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Should My Progress Be Faster?

Ok let’s be honest for a second here. No matter the rate you’re actually progressing in the direction of your goals, whether ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ or anything in between, it’s NEVER going to feel fast enough for you now is it? You’ll always want it more, now, sooner and think it’s just too slow a.. Read more →

Travelling and Nutritional Compliance

Travel doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with off-plan eating. Pack a cooler full of food not a suitcase full of excuses. To expand on that though, I want to emphasize that I didn’t say that you have to stay on plan while travelling. What I did say was that travelling does not inherently mean.. Read more →

Lifestyle is Changing your Style of Life

A true lifestyle change isn’t just a diet plan or a training plan. It is a plan to change and reorganize the STYLE of your LIFE. As such, you shouldn’t expect your life to remain the same because that would pretty much be the antithesis of a lifestyle change. There will be likely be changes.. Read more →

Body Fat Measurements

While fat loss and muscle gain are likely the goals of anyone hoping to improve their physique, these numbers don’t really matter if you ultimately LOOK the same. Don’t waste your time stressing about these things (or bragging about them on the internet). At the end of the day, they are just numbers and typically.. Read more →

Why Your Glute Building Program Doesn’t Work

It seems to me that the internet and magazines lately are filled with articles on how to build incredible glutes. And while they all seem to be quick to present the most extensive list of exercises known to humankind, none of them really address the single most important variable when trying to build the glutes.. Read more →

Outcome-Based Decision Making

Outcome-based decision making … If something is broken you need to fix it, right? What do you do if your training and nutrition program stops producing the desired results? You think you’re doing the right thing; you’re eating well, you’re lifting weights, you’re doing cardio, but for some reason, the results just aren’t coming like.. Read more →