only help you reach your goal, but also teach how to reach it. Erik is one of these trainers. I was not new to training or nutrition when I decided to work with Erik, but different athletic goals persuaded me to seek as lean a physique as possible while still maintaining or increasing my strength. Knowing other strength athletes who had worked with him, I decided to take a chance. I am happy with my decision because in working with Erik, I learned how to apply different dietary methods and how to approach my goal. His approach left room for discussion and individualization in terms of diet and training which enhanced the learning process. To this day I am able to apply what I have learned to continue maximizing my athletic performance while also looking good.
– Manuel Buitrago, Washington, DC

Once an athletic and active teenager, I had been overweight for the last 12 years – and I was tired of it! I had gone through huge weight fluctuations with two pregnancies, and found myself still sitting at 205 pounds ten months after my youngest son had been born. I was having a hard time keeping up with my 2 young kids, and I was frustrated with how to begin the process of getting healthy and fit. My husband had been working with Erik, and I saw first hand the amazing difference it was making in his life. I felt confident that Erik would be able to get me started on my journey as well. The plan that I received was very detailed and thorough. It told me exactly what to do in terms of exercise, and precisely how much of what foods I needed to be eating. It was so much easier to follow than I ever thought it would be. After the first month, I was amazed at how much energy I had, how much better I felt when I woke up in the morning. I continued to work with Erik for 4 months. He coached and encouraged me when I needed it, and answered all my questions quickly and honestly. In those 4 short months, I lost almost 30 lbs – and went from a size 14/16 to a size 10. While I made excellent progress in terms of weight loss, there was something even more valuable about my experience with Erik. I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. I learned how to view what I eat as my nutrition, not a ‘diet’. I gained confidence in myself and my abilities. I would encourage anyone who is ready to start a journey toward healthier living to work with Erik, it is one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself. Thank you Erik.
-Sara Langenfeld, Forest Lake, MN

Although I’ve been working out and eating clean for about a decade, I had a difficult time getting as lean as I wanted to because I have Type II Diabetes and hypothyroid disease. I always seemed to be paddling upstream. Nutrition, for me, had to be very specific and highly individualized. When I began working with Erik, I saw results right away and learned how to best plan and handle my nutrition for optimal results and health. Working with Erik was a fantastic decision and I could not be more happy with the process or the results!
– Jessica Albritton Clardy, Plano, TX

During the time I’ve worked with Erik my results have been fantastic. I receive regular comments from co-workers and friend on how much I’ve been “shrinking”. My diet has changed drastically for the better and I’ve learned the drawbacks of “normal” eating. At the gym I have greater endurance and strength. Overall I have more energy and just feel better. With the knowledge I have gained from Erik I know my success will continue and my lifestyle has changed for the better.
– Sarah Sischo, Fairfax, VA

When I started working With Erik I was at a point where my body was not progressing at all. I was using old techniques in the gym and my nutrition plan was failing me. I learned a great deal from him and in the first month of his plan I saw immediate results. His approach to my nutrition was dead on and I loved the new workout and cardio sessions he set for me. I regained motivation and confidence in my body and it’s ability to change. I was at a point where many have been and was about to give up. I now feel that I have the correct knowledge to proceed on my own. He was very quick to respond to whatever questions I had asked him and explained things so that they were easy to understand. His approach was very modern and up to date. I would recommend him to anyone and would someday hope to work with him again.
– Amy Riemersma, Apache Junction, AZ

I have always lived a very athletic lifestyle, but after beginning a very demanding graduate school program and having knee surgery, I really packed on the body fat. However, thanks to Erik, that problem was easily solved. In the time that I worked with him, I lost 10 lbs and over 11 inches, gained strength, and improved my flexibility. I attained the leanest, muscular physique that I have ever had. He was able to balance the right amount of weight training, cardio exercise, supplement use, and diet all tailored to meet my needs. He responded so quickly to all my questions, which is such a motivator when you’re working with a coach via the internet. Erik takes great pride in his work and it shows. Because he has the education, experience, and individual interest in your goals, you get results.
– Desiree Walker, Chapel Hill, NC