Christian Stearns

April 12th, 2012 by

I do not know where to start; there is so much to include. So first let me say that there is not a single second that I do not thank my lucky stars, and my husband, that I contacted Erik Ledin two years ago (not because Erik lacks any quality whatsoever, but because I had, at that time, some undeserving weird loyalty to the bad guidance I was paying for). Perhaps it was a trick, a plan to run one’s body to the ground SO far that she becomes half retarded/delusional … hmm? It took a few months and QUITE a few arguments with my husband to convince me to contact Erik, but here I am and I and sincerely cannot say enough. The truth is I had suffered significant metabolic damage. I wish, for my body and minds sake, I would have had the strength to contact him earlier on; hind sight is 20/20.

What led me here was simple: ignorantly dedicating myself to bad guidance. The problem was that I gave to-be-unnamed trainer full reigns, from workout to cardio and diet. One of THE most beautiful things about Erik is that he isn’t here to make you depend on him. He is here to help you learn. Teach you, help you understand your body, the process, etc. It absolutely cracks me up thinking back at how my diets (prior to contacting Erik and working with a trainer) were so TOP SECRET and coveted as if they had secret food measurements that were going to make us each earn our pro card when actually, the diets were exactly the same as the other competitors, even the bodybuilders. Weird, right? While Erik is actually so confident in his knowledge he announces his methods on public forum! Erik’s plans are simple, and he provides you with the tools and knowledge to make things work when life isn’t so simple. He gives you the truth, he gives you what works, and it’s not a secret! It is your health; he wants you to thrive and grow, not forget how to function without his every direction.

I don’t know if I can accurately illustrate the effect of which having Erik as a coach has made on my outlook, my balance and my overall psyche. It took time, (just as the dietary healing process took time with my body); it took falling down and getting back up again, and it took acceptance. Erik’s coaching has balanced me in ways he will not ever even know! Quite honestly I’m still growing and changing every day. Its amazing how much enriching life is when you can focus on more than the time your next meal and how in the hell you will find the energy to do your third cardio session today, and in order to do what, really? I have had several coaches in life and its incredible how much of an effect having Erik as ONLINE coach has really had on me.

LBC provides proper nutrition to allow the body to thrive; combined with the power of the mind (which he assisted in restoring) it creates the perfect environment for growth. The healing is beyond words, both physically and mentally to the point in which I am able to feel POWERFUL again in workouts. Erik’s methodical coaching helped me get back in touch with the prowess that built my love for the gym in the first place. The workout plans have introduced me to exercises and exercise methods which I have never employed , have led to great increases in lean body mass, brought up my weak areas, and developed my overall strength and power. Working with LBC has 100% brought me to the best shape and conditioning my physique have ever seen. Not only that but I can say with complete honesty that I have never come CLOSE to looking this good while feeling this great.

On a closing note, because I hold this healing so dear and have such compassion for those who might be reading, relating, unsure of what to do – competitors and ladies: if you are ready to finally recognize there is something wrong with the guidance you are getting, admit that it is not your fault, not your body’s fault, and quit the abusive relationship pattern of behavior you are spiraling into. Or, if you are ready to face the fact that continuing down your current path will lead you to marry only a treadmill, or if you simply want to restore the power in the gym you have lost that took you to competing in the first place, do not hesitate, seek a coach that is truly an advocate for your health and wellbeing; find someone who KNOWS how to help you and your body collaborate and work together effectively for multi-dimensional results NOW. Erik Ledin.

– National-Level Figure Competitor, Christian Stearns, Findlay, OH