Jennifer Hamilton

July 30th, 2010 by

Jen Hamilton
Age: 23

A great coach goes beyond just basic knowledge and program design. A great coach is a positive mentor and leader who has a great passion for helping others. They never stop learning and evolving as a professional. They serve as a role model in mind, body and action.

I am a competitor at heart. I could not put my prep into the hands of someone I didn’t respect and trust. Our health and well being priorities match, health first, smart diet and training. For me it’s essential to be a positive influence and example to others wishing to change their physiques, level of fitness and overall health. I believe a coach and athlete are a team. Together their attitude and approaches to the defeat of each challenge (competition in this case) must complement one another to truly reach and conquer the set goals to my best ability.

Erik encourages me to ultimately draw my own conclusions and then advises the direction ideal to reach my goals. He is honest, sincere, as some would call “tough love”. That is important to me, as often times being it human nature (and a woman) we don’t always perceive things as they truly are. In regards to progress and competitive potential I know I can rely on Erik to guide me along a rewarding path.

I have known Erik since my passionate pursuit in health and fitness first ignited in my teens. Over the years he has been a positive influence in my life and continues to be. I competed in five figure competitions in 2006, winning my class at the Mississippi State Championships and all with the guidance of Erik each step. The next goal was National level in hopes of earning my pro card one day. I placed 4th at the 2008 IFBB North American Championships bringing my best package to stage ever. I have an ever thankful heart for all Erik has helped me achieve. Together, as a team, we continue to work towards that goal, Pro Card. If you are one who believes in your dreams, then rest assured you will find everything in great coach you desire in Erik.

– Jennifer Hamilton, Jackson, MS