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Let’s chat about balance

Let’s chat about balance. I’m pretty sure my morning coffee game is better than most lol. Of course I didn’t do this (I lack milk steaming skills), my son did. He is all about quality espresso and takes the time learn, source the beans, and make me a cappuccino almost every day. The art is.. Read more →

How aged garlic impacts the flu virus

Looks like the flu season is upon. I recently got hit by the flu and it seems like it’s in full force today. While there’s not a lot you can do about it once you have it, there is some research that you may find handy should you get it. More on this below: In.. Read more →

There are no magic exercises or foods for fat loss

There are no magic exercises, or foods. So if you are hiring a coach and they start telling you that X food will do this and Y exercise will do that, be warned, they more than likely do NOT know what they are talking about. Its not about specific exercises, its about programming. Its not.. Read more →

Is food just fuel, or is it more than that?

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought it might be time to address the “food is just fuel” mentality. It’s just food right? Is it really that simple? One of the major issues that come up for clients, is that they are eating emotionally and they just don’t know how to stop it. Of course.. Read more →