Hunger, Fat Loss And Dieting

March 14th, 2013 by

As you continue to diet in your pursuit of fat loss, as body fat falls, etc., you are going to experience hunger. This is biologically normal.

Leptin, a chief regulatory hormone tends to fall with dieting and falling body fat levels. Related to this, lower leptin levels impair the functioning of CCK (Cholecystokinin). The relevance of this is that CCK is a hormone that stimulates fullness from a meal. So you can see the implications of the falling body fat – lower leptin – impaired CCK functioning, relationship here.

Then you also have the hormone ghrelin to consider. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates hunger. Going back to leptin, there’s a relationship here too. As leptin levels fall, ghrelin levels rise – which means greater hunger signals.

There is no such thing as a fat-loss diet that takes you to relatively low body fat levels without an eventual hunger experience. This is marketing BS!

Hunger – Expect it, accept it and do what you can to manage it.