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Transformation Is A Process

Transformation is a process, but even the biggest transformation starts off as a small transformation; it just became big over time. The greatest transformations start on the inside where no one else can see. The change always starts on the inside first, so don’t underestimate the importance of small changes or small victories in your.. Read more →

Eating At Social Functions

I shared this tip with a client about eating in social situations and gatherings. When eating at a social gathering, family event etc and you’ve chosen to stay on plan and/or bring your own food, here are a few ideas: -Bring something to share that is on plan for you and some to share. I.. Read more →

Immediate Results?

Nowhere in the context of getting results should you be using the word “immediately” as there is really no way you can decide at which rate your body changes. You can change your ACTIONS immediately. The outcomes of those actions are not subject to your influence. It is unfair to yourself to expect rapid changes.. Read more →

Being a Slave to a Diet or Your Emotions?

People have been convinced that maintaining some sort of dietary control is “being a slave to their diet” and that eating whatever they want is freedom. True freedom comes, however, when you realize that when you are not IN CONTROL of your diet, your emotions and circumstances are in control of you.

Measuring More Than Just Numbers

On our client biweeklies one of the things we have them do is write out their comments on how they feel they are looking, how their training is going, and how their nutrition is going BEFORE they take their weight and measurements. As much as the scale, measurements, and photos help us to determine the.. Read more →

When You Want To Quit

It really is funny that when we get frustrated with progress that, rather than buckle down and press forward even harder, we often decide to give up which ultimately takes us in the exact opposite direction of our goals. If you’re struggling today I want you to know that you’re not the only one. You.. Read more →