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Exercise should be viewed as a privilege and not punishment

A gym recently posted this for their members and when I saw this I was completely appalled. As if enough people don’t already have this mindset that they need to further reinforce it.In any case, doing extra cardio in an attempt to make up for a dietary indiscretion represents a dysfunctional relationship with both food and.. Read more →

Cardio: Fasted or Fed?

Often I’m asked questions like “should I do my cardio fasted or fed?”, “is it better to workout in the morning or the evening?”, or “should I have 150 grams of daily protein from food or 153.6 grams of pure-whey-isolate-hydrofiltered-magic-results-maker?” So let me save you some time. Don’t bother majoring in the minor.If you’re trying to.. Read more →

Pre- versus Post-Training Cardio

Pre- vs. Post-Training CardioA common question that gets asked among trainees is: Should I do my cardio (+30 minutes) before or after my weight training? That being said, from a recovery standpoint, it looks like you’re better off doing one over the other, at least, that’s what a research study from Finland indicates.In the study.. Read more →

Benefits that sprinting/intervals can have on the body

I love sprinting. Coach Erik got me doing sprints/intervals over a decade ago as opposed to long duration, low-intensity cardio when he prepared me for one of my earlier bodybuilding shows. The results from the sprinting (along with his diet and training program) got me down to very low fat levels. What’s interesting is that.. Read more →

Want to sprint faster? Try upping your squat.

Want to sprint faster? Try upping your squat. Researchers at the American Appalachian State University conducted a study to see if squat strength had a strong correlation with sprinting speed in football players. What they found was that the players who could squat 2.1 times their own body weight were, on average, faster in a.. Read more →

How outdoor activity can impact your mood

As autumn draws near you may want to keep the below in mind next time you have to get in a session of cardio – especially if you don’t like doing it!Researchers conducted a meta-analysis on 10 studies performed at the University of Essex, which, in some degree, looked at the influence that outdoor activity.. Read more →