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Calories count!

Having trouble with fat loss. Do you track what your eating? Many people do not count what they consider ‘incidentals’. you know, that lick off a spoon, that last square of the sandwich your wee ones didnt finish off their plate or you just grab a quick bite out of the bag in the pantry… Read more →

Opportunity Cost

“the unrealized flow of utility from the alternatives a choice displaces” (Frederick, Novemsky, Wang, Dhar, & Nowlis, 2009). I saw this on a blog yesterday (credit to Justin Kompf and Tony Gentilcore) and I thought it was great and “on point”. To reach (even maintain) health and physique goals, there are choices-a lifestyle design-which must.. Read more →

How to eat more protein

New clients often struggle with having to increase their protein intake. It is a filling macronutrient and it is also one which people tend to under eat before working with a coach. Protein needs are very important for both building muscle AND when losing weight in order to preserve muscle mass. The last thing you.. Read more →

The top 3 foods you should avoid

People need to stop assigning morality to their foods. Ultimately, eating “bad” foods will make you feel guilty. Any time you associate an emotion with what you eat, you are headed towards a bad place. There are no inherently “good” or “bad” foods in the context of one’s overall diet. When clients first sign on.. Read more →

Hunger: Is it emotional or is it real?

The Hunger Games: Is it emotional or real? Dieting is one phase where it quite normal both biologically and physiology to experience hunger. Choose to eat less calories and your body is going to let you know. It’s normal and we should expect it. Hunger while dieting is common. But there are times as well.. Read more →

Adopt the 90/10 strategy as a rule for following your plan

It isn’t uncommon to have “temptations” to go off-plan at social events and parties. It is also not uncommon to feel pressure to “relax a little” or “give in” to what others want from you. It is natural behavior to want to be a part of the crowd, not stand out, sacrifice your personal goals.. Read more →