It’s Here! Curls And Whey Cookbook Launch – Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body

January 17th, 2011 by

It’s the beginning of a new week and I’m really excited to announce the launch of Amy Perez’ cookbook under her Curls and Whey brand – Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body. Many of us know who Amy Perez is, and especially so if you’re a member of the forums. In addition, Amy is the one responsible for the Curls and Whey Recipe Blog that you’ve likely seen if you are or have been a Lean Bodies Consulting client (since most have been directed to it at least once) on my Lean Bodies Consulting site. Many, many clients have benefited from Amy’s creativity with food, especially as it applies to breakfast alternatives and concoctions, post workout eating and our beloved refeeds, as she has freely provided her help by way of the Recipe blog for us.

She also has another neat little project in the works that is going to prove to be very beneficial to LBC clients. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Anyway, back to new Amy Perez cookbook; the cost is only $14.95US ($16.95US with shipping) and you get over 100 recipes. It’s a great deal, a minimal investment and more importantly, shows support to one of our own.



You can pick up your own copy on Amy’s website – //

Enter the site and just click on the shopping cart icon and you’re good to go.

Here’s what Amy says about it:

“We all want great-tasting, energizing food to fuel our bodies for the day. Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body has recipes to help you prepare foods to meet and maintain your fitness goals.

In this book, I bust the myths that great-tasting food is always high in saturated fats, refined sugars, or starches, and that wholesome, energizing food is heavy, bland, or downright tasteless.

I understand the juggling you do between raising children, pursuing careers, running households, and taking care of your health; I have fine-tuned techniques to make the most of limited time for preparing nutritious meals, along with complete meal selections to keep you and your family eating healthy. You’ll even find quick and delicious snack recipes for before and after workouts. As an added bonus, the majority of these recipes have all been designed to work with my nutrition plan from Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. 

Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body is incredibly versatile. In fact, you’ll find many of these recipes perfect for special occasions as well as casual weeknight dinners. It’s also conveniently portable—its ‘have grocery list-will travel’ size makes it perfect for carrying in your purse so you never find yourself struggling to remember which ingredients you need for the week’s shopping. Several included recipes have already been shared on my recipe blog at

and have been ‘tested’ on many people, including my husband, the hardest one to win over. I have also videoed myself (// prepping some of these recipes.  I sincerely hope you enjoy making and eating these meals and snacks as much as I have enjoyed developing them.


Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body

 Amy Perez’ book, Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body offers readers 100+ quick and easy recipes designed to deliver healthy eating options without spending countless hours prepping in the kitchen. There are no guessing calorie amounts in this book as it offers a complete nutritional profile for every recipe.  As an added bonus more than half of the recipes featured in the cookbook have been tailored to work with the Lean Bodies Consulting nutritional plan.

In addition to the many recipes, Amy offers tips for your kitchen with her list of Kitchen Must-Haves and Food Staples along with her story of struggling with being overweight and how she managed to lose 70+ pounds.