Fixing Metabolic Damage While Losing Body Fat

August 13th, 2013 by

If you happen to come across someone/a page/whatever offering/selling/promoting a product that “fixes” metabolic damage/problems AND helps you lose weight/fat, you can very, very quickly draw one conclusion …

This person has absolutely no clue what they’re talking about and is simply attempting to cash in on the industry’s latest buzz word – metabolic damage.

You simply cannot be focusing on metabolic restoration/health AND losing body fat at the same time.

Why? Well for starters, DIETING and the subsequent caloric deficit, which of course is a fat-loss requirement, is what CAUSED the problem to begin with. How can the cause also be the solution?

It can’t. Ever.

Truth #1. Fat loss requires a caloric deficit.

Truth #2. Working on metabolic recovery/health requires you get out of and NOT be in a caloric deficit.

In fact, taking a non-diet (deficit) approach, which is again THE requirement will more often than not result in a least some weight/fat gain, which is precisely what your body needs and wants at this point. Your body does NOT want to lose body fat, be in a deficit, dieting, etc., and this should of course be obvious by its lack of responsiveness.

It needs the exact opposite after all the punishment it’s been put through. Let your body do what it NEEDS to do. Sometimes it has to get a little worse in the short term in order to get better for the long term. You have to stop forcing (unsuccessfully I might add) to do what it clearly does not want to do right now.

Selling you on fat loss during metabolic “repair”? No.

And anyone selling this promise is pretty much a charlatan IMO.

The end. Really.