Suffering from cravings and sweets after your on-plan meal?

Cravings are real but they only get stronger if you indulge them. Acknowledge they exist, but don’t let it go any further than that. If you tie emotion to your cravings and have deprivation mindset you will always sabotage your goals. Instead, note that you are craving something, shrug your shoulders and realize that you.. Read more →

Let’s talk endocrine disrupters

I get asked about what to avoid and what is no big deal. The real answer is that I can’t tell you what the safe dose is for you. Or more accurately the dose that has any impact on your health. I don’t make it my life mission to avoid everything. I think the stress.. Read more →

Quick Fixes

There are NO quick fixes that will work long term. None. No quick fix can change what is really wrong, your habits and behaviors. If you don’t change, nothing else you do will change you. Your results, successes, failures, and everything else belongs to you. You may not be able to control everything that happens.. Read more →

Jeanne’s progress from the back

Wanted to share an update of her progress from the back. Seeing some really nice changes here, both in upper and lower body! The effort that Jeanne puts in is nothing short of incredible, working day and night shifts in a hospital and making no excuses. She has goals and she gets it done! 

Jeanne’s killer progress

Here’s an updated side shot of that same amazing progress! This girl is killing it! Jeanne’s current program consists of a customized meal plan, 4 weekly weight training sessions, and her only forms of cardio are a quick ladder workout and an ab circuit. No traditional cardio.  With the new year on the horizon, are.. Read more →

Prowler Work

Who has access to one of these? If you do, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I love mine, and it is a great way to add metabolic work, build speed/explosiveness, or just get stronger. This weekend I did a hand over hand workout as a finisher. I attached my rope to my prowler.. Read more →