Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

July 17th, 2013 by

A long while back I had posted about switching from fish oil to krill oil after coming across some apparent “additional benefits” that made krill oil look superior (on the surface anyway).

Then I moved to taking both since my taking 2g/day of krill oil only supplies me with less than 500mg (480mg) of combined EPA and DHA, when ultimately, we want to be in the 1.8-3.0g range.

So I also take 1 tsp of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega fish oil (which is also a triglyceride version) which supplies me with 2490mg of combined EPA/DHA so I’m totaling 2970mg – perfect!

However, as anyone who uses krill oil knows, it’s significantly more expensive than fish oil. I decided to ask Sol Orwell from (these guys are a relatively new authority on evidence-based/research-supported reviews on supplements), if krill oil offered any additional benefits to fish oil if you were consuming an adequate and research-supported dose of fish oil.

His answer:

“Nah. Krill oil’s only boost is that it’s more pure and it has astaxanthin in it. However, fish oil will give you 98% at a lot less than 98% of the cost.”

So now knowing that, I am going to return to just using fish oil and drop the krill oil from my supplement list.