How many times per day should you eat?

November 20th, 2017 by


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How many times a day should you eat?

This is a common question and there’s a ton of outdated broscience out there claiming that the more frequently you eat, the higher your metabolism will be. #nope.

In truth, when you control calories, you will burn just as much fat as someone who eats 6x a day. There are conversely a lot of claims that intermittent fasting is “better.” Nope to that, too. 

Eat as many times a day as you want. If you’re the type who does better eating 6x a day, then do it. Similarly, if fasting works with your schedule (night shift workers usually prefer to eat this way) and it helps you be compliant with your deficit, then do it. There is no “best” way since it comes down to controlling your calories. However you want to get that done is up to you.

Infographic from Syatt Fitness