Outcome-Based Decision Making

May 12th, 2013 by

Outcome-based decision making …

If something is broken you need to fix it, right? What do you do if your training and nutrition program stops producing the desired results? You think you’re doing the right thing; you’re eating well, you’re lifting weights, you’re doing cardio, but for some reason, the results just aren’t coming like you thought they should. What do you do? Keep plugging away? Common sense would seem to say no. Why continue doing something that’s not working? Yet this is what a lot of people do; they just keep plugging away, and they keep spinning their wheels.

Listen, if what you’re doing isn’t working, doing it longer isn’t going to make it suddenly start working. Your program needs some trouble shooting and you need to make some changes.

What’s an outcome-based approach? It’s really quite logical. What you do is based on the results of what you’ve done. Getting the results you’re after? Stay the course. Not getting the results you’re after? Make changes. See? Common sense.

is your compliance high enough? Reassess your caloric intake. Perhaps you need to lower calories by another 10%. But be sure to look to your diet first; don’t automatically assume you’re not doing enough cardio because more than likely, you already are.