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Erik Ledin Interview on the Fit Bod Radio Show

In case you missed it, I had the opportunity to be a guest on trainers jack and Ann Titone (Ann also being an IFBB Figure Pro) this past Thursday evening. It was a short segment but a fun opportunity and I believe they might want to have me back in the future for more Q&A.. Read more →

SS Cardio, Efficiency and The Escalade Vs The Civic

When I try to deprogram, I mean talk to (lol) clients to explain some of my issues with the high volume steady state cardio approach that seems to be the default fat-loss strategy in both competitive and general fat-loss circles, I often try to explain the issue by contrasting efficiency and inefficiency and what we.. Read more →

OffSeason Cardio

What are your thoughts on cardio in the off-season?? The short answer is … it depends. I will say however that when I see, or rather read, of people doing 45-60 minute cardio sessions in the OFF SEASON, I want to bang my head against the wall; even when I see 30 minutes 6-7x/week. It’s.. Read more →

Is Empty Stomach Cardio Better For Fat Loss?

Does it matter if you do cardio in the am on an empty stomach? I get up at 4am and do my cardio at 6:30am so i’ve been eating my first meal of the day at 4am. Am i defeating the purpose of burning fat?No, it does not have to be done fasted. Can it.. Read more →

Cardio and Intervals for Fat Loss

I did a two-part interview for Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training (// member site recently. I’ll be running the full interview in a future issue of the LBC newsletter, but in the mean time (since I’m trying to post to this blog frequently) I thought, I’d post up one of the Q&As from the interview.  .. Read more →