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Opportunity Cost

“the unrealized flow of utility from the alternatives a choice displaces” (Frederick, Novemsky, Wang, Dhar, & Nowlis, 2009). I saw this on a blog yesterday (credit to Justin Kompf and Tony Gentilcore) and I thought it was great and “on point”. To reach (even maintain) health and physique goals, there are choices-a lifestyle design-which must.. Read more →

Fat Loss Plateaus and Stalls

If the drop in scale weight has slowed or completely stalled, here are some random thoughts and insights, in no particular order, to help you wrap your head around it and, more importantly, what to actually do about. 1. One, the scale number doesn’t tell the entire story. There is a reason we here at.. Read more →

Paralysis by analysis

I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend over probably the last decade among both fitness enthusiasts and those just looking to get started on their fitness journey alike: Paralysis By Analysis. There is so much information out there, so many gurus, so many methods and systems of training, etc., it’s left many people: ▪️utterly confused ▪️severely over.. Read more →

Trainers manage programs. Coaches manage people.

The quote in the attached Picture comes from our leader, Erik Ledin. At LBC, we are a team of coaches. Coaches manage people. Trainers manage programs. With proper coaching, the program is built to the client, where as trainers simply plug a client into a program. We at LBC certainly play all the roles that.. Read more →