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Adopt the 90/10 strategy as a rule for following your plan

It isn’t uncommon to have “temptations” to go off-plan at social events and parties. It is also not uncommon to feel pressure to “relax a little” or “give in” to what others want from you. It is natural behavior to want to be a part of the crowd, not stand out, sacrifice your personal goals.. Read more →

BMI is not for everyone

While BMI is a decent measure for sedentary individuals, the margin for error is significant for those of us that weight train and carry more muscle mass. It seems so silly to try and fit everyone into a chart of height and weight, yet people let this number ruin their day pretty frequently. All we.. Read more →

Three vs. Six Meals a Day

Three vs. Six Meals a Day Does eating six meals a day when compared to three offer any further benefit in fat loss? The results of a 2010 study suggest the answer is “no”. See below for details. In this study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers divided 16 obese subjects into two.. Read more →

Application and compliance

Application and compliance. Erik and I talk about this a lot. I mean A LOT. So I figured I should write something up as application is one of my favorite area given I have done just about every diet in the world in my younger days. Yes, LBC follows a science-based approach. We pride ourselves.. Read more →

Does your food environment encourage overeating?

I am disciplined when it comes to food but put me in a cinema with a huge tub of sweets and I will eat them faster than you can say “mindless eating”. What factors significantly influence your eating habits?