IFBB Pro Nikki Venzara

November 27th, 2011 by

I started working with Erik Ledin after my first local show in Florida. I stumbled across Erik through a good friend of mine, and fellow Lean Bodies Consulting client, IFBB Pro Sandi Stuart.

My first show I had no earthly idea what I was doing; I was just listening to some guru in the gym telling me what to do. I pretty much did the whole double cardio and no carbs nonsense. I would go without carbs for 6 days then carb up. My mother at this point insisted I come to Florida to have Sandi Stuart take a look at me and help me out. She saw me told me there was a show next week I should do. She contacted Erik and told him about me. I won that show and right after jumped on Erik’s plan 8 weeks out from the Paradise Cup in Honolulu Hawaii.  He slowly got me off the double cardio without doing any physical metabolic damage to my body. I ate carbs daily and it was FABULOUS!!!! I could not believe the transformation I made from the Florida show to the Paradise Cup, with less cardio, more food, and carbs daily! At first I was a little scared but when all was said in done, I won short class at Paradise cup and took overall.  I there for qualified for Nationals.

After the Paradise Cup I took a good 5 months off to work on my physique. Erik said I could use a little more mass in my mid back. My goal in the off-season was to improve my physique to prepare for my first national show.

Erik had me start of dieting 15 weeks out of Jr. Nationals. I started sooo early because while preparing for Nationals I was completing my college degree and was soon to become a Registered Nurse. This prep was great I only had 4 days of lifting in gym and two fifteen-minute cardio sessions. Every 4-6 weeks my routine changed. With the way I prepared before there is no way I would of graduated college with my nursing degree. Erik’s way gave me plenty of energy and less time in gym so I could actually focus on my career. One thing I love about Erik is that every prep is different. I get bored easily and he is always giving me new challenging workouts. I love the way Erik puts it, as cardio is just an adjunct to a fat-loss program; it is not the key or the magic tool. I had no doubt with Erik’s way that I would be ready to rock Jr. Nationals in Chicago, IL.

Well I more then Rocked it I got my IFBB PRO FITNESS CARD! This was yet another amazing prep, not only because I turned pro but I never had any excessive cardio, low carbs, or cutting of my water. My mood and energy with Erik’s plan was 110% better then the Guru in the gym in Hawaii who had me doing double cardio and no carbs. There is an easier way to dieting and training, that is Erik’s Way! I could not be more pleased and blessed to have such an awesome, caring, and considerate coach. Erik really cares about his clients not only during competition preps but the off-season as well.

Thank you Erik for taking me on as a client and helping me not only achieve my goal in becoming an IFBB PRO FITNESS COMPEITOR but always doing this in the most logical and safe way. I look forward to my pro debut and further pro shows.

– IFBB Pro Nikki Venzara (aka “ Lil Killer), Merritt Island, FL