5-10-20 Hamstring Hammer

Here’s a great little protocol to bring up your hamstrings. You are going to want to use a lying leg curl machine as your “centerpiece”. Bring a heavy set of dumbbells over to the leg curl, as well as a 2-4 in. step (you could even use a thick bumper plate) and “set up shop”… Read more →

The Food is “Just Fuel” mentality

It’s just food right? Is it really that simple? One of the major issues that come up for clients, is that they are eating emotionally and they just don’t know how to stop it. Of course this brings feeling of guilt, shame, and weakness. All these people that successfully get in shape say that food.. Read more →

Deadlift Setup

Deadlift setup Next time you setup for your deadlift, take a look at where the bar is in relation to your shins. That bar should be right up against your legs, both for conventional and sumo. When the bar is closer to you, you are better able to use your hamstrings, glutes, and lats to.. Read more →

Cable Pullthroughs

Cable Pullthroughs are a fantastic exercise to work the posterior chain, especially the glutes. Some gyms don’t always have cable pulley machines OR someone may be hogging yours. Here’s a great alternative as demonstrated by my friend, Jonny Slick from Straightshot Training. All you need for this variation is a resistance band. The thicker the.. Read more →

Super Simple Travel Workout (and tips) for The Holiday Season

Super Simple Travel Workout (and tips) for The Holiday Season With the holidays rapidly approaching, combined with the fact I’ve done more travel in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years and it’s fresh on my mind, I think this is a timely-and hopefully helpful-post. For the next 6 weeks.. Read more →

How many times per day should you eat?

  How many times a day should you eat? This is a common question and there’s a ton of outdated broscience out there claiming that the more frequently you eat, the higher your metabolism will be. #nope. In truth, when you control calories, you will burn just as much fat as someone who eats 6x a.. Read more →