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Fat loss tips that work

In spite of all of the fad diets, calories are still king. Count them, and do it accurately by weighing your food. Don’t over assess or obsess. Check your progress every couple weeks and adjust minimally. Stop working so hard during the week, only to throw it out the door on the weekend. Full blown.. Read more →

Hormones and fat loss

If you have a physique goal, and you have hormones issues, you can’t expect to separate the two. Hormones impact fat loss, they also impact recovery, ability to gain muscle, mood, energy, even hunger. That is the short list. If your hormones are in the tank, you should not be trying to make drastic changes.. Read more →

Coach Steph’s analogy for fat loss

My family plays a game on the phone called Clash Royal. All of us play together and it is really fun to challenge each other and/or work together. I have a point, I promise. The goal of the game is to take down the towers of the other team by playing a character card. Each.. Read more →

What gets measured gets managed

This is undoubtably one of my favorite quotes as it pertains to training and nutrition. Name ONE area of your life where being LESS precise and dialed in yields better results. Can you? I can’t. Those who follow their meal plans, with lazor focus, quantify their intake, track their meals for compliance and have a.. Read more →

Are you normal, from a hormonal standpoint?

Are you normal? I don’t know about you, but I’m anything but normal LOL. Where am I going with this? hang with me a minute. Yesterday I had to have oral surgery and the staff kept telling me that I’m like everyone else, my anxiety was normal around there during my pre-op appointment and phone.. Read more →

Hunger: Is it emotional or is it real?

The Hunger Games: Is it emotional or real? Dieting is one phase where it quite normal both biologically and physiology to experience hunger. Choose to eat less calories and your body is going to let you know. It’s normal and we should expect it. Hunger while dieting is common. But there are times as well.. Read more →