How many times per day should you eat?

  How many times a day should you eat? This is a common question and there’s a ton of outdated broscience out there claiming that the more frequently you eat, the higher your metabolism will be. #nope. In truth, when you control calories, you will burn just as much fat as someone who eats 6x a.. Read more →

Chair hip opener

You all know I am big on getting up during the day and moving around/stretching. I work from home now and am lucky that I can take conference calls while I stretch, but most do not have that type of freedom. Here’s a great hip stretch you can do while sitting in your office chair… Read more →

Hip hinge technique

The hip hinge is such an important movement to master, as it’s the cornerstone of most functional movement outside of the gym. Every time you bend over to pick up something off the floor, pick up heavy moving boxes, move stuff around your house, etc you are initiating that movement by hinging at the hips… Read more →

Client Jen trains to be tighter, not lighter

“Train to be tighter, not lighter.” If we only focused on the scale, many of you would probably get discouraged. Especially if we are focusing on fat loss in a sustainable and maintainable way. That may seem like foreign words to you since we are living in a world of instant gratification. Hate to burst.. Read more →

Calories count!

Having trouble with fat loss. Do you track what your eating? Many people do not count what they consider ‘incidentals’. you know, that lick off a spoon, that last square of the sandwich your wee ones didnt finish off their plate or you just grab a quick bite out of the bag in the pantry… Read more →

Tracy’s phenomenal transformation

How about this for a transformation? Tracy has killed her compliance which earned her some fun refeeds (one mid-week and one on the weekend) all while continuing to get leaner. We just wrapped up this leaning phase and moved to a metabolic restorative phase. This is the fun part. Living in the body you earned!.. Read more →