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Fixing Metabolic Damage While Losing Body Fat

If you happen to come across someone/a page/whatever offering/selling/promoting a product that “fixes” metabolic damage/problems AND helps you lose weight/fat, you can very, very quickly draw one conclusion … This person has absolutely no clue what they’re talking about and is simply attempting to cash in on the industry’s latest buzz word – metabolic damage… Read more →

More Is Not Always Better

“Often times people think that because they are having steady (or even slow) success on a moderate program that adding more activity and eating less food will produce even faster and better results. While it is typically true that faster results will come, you may not realize the cost associated with super speedy progress. A.. Read more →

A Note About Estrogen Dominance

When you’re having your labs tested and read, it is important not only to look for things that are out of range but also ratios that could be off. Things at first glance may seem to be fine, but take estrogen and progesterone for example. Even if you have a high progesterone level, you can.. Read more →

Thyroid Testing 101

Courtesy of Curls & Whey Training “If your doctor told you that your thyroid was normal based on a TSH test, but you feel symptomatic you may want to push for more testing (or find a new doctor). TSH is a pituitary test. Here is a list of labs (along with what they do) that will.. Read more →

Muscle’s Insignificant Effect on Metabolism

You without fail always hear ‘fitness pros’ talking about how muscle has a big effect on improving metabolism. The fact of the matter is, it really doesn’t. In fact, each additional pound of muscle you add to your frame increases daily caloric requirements by 6 cals/lb/day. That is IT! On average, muscle mass makes up.. Read more →

12-Week Transformations – What Happens Afterwards?

12 week transformations tend to produce some pretty amazing photos, but my question is always this…. Where are all the 6 month photos? One year photos? Five year photos? The reality is that almost anybody can create a dramatic 12 week transformation with severe dieting and training practices that are far from being maintainable in.. Read more →