Stevia and Strawberries

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now, and the majority of my recipes started with me using splenda. I’ll admit I was reluctant to give up my splenda because with the exception of one alternate (that I could only get online). I was not very impressed with some of the stevia products I had.. Read more →

Chocolate pancakes and more!!

I had this for breakfast this morning. Wasn’t feeling llike having my egg whites. This felt like a ton of food too!!  

Pumpkin Mini-Muffins

Video speaks for itself~   20-25g protein powder (I used unflavored BUYBULKWHEY)35g old fashion oats50g canned pumpkin3 egg whites (or 2 liquid egg whites)2g sugar free fat-free cheesecake pudding mixcinnamon and splenda/stevia Bake at 400 for 8 minutes I think that I will try baking them at 350 for 11 minutes. It will give the.. Read more →

Turkey and Carrot Soup

So, I have had a few requests for ‘on plan’ soup recipes, so I decided to play around with one of my favorites. The hard thing with soups is being able to devide servings evenly. I think that if I had to do this recipe over, I would add in my turkey AFTER I serve.. Read more →


  I found pumpkin!!! You would have thought I had won the lottery if you had seen my face when I looked on the bottom shelf to see 100% canned pumpkin. I went from doing the running man in the isle, to a person looking as if they had just broken the law. LOL I.. Read more →

Cooking With Protein Powder

I have recently had many comments on various youtube vidoes I have posted concerning protein powder and cooking with it. There are various sites that will claim that by cooking with protein powder, the powder will lose some of its nutritional value. I had read the research, but thought I would contact a protein powder.. Read more →