Food As a Reward

December 22nd, 2009 by

Q: Does anyone else have an issue with this? Here’s what I mean: I can know that I have a cheat meal coming and be fine with that, but as soon as I start thinking that it is a reward for doing good on training and diet, I’ve run into problems. If I feel like I ‘deserve’ it, I usually pass on it because I’ve tended to go overboard in the past. However, if I simply think of it as being a treat or ‘break’, I do fine. Does that make sense? Anyone else deal with this?

A: I’m not sure how this is going to come across (I am holding to the fact that you know me well enough to know I’m not being … insensitive or rude) and I’m not sure it’ll be popular either, and I know this isn’t a one-size-fits-all-this-applies-to-everyone answer, but …

I think this represents a very immature mindset. I mean, admittedly the only issue is the way you think about things – you’re in control of that. Whether you want to admit it or not, you are.

A changed mind is more important than a changed diet.

This whole thing starts in the mind – and the only way for it to change is for the thinking behind it to change. Admittedly not as easy as it sounds.

Your beliefs cause your behaviour. The question is, where did these beliefs come from? Find the self sabotaging beliefs and thoughts – replace them with self supporting thoughts.

There are four big Success Factors to consider:

1. Core Beliefs – about what you personally believe you can and cannot do in life, especially in regards to weight loss.

2. Physical Visual Self Image/Self Concept

3. Self Esteem – Sense of Deservability – what you believe deep down you do and do not deserve in life. Do you deserve to succeed at this?

4. Sense of Self Responsibility – whether you believe your ability to succeed is due to some external cause of whether it’s something within you.

Much of it is in the thinking.

This didn’t turn out to be what I was going to write, but …

I was going to just say – it’s time to grow up already! :lol: (but that isn’t very helpful is it?)

Choose to enjoy the process. You’re doing this because you WANT to. If you think deprivation, you’re going to feel deprived.

Most answers to this question will come back as something to do with thinking and the need to take control and responsibility for it. How each individual does that, is what needs to be discovered.