Laura Yost

July 30th, 2010 by


I found out about Erik through a friend who had had great success with her weight-loss goals and went on to compete. At first I was a little hesitant about the online set up but soon realized that this may be the perfect fit for me. I am a mother of four very busy children, I work part time as a nurse, and own eight endurance race horses which require a lot of my time and energy. Although I have never had any issues with exercise I finally got tired of the guess work with diets, etc.

With Erik there were no questions and everything was very clear about both the workouts/diet. I have learned a tremendous amount about timing, weight training, and the beauty of “cardio in moderation”. Don’t misunderstand, I absolutely love cardio … running, swimming, soccer, aerobics. In fact I could do it everyday. But in order to attain my own personal goals I put my trust in Erik and found out how easy it can be. Everything was right there at my finger tips. I signed up in December and by the end of March I asked Erik if he thought I was crazy to compete in a show in 10 weeks. The catch is that I had never been to a show and was not educated about the ins and outs of how things worked. With Erik’s help I was able to feel confident and had a blast at the show! Erik has always been very accessible and professional and I owe him a big THANK YOU!

– Laura Yost, Pocatello, ID