Hacks to Eliminate Distractions, Declutter Your Life, Increase Productivity and Become Happier – Volume 1

December 15th, 2017 by

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Hacks to Eliminate Distractions, Declutter Your Life, Increase Productivity and Become Happier (Volume 1 of many to come)

1. Cleanse Your Facebook Friends List

Social Media is great but it can become a fungus-like time drain where you scroll through a bunch of negativity, self indulgence, misrepresentation and narcissism. You don’t need to waste time on this. You don’t have to “unfriend anyone”...just unfollow. You just won’t see it anymore and avoid the awkward conversation of “why did you unfriend me?”

2. Pick 1 or 2 “Gurus” In The Key Areas of Your Life…And No More

We are all guilty of following 46 different fitness, nutrition, financial, self help, lifestyle, etc. etc. gurus. I was guilty of it particularly in the fitness realm, and all it did was constantly have me questioning my philosophy, thinking I needed to incorporate everything under the sun, and led to paralysis by analysis. Beyond that, it just took time away from actually taking action in my own life. Funnel this down.

3. Delete All Those Games From Your Phone (Candy Crush, Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, etc.)

Yeah, I might be “get off my lawn guy” here, but the amount of productivity lost to this be quantified. Take that time to actually communicate with someone, sit with your kids, build your business, listen to some music, or go train and meal prep.

4. Voice Dictate, Record Stuff, and Use Face Time and Google Hangouts

This is something Coach Erik turned me onto, and I have to say, it’s saved me a bunch of time. If you have a MAC hit the “fn” key twice and speak. It’s not perfect, and it will take some time to master (and sometimes you’ll have to…speak…like…this) but once you get the hang of it, it’s a game changer.

Beyond that, one thing I’ve really started to do more of is record conversations with the Rev recorder app. I’m sure we’ve all been in a place or had an organized meeting where we had a very meaningful conversation about life, business, lifestyle, etc. and then thought “darn, I wish I could remember what they said.” Turn on Rev and then you can refer back to it forever.

Jumping on a Face Time call or a Google Hangout (which you can also record) is yet another time and productivity hack. How many times have you written a 45 minute email then thought…”I could have said all this in 5 minutes”? I know I have. Plus, you know sometimes things in text don’t come across the way you want them to, and if someone had been sitting with you and heard the tone of your voice or seen the expression on your face, things probably would have went far better and some complications, hurt feelings and reactions could have been avoided