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The recipe for a rebound

It pains me to hear of a competitor post contest gaining 20, 30 or even 40 lbs once they finish competing. Does this sound like you? If you are training 6-7 days a week on deprevation calories, eating extremely limited food groups and some even cut, Doing cardio 6 days a week for an hour.. Read more →

Correlation between squat strength and sprint speed

I’ve written about studies in the past, which showed a correlation between squat strength and sprint speed and today’s post is no different. In a study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, researchers put seventeen elite level professional soccer players on a 6-week strength training program. They worked.. Read more →

Ab Circuit

Here’s one of my favorite ab circuits! Tag a friend and try it out with them next time you’re at the gym :) I do 20 reps of the first movement, then move on to the second one and do 20 reps, move on to the 3rd, etc…for 20 min. The tempo on these reps.. Read more →

Cardio Circuit

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring! Intervals and weight circuits can make those cardio sessions a little more tolerable. :) Here is a circuit that can be done in the gym or even at home (depending on what, if any, equipment you have in your house): – Goblet Squats x 12-15 – Dumbbell Press x.. Read more →

Should you do your cardio before or after weight training?

A common question that gets asked among trainees is: Should I do my cardio (+30 minutes) before or after my weight training? That being said, from a recovery standpoint, it looks like you’re better off doing one over the other, at least, that’s what a research study from Finland indicates. In the study conducted at.. Read more →

Study on fed versus fasted HIIT cardio

I came across another study that compared fed vs. fasted cardio. However, in this study the cardio performed was high intensity interval training (HIIT). For those of you who don’t know, HIIT basically has you cycle between periods of low- and high-intensity effort. It’s also a great compliment to a sound weight-loss diet and training.. Read more →