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Don’t Wait Until Monday

“I’ll start on Monday” Every week you go through the same old cycle. Monday: On point with the diet. Tuesday: Still going strong. Wednesday: Had a bite of a brownie when you know you shouldn’t have. Thursday: “Meh, I’ll just have a few cookies.” Friday: “Vodka…that has the least calories, right?” Saturday: “BRING ON THE.. Read more →

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

If you just got a job in the mail room of a large corporation how quickly would you expect to be sitting in the chair as CEO of that company? Chances are that, if this was your goal, you’d recognize that something like this would take a lot of time and effort to achieve. In.. Read more →

Training Intensity Tips

If you aren’t seeing the results of your training and your diet is on point, it just might be a lack of intensity in your training. There are many reasons why this is probably happening and it is not limited to talking to your friends in between sets, checking Facebook, uploading gym selfies, stalking your.. Read more →

LBC Is Not Anti-Cardio

Why to you guys always seem to be so against cardio? To be clear, we are not “against” cardio at all. Rather we reserve it for specific situations to achieve a specific aesthetic goal. For example, if you start your fat-loss phase by adding in a bunch of cardio, it doesn’t leave you a lot.. Read more →

Progress update for LBC client Diana

    LBC client Diana progress update. Training 4 days per week and one short bout of intervals. Just rocking the results and looking great for 46 years old! PS: The tattoo being on the opposite side is the result of the first picture having been taken by someone else and the other picture having.. Read more →

Barbell Glute Bridge (from the floor)

  The Barbell Glute Bridge:(performed from the floor for this variation)To begin this exercise; start off with your back flat on the floor and a weighted barbell above your legs. If you haven’t graduated to 45lb plates for each side, you can use 10 or 25lb bumper plates to give the bar some height – it.. Read more →