Ana Frias

October 3rd, 2011 by

I’ve been following Erik’s work for over two years now since I’ve always admired his training and nutrition methods. In July of 2010 I decided I would do a Figure competition in 2011 so I knew then, that it was time to choose a diet Coach to get me ready for it. After researching numerous Coaches and comparing them to the way Erik works and his results, I knew that Erik was the best choice out there for me. The majority of the other Coaches talked a lot about doing multiple cardio sessions and very strict diets. I knew their plan wasn’t for me because I already knew better!

As a new competitor with a great metabolism, it was my priority to do a contest prep that would not mess me up metabolically. I didn’t want to deal with the same issues that numerous competitors have to deal with after doing unhealthy contest preps. Erik was the best decision I made for my diet Coach so we started working on my nutrition plan on March of 2011.

His nutrition method is so easy to follow since it allows you for flexibility on choosing different foods (if you want to) and never felt deprived of anything. Due to my menu options, I never felt tempted to cheat on my meals and it made my plan very easy to stick to. Since I started eating the foods from Erik’s plan, my body started getting healthier each time. My hair fell less, stronger nails, hydrated skin, and felt GREAT throughout the day. My energy levels remained pretty stable all the time. I was never too tired for my workouts or every day life chores.

I did two shows back to back in July and doing Erik’s peak weeks were the easiest things I could’ve imagined! I was expecting (and was mentally prepared) for more grueling dieting methods, since I’ve heard other competitors talk about, but they were so easy! I kept asking Erik when was going to be the time that I would get moody, forgetful, and too tired for anything and he reassured me that hopefully never. He was right! I felt great all the way thru the day of my shows.

In fact, on the last show, my fiancé was in the lobby waiting for me to come out, and another guy asked him if he was waiting for a competitor and he said yes. This other guy asked him how he was “handling” me being moody over the last weeks of contest prep, and my fiancé said; “I’m doing great! She hasn’t been moody at all nor does it feel any different than regular days.” I can only imagine what this other guy had to go thru lol!

I was definitely one of the best-conditioned competitors out there! It was amazing that I got to that point without doing any cardio (or almost none), without sodium manipulation, keeping carbs high all the way thru and drinking water even on the day of the show. On my first show I got second place in Jr Masters (age 35 to 42) and first in my Open class tall. Second show (much bigger show) I got second in Jr Masters and second in Open class D. I’m now qualified to compete at a national show, which I may do next year.

I THANK Erik for working with me and teaching me that there is actually a healthy way to diet for a figure competition!

– Ana Frias, Gilbert, AZ