Joe Defranco’s Simple Six Upper Body Warm Up

February 2nd, 2010 by

I typically have based my dynamic warm up/mobility programming from the Robertson/Cressey/Hartman products – Magnificant Mobility, Inside Out and the new Assess and Correct. These are all great resources.

I recently came across two simple warm ups created by Joe DeFranco. The first is called The Simple Six Upper Body Warm Up.

Check it out (and the accompanying youtube video):

The Simple Six Upper Body Warm Up

1. Foam Rolling of the Thoracic Spine

2. Foam Rolling of the teres minor, infraspinatus area (I’ve tried this with a tennis ball too)

3. Sleeper Stretch / Shoulder Capsule Stretch (he does this differently than Cressey, etc. seem to suggest)

4. Band Pec Stretch

5. Lat Stretch

6. Band Dislocations

Don’t be lazy. Don’t wait until you’re injured or have shoulder pain to start ‘rehabbing’. Be proactive and treat it as ‘prehab’ – keeping things healthy and injury free.

I’ll post the lower body warm up later in the week.