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Coach Beth talks goal setting

Let’s talk goal setting. For most people it’s a dreaded exercise. I line manage 30 people for my 9-5 job and whenever we have to set our goals for the year, my direct reports whine and complain and put it off till the very last minute. Their goals end up being pretty crappy and can’t.. Read more →

It’s your job to commit to your fitness goal

Making fitness a priority is YOUR job and mine is to support you in that decision by giving you the tools for success. That includes telling you what you NEED to hear, even when you don’t WANT to hear it. I feel for each one of my clients unique struggles. I am sympathetic to their.. Read more →

Let’s Talk Building Phases

So you have worked your butt off the get rid of the extra fat, and found you didn’t have quite as much muscle as you thought. Time to build! The reality is, just about anyone can diet. There is a clear goal in mind, results are seen frequently, adjustments are made relatively often, and despite.. Read more →

Is Depression caused by Thyroid dysfunction?

Is Depression caused by thyroid dysfunction? This was an interesting article on the Holtorf site. I know for myself and many clients I work with, this has proven to be true sadly…… Attention NEEDS to be paid to proper thyroid function testing and interpretation. — “Depression affects nearly 19 million American adults. For anyone who.. Read more →

A study on eating more during long periods of inactivity

Here’s some interesting results from a study that looked at how eating more during long periods of inactivity can lead to muscle loss. In this study, researchers split 19 healthy men into two groups. Both groups remained in bed for 5 weeks. The difference between groups was that one group (lets call them Group 1).. Read more →