Client Lori competes in her figure competition

LBC client Lori competed this past weekend, and looked absolutely stunning doing so! She came away with 4th in Figure Novice and 2nd in Figure Open. Now she enjoys a week off – no training and no dieting, before hitting the ground running for her next goal! 

Testimonial from Client Michele

I contacted LBC the fall of 2013 and I consider it one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was seeking a coach after losing 50 lbs on my own and wanted to find someone that could take me to the next level in terms of my goals of getting on stage. I.. Read more →

Opportunity Cost

“the unrealized flow of utility from the alternatives a choice displaces” (Frederick, Novemsky, Wang, Dhar, & Nowlis, 2009). I saw this on a blog yesterday (credit to Justin Kompf and Tony Gentilcore) and I thought it was great and “on point”. To reach (even maintain) health and physique goals, there are choices-a lifestyle design-which must.. Read more →

The 5-10-20 training method

This is one of my favorite methods for attacking any given body part/region. It consists of performing 3 different exercises, in varying rep ranges, with little to no rest between exercises. Essentially, you start with a heavy set of 5 on one exercise, then move to a heavy set of 10 on the 2nd exercise,.. Read more →

Are you doing your core work optimally? 

Core work is very important, as it translates into everything we do, both inside and outside of the gym. But are you doing your core work optimally? The plank is one of the best core exercises out there, yet it’s often done incorrectly. Take a look at the picture below. Which version of this pic.. Read more →