Mental Eating

You are probably wondering what on earth is mental eating. Well, for me, I have realized how much of my eating habits, likes and dislikes are mental. Do I really have a stomach 10 times larger than yours? Nope. But do I like to feel like I am eating more? Heck yes!! I am always.. Read more →

High-Protein Tuna Melt

I am in love with the La Tortilla Low Carb, Low-Fat Tortillas. I have now gotten my husband hooked on them too ;) He is a sandwich type of guy, but instead of just one sandwich, he usually want two. At 50-80 calories per slice of bread, he’s looking at 320 calories in bread alone!.. Read more →

A Much Needed Update

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have updated this blog. I swear I have a few good excuses. :lol: But instead of hearing all of my excuses, I will post up one of the many recipes I have been playing with over the past few months. I have a lot of exciting.. Read more →

Stuffed Peppers

I was in the grocery store the other day and I scored on some red, orange and yellow peppers. I think I ended up paying $1.40 for 4 of them!! I immediately thought of this recipe and grabbed a few green peppers in addition to my other colors and headed home to cook. :D For.. Read more →

Food and Texture

Okay, so I wasn’t always open to the idea of trying new foods. Not only was I a picky eater, I was also particular when it comes to texture. Oatmeal was a no-no, and keep cottage cheese away from me!! So as I was whipping up my cottage cheese ranch dip I noticed that sometimes.. Read more →

Failing to Plan Ahead?

As I prepped some food this morning, I realized what a busy week I have coming up. In order to be sure I stay on plan, I decided to go ahead and weigh out my PWO shakes along with the dry ingredients for my breakfast pancakes. I’m going into this week with a strategy; prep.. Read more →