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“Chaos” Bench Press

You may have been in the gym and saw someone hanging a plate from the bar while benching (like in the pic below) and thought, ‘What the heck are they doing?’ This technique, which is referred to as the “chaos” bench press, creates an unstable load and is typically performed to help place a greater.. Read more →

Traditional Push Ups vs. TRX Push Ups

Traditional Push Ups vs. TRX Push Ups Want to know how much of a difference there is between these two exercises? So did a couple of researchers at Arizona State University. See below for more info. The researchers had 21 healthy men and women participate in the study. The subjects had electrodes attached to their.. Read more →

Foot position when doing calf raises

Does foot position matter when doing calf raises? Sure does. Here’s why: One of the muscles in the calves is called the gastrocnemius, which is found on the back of your lower leg just below the knee. The gastrocnemius is composed of two muscles: the medial and lateral heads. The medial head is on the.. Read more →

A study on eating more during long periods of inactivity

Here’s some interesting results from a study that looked at how eating more during long periods of inactivity can lead to muscle loss. In this study, researchers split 19 healthy men into two groups. Both groups remained in bed for 5 weeks. The difference between groups was that one group (lets call them Group 1).. Read more →