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Squat: Too much extension

Excessive lumbar extension in the squat is not a good thing. The FIRST movement you make when squatting is pushing the hips back (not breaking at the knees). However, keeping the hips and spine neutral is pretty important. Notice in the picture on the right how keeping the chest up too high will result in.. Read more →

Shoulder extension in training

Yesterday I talked about internal rotation of the shoulder when performing push ups. I found this picture on Instagram this morning and it perfectly depicts what I was talking about yesterday. The bottom right pic is what most people look like when performing push ups and, in this case, bench dips. The arms move in.. Read more →

Deadlift cues for pulling Conventional and Sumo

The deadlift is often called the “King of all Lifts” as it is one of the best “bang for your buck” multi-joint, compound lifts you can do. It doesn’t get any simpler than pulling a heavy barbell off the floor. Whether you prefer to pull “conventional” or “sumo” here are a couple of excellent cues.. Read more →

The cardiovascular benefits of strength training

I trained earlier today and used this new Polar watch I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing. In 73 minutes I burned over 700 calories, kept an average heart rate of 67% age predicted maximum and peaked at 93% of age predicted maximum. Keep in mind, this was a STRENGTH training workout and close to.. Read more →

A resistance training workout you can do with limited equipment

Yesterday I posted a bike-based interval workout perfect for situations when you find yourself in a time pinch and/or while traveling and having to rely on a hotel gym with limited equipment. Today, I want to highlight a resistance training workout you can fall back on when you find yourself in less than ideal situations.. Read more →