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On-Plan Tuna Quinoa Pasta

Here’s an easy recipe you can make and still stay on plan. All you need is the following: 100g tuna (canned) 55g quinoa macaroni (measured dry) 40g cheddar (full fat) Tex Mex seasoning A couple of pinches of parsley To make it, first boil the quinoa in a pot for 10-13 minutes. Once cooked, drain.. Read more →

Love, Your Program, & The Connection

*Preface – This was written on the day of Erik and Amy’s wedding anniversary* Love. A 4-letter word. As Amy and Erik celebrate their wedding anniversary today, it gave me a great (and I feel deep) idea for a post today. To survive 1 year of marriage, let alone 10, 20, 50, or more years.. Read more →

Why Sane Fat-Loss Matters

Why is there this expectation that dieting, more specifically contest prep, should be as aggressive as possible while doing as much as you can possibly tolerate? It should actually be the other way around – the goal should be to eat as many calories as you can, do as little cardio as possible, and still.. Read more →

The Importance of Maintenance

We often post about the importance of planned time NOT eating in a caloric deficit if you’re interested in long-term sustainability and maintenance of your progress, which we of course all are. You simply cannot always be in a deficit, trying to lose fat, etc., without metabolic and hormonal consequences eventually showing up to varying.. Read more →